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04-09-2001, 08:33 PM
I"m new to the whole dietary concern part of weightlifting. Before it was just lift and eat. Now it's maintain a certain amount of fat, protein, and carbs in your diet. How do you know how much of each to make your diet consist of or plan your meals to contain a certain amount? If anyone knows some kind of reading material that they could suggest that would help me understand, i'd be happy to read it. If it helps, my goal is to cut body fat, and then build muscle (5"11, 160, 8-10%bf).

04-11-2001, 08:42 AM
Maybe you should reverse those goals. Building muscle before cutting fat is much easier. Bulk up a little, put some quality muscle mass on, then cut up. The more lean body mass you have, the more efficient your body will be at burning fat.

Joe Black
04-11-2001, 10:51 AM
Agreed with Gino......

Hey kbull welcome to the board !

First off I know the diet stuff can appear very compliacted at first but you get the hang of it.......

First thing is I agree with Gino.. Put on some weight first then worry about bf.....

You first of all need to be eating clean........ Junk food makes you fat, clean food makes you healthy and strong...

How old r u ? Just curious..

If you are quite young (16 or so) I would just say eat ! Try and eat 5-6 meals and just be aware that each meal has a good amount of protein and carbs in it... If they are very low fat sources throw some fat in with the meals..

Once you got used to eating like this, you might go on to work out how many calories it takes for you to gain weight and then you can work out a breakdown.....

So how old r u , and whats your experience of training ?

As for reading experience, do a search here there is a lot fo good info..... Also get a calories book it will be usefull to look at what foods contain..

Hope that helps..

04-13-2001, 11:15 AM
My weightlifting experience is only around four or five years, but mostly for football-which i found out did more damage to my body than good. i'm 19. I think i will try bulking up first. thanks.