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04-02-2002, 03:19 AM
I use a 2700 cals diet , thats 500 cals less then i should get when i calculated it , i weight +- 220pounds(100kg) i should get rid of another 300 cals so my weight gonna drop?
but now , every day when i hit the balance , it keeps going up , i gained like 2-3 pounds in 2 days , it really sux cuz i wanne loose weight , i cant be 2-3 pounds mass added in 2 days wright ? i assume its all fat i gained :(
I find it also hard to get my proteins , is there any substitute for tuna and stuff ?
All the chicken and turkey is also expensive , it have to eat like 400gr meat/day.
Im also taking creatine , for this week 3*5 grm
im working out 3 times a week , every workout day also 30 mins cardio (not so intense cuz im afraid i would then burn muscle and proteine instead of fat)

this is what i eated yesterday , hope you people can give some comment:


30gr cornflakes + 125ml milk
1 glass orange juice
6 glases of low fat milk
100gr spaghetti
1 cup carrots
185gr chicken breast
1/2 bar chocolate (easter egg)
1 whey proteine shake (1/2l)
1 pack prepackeged chicken in slices (150gr)
2 slices diet cheese (40gr)
3 egg whites
4 slices brown bread
1 "petite gervais" 100gr (some cheese with yoghurt that is )
1 little proteine bar

total of 320gr carbs , 232gr proteine and 50gr fat

is this a bad diet or not ? do i have to cut in the carbs ? if yes , how ?how comes i gain weight instead of loosing ? need less cals ?

Thanks for the great support dudes !

04-02-2002, 08:35 AM
it's most likely water from all those freakin carbs.

cut your carbs down lower, and increase your fat intake.

switch from starchty, grainy sugary carbs to more fibrous fruits and vegetables.

Podium Kreatin
04-02-2002, 09:42 AM
write everything down, if it seems that u gain weight on a calorie restriction diet. psychologically speaking, ppl overexaggerate their cals when bulking, and underestimate their cals while cutting (there was a lab test on this, but it was for pyschology not bodybuilding...)
anyway, it looks likethere's too much carbs, that's al i can say

04-02-2002, 11:30 AM
Cut out some carbs, up the protein and the fat a bit. Do like trys said, better carb shoices. Prob want to clean up your fat choices as well. Use olive/walnut oils for most of your fat, eggs are good as well.

So i would try droping the carbs by 100g and then up your protein by 50g and add 20g fat. See how that works. Oh ya and weigh yourself on a WEEKLY basis, not every day. Then adjust your cals from there.

04-02-2002, 11:41 AM

I'm leaning-out also and have lost about 10 lbs. in 6 weeks. (from 218 to 208 as of yesterday)

I started at 4000 calories p/day and have dwindled down to 2500 as of this week. I've managed to cut primarily carbs. and maintain a 40p/20f/40c breakdown.

Strength is still there, but the endurance has suffered a bit, as would be expected.

I strength train 3 x weekly (chest,shoulders, tri & back, bi's & legs) and do cardio the other 3 days, with one day of doing nothing but relaxing.

Here's a sample of a day I'm using:

Bfast -
20g oatmeal, 1 oz raisin, 8 oz n/f milk, 1 whole egg, 1 slice n/f cheese, 4 strips turkey bacon, 1 tsp. olive oil.

AM -
3 oz turkey breast, 8 oz n/f yogurt, 14g peanuts, 1 slice n/f cheese

Lunch -
4 oz 96% lean beef italian meatballs, 1 slice n/f cheese, 16 oz. chicken noodle soup (Progresso)

PM - same as AM

Post w/o -
8 oz cranberry-grape juice w/30g whey protein

Supper -
150g chicken breast (marinated to give flavor), 50g fresh corn, .5tsp. light margarine, 12 oz n/f milk

Late PM -
8 oz n/f milk, 1 whole egg, 30g whey protein (make into shake)

I'm doing this from memory, but this is relatively accurate.

Calories: 2500g
Protein: 250g
Carbs: 250g
Fats: 50g

Hope this helps.

04-03-2002, 02:49 AM
Thank you all for the support

I'll defenitly try these guidelines , i'll keep you guys updated of how i'm doing

I post here what im eating today , maybe someone can give remarks on it if needed , its just the meals im having at work , last one is 1 hour before i hit the gym


30gr cornflakes + 125ml milk
petite gervais
1 glass milk + 5mg creatine


1 glass milk
2 slices low fat cheese


100gr bastami rice
155gr chicken breast
3 egg whites
1/2 medium onion


30Gr whey proteine powder + 450ml milk

total cals = 1571 (22gr fat , 212 carbs , 135 proteine)

that means i got like +- 1100 cals left for supper and evening
i like to take most of the remaining cals for supper , otherwhise it will be to much for the evening and most of it will be stored as fat
now the difficult part is , getting so much calls in without getting hugh loads carbs , cuz low carb food is mostely also low calories , cant eat another 300gr chicken breast for supper (costs me too much $$$)
any suggestions on it ?
another question also : when im counting calories from rice , like i get 100gr of rice in a meal , they mean its like .... cals for the rice when its uncooked or are that the cals when it prepared
so uncooked you get like 100gr , but when its prepared and then you weight it , it became +-300gr
Who can tell me that ?

greetings to all

04-04-2002, 04:22 AM
anyone can gimme some comment on it pls ?