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11-06-2008, 09:25 AM
Hi everyone, as im sure u can tell im a complete n00b to this forum but have to say i like what i have read so far and it has been really helpful.

Im not sure if this is the correct place for this post but just wanted a bit of help really on my workout routine as i have been working out since September and i dont think im getting as far as i would like considering the amount of effort i feel i put in.

I am only just 18 and in my second year of college over (england) and i weigh just over 10stone, that is 63kg or 140pounds (i dont really know pounds that well so please bear with me if i make any mistakes :P) and i am 6" tall.

Supplement wise i have been taking Maximuscle Progain for weight and muscle bulk, and have been for about 3weeks now and have just bought a progain extreme tub as the benifits were not exactly what they said on the tub for the usual stuff. I am also on a high protein diet, as much chicken meat nuts etc that i can get into me. This is in aid of putting weight on to play rugby, i desperatly want to play for the first adults team at club level and they say im good enough but im too small! :(

On top of that this is my workout plan, as i cannot afford to go to a gym out of college (gotta love student budgeting) i have to do my workouts in weekdays.


3x10Tricep pulldowns on a machine (23kg)(50pounds)
3x8Bench (60kg)(132pounds)
3x10Tricep extensions behind head double handed (20kg)(44pounds)
3x10Tricep Dips with weight sat on legs (25kg)(55pounds)
3x8Dunbell Bench press (16kg)(35pounds)
3x10Incline Bench (30kg)(66pounds)
3x8Fly (12kg)(26pounds)
3x8Tricep curls on back (8kg)(17pounds) each hand.
3xExhaustion push ups


3x8Standing Bicep Curls (16kg) (35pounds)
3x6Narrow arm pullups
3x6Wide arm pull ups
3x8Pulldowns (55kg)(121pounds)
3x10Seated row (48kg) (105pounds)
3x12reverse sit ups? on a machine that iscolates lower back, dont know name of this one sorry, with 12kg (26pound )dunbells in my hand pulling them up to hit my biceps again.
3x8One arm rows (25kg)(55pounds)
3x6Dead lifts (60kg) (132pounds)


3x8Military press (30kg)(66pounds)
3x10seated shoulder press dunbells (14kg)(30pounds)
3x8Squats (65kg)(143pounds)
3x8Hamstring curls"Machines" (75kg)(165pounds)
3x8Quad extensions "machines" (85kg) (187pounds)
3x8Lateral Shoulder Raises (8kg)(17pounds)
3x8Front lateral shoulder raises (8kg)(17pounds)
3x8Shrugs (60kg)-Bar so 30kg per hand-(132pounds)

Thursday i repeat my back chest and tricep from monday
Friday i repeat the Back and Bicep from tuesday and the legs and shoulders from wednesday making sure every muscle group is hit twice in a week, i am carefull that if something feels painfull or aching i wont do it, i never purposfully hit the same muscle two days in a row as i have been informed it is dangerous?

Also i do a 10minute intensive core workout monday wednesday friday and my core is the one thing i feel has been good.

Also i train for rugby on a tuesday sunday and most wednesday nights, the wednesday is pure fitness tho.

All workouts are done within an hour exept for the double one on friday that takes about an hour and a half and i take the protein drink straight after.

I play winger in rugby, so i need to be quick and i am to an extent but i need to put on size and strength to step up to adult rugby, if anyone can make any comments good or bad on this workout i would be very gratefull, please excuse any conversions from kilo to pounds that may be wrong :)

Thanks for your time and hello to everyone again.

11-06-2008, 07:42 PM
why are you doing direct tricep work before your bench? same goes for back and bicep. seems you would get better results if you switched the orders, but that's just my opinion.

11-07-2008, 01:53 AM
why are you doing direct tricep work before your bench? same goes for back and bicep. seems you would get better results if you switched the orders, but that's just my opinion.

Oh so most guys would prefer to do the compound stuff first then the iscolation after? that would make sense i guess, cheers mate :)