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04-02-2002, 03:21 PM
I am on day two of my diet. I weighed in at about 187 (5' 11").
My goal is to eat healthy, and about 190-200 grams of protein per day while keeping carbs low and eating healthy fats. I have no idea bf% right now but i'd a wild guess and say 13-16%. I want to get to like 8%-9%. I've been doing good so far but I need to work on getting more meals and tweaking this thing. I picked up a bunch of green vegetables, natty PB, chicken, and fat/carb free cheese today. I should be on my way

Meal 1: English Muffin 180 Cal, 0.5 fat, 25 carbs, +?protein
Meal 2: Two Frozen Fish Pieces, 380 cal, 38 protein, +?fat
Meal 3: Not hungry yet (wtf), two Tbsp of natty PB (one serving) 150 cal, +?fat, +?protein
Meal 4: Two chicken breast parm, 600 calories approx, fat from chicken, Protein 75g+
Salad with olive oil/balsmic vinegar, gotta check this
Meal 5: Same as meal 4 minus salad.

I think I ate/going to eat about 1 lb of chicken at least! The cheese added about 25 grams of protein across the two chicken meals. My calorie counting isnt perfect but it's pretty close to about 2000 being conservative. I am going to go back and check a few things for caloric content. I plan on doing some cardio tonight for about 45 minutes.

Update: I ended up with 20 minutes on the bike at my gym at max setting. According to it I burnt 831 calories. I assume that's for a 150lb person but still pretty good i'd say. I traveled 12.11 miles (36 mph, damn).

Tomorrow ill document better.

04-03-2002, 03:13 PM
Meal 1: 1/4 cup puffed Kaishi cereal, two egg whites
Meal 2: Two lean turkey burgers, no bread, Protein Shake
Meal 3: Half a Potato
Meal 4: 1 lb of chicken (heh need to spread that out)
Meal 5: 2 Tbsp Natty PB

04-03-2002, 04:18 PM
My parents eat that Kashi cereal stuff. Good luck. Keep it up.

04-04-2002, 02:40 PM
20 minutes on the bike for 12.6 miles. About 780 calories according to it (probably for 150lb person)

Meal 1: English Muffin
Meal 2: 2 Tbsp natty pb, salad with olive oil and red vinegar
Meal 3: Approx 6oz of Salmon
Meal 4 postworkout: Protein shake
Meal 5: More Salmon and a salad

04-04-2002, 06:46 PM
i dont know how accurate this is, and how much an elliptical machine or treadmill varies in calorie expending compared to the bike, but when i do 30 minutes on either, it usually says about 300 cals. point is id second guess the fact that the bike burns nearly 40 cals in a minute. but then again its just a suggestion.:D

04-04-2002, 07:50 PM
Yeah I suspect the value is very high. The setting is on max however and it is one bitch to pedal. It says I am traveling at 38 mph and when I get off I feel like I wanna die so who knows.

04-05-2002, 07:07 PM
Had to get up at 4:25 am today to go compete for the Ohio Leadership Scholarship at Case Western Reserve University today. I was one of 60 finalists of over 1000 people who applied. 12-15 of us will win it. The result was a day with a little bit of cheating. That's okay I can consider it a celebration for being a finalist.

Meal 1: Scrambled Eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 sausages, Home fries, 4oz oj. I managed to resist the doughnuts and other goodies they had here at this Breakfast for the Scholarship people
Meal 2: Luncheon at the University: Chicken breast with almonds, pumpernickel roll, little bit of rice (looked like white and brown), a little bit of salad with italian dressing, and a piece of lagsna with mushrooms and vegtables in it. I didn't eat the mushrooms and kinda picked over it. I drank a pepsi.
Meal 3: Just ate a plain english muffin, nothing around for the long drive home
Meal 4: Chicken breast and 5 pieces aparigus.
Meal 5: Brownie and Rice Krispy treat!

Wasn't too bad.

04-06-2002, 11:16 AM
My scale is weighing me at 179 lb today. It is rather strange so I wouldnt trust it. I just woke up and I havent drank anything/eat yet so i'm probably gonna be about 181.

Edit: My scale is ****, im 184 now lol

04-07-2002, 01:31 PM
Meal 1: 2 whole eggs, 3 whites with salsa/fat free cheese/jalopenos mixed in

Other meals, chicken, chicken and more chicken
One cup of corn chex, salad, and some pb