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Little John
11-12-2008, 11:53 PM
Hi guys,

I have purchased some large bags of locally made (Australian) pure WPI and Calcium Caseinate. The pure WPI is pretty nice (mixed with water) but the Calcium Caseinate has a texture that makes it not go down so well. I try and force the Calcium Casseinate down before bed, but it's difficult so it seems I may have wasted some money there. I've tried a 50/50 mix of both Calcium Casseinate and WPI and that makes it slightly easier to drink, but still pretty bad. Back to the evening cottage cheese with honey for me! Damn wasted money.

My research today is this... After the fast absorption of the pure WPI (approx 20mins?), How long is the time frame until there isn't complete protein left in my blood from a 30g intake of WPI with water?
? Apparently 3 hours is the frequency at which bodybuilders eat a source of complete protein, but is this general rule applicable to supplements as well as food? I don't think so! A meal would clearly take longer than the WPI to break down, absorb and be used by the body. Calcium Casseinate would slow down the absorption of my protein shake, but it's horrible texture means I simply can't do it often if at all. What I'm wondering is what happens after the 20 minute absorption period of WPI?

How long is the time frame until there isn't complete protein left in my blood from a 30g intake of WPI with water?

Before you ask, my diet is pretty good for the time being and I'm only using supplements as a supplement to my diet. I eat relatively the correct quantities of protein, fat and carbs for my size and lifestyle. Due to my lifestyle I find it difficult to eat more than 3 meals a day, and so I would like to research the effectiveness of WPI over the following hours after the intake of 1 serve of 30g with water on an empty stomach.

Sorry if I've just asked the same question a multitude of times, I just want to be clear on the answer. Thank you in advance for your reply.


Lones Green
11-13-2008, 03:21 AM
whey protein isolates digest very fast, a large amount of them probably wouldnt be a good idea, as your body won't have time to digest all of it. i'd mix the 2 powders for your shakes throughout the day.

11-13-2008, 10:04 AM
The protein you ingest enters your body as amino acids. You always have amino acids in your blood, it's part of the amino acid pool. When the amino acid pool drops, your body catabolizes tissues to raise it.

A bodybuilder wants to maintain this amino acid pool by eating protein at every meal. Don't make it more complicated than that. The one exception I would say is before bed, then you do want to employ some strategy but even then it won't make a huge difference. I prefer a nice slab of chicken before bed, but a whey shake in milk would do the trick also.

Try some cottage cheese in a blender with milk+ice+yogurt or juice for flavor.

11-13-2008, 07:32 PM
You have to realize that the other food you eat is still in your stomach when takin in the isolate. And with therfore slow the complete digestion of the isolate or anything else that you eat. All the talk about how fast one protein digest over another is based on research done on empty stomachs, which only applies first thing in the morning if at all and only if you eat protein without anything else.

Just as holto said, dont make it more complicated than it has to be.

No one can give you an accurate answer, especially without knowing what else you eat. Total calories and macros are going to be the most important thing.