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11-16-2008, 03:44 PM
Hey let me know what you think of my workout so i can change it to better suit me. Right now i'm 5'7, 161lbs i have a lot of body fat, but i just started working out again like 2 weeks ago. My goal is mass and power, but i don't want to be a complete fat ass and unhealthy so i try and stay away from fatty foods and bad carbs. I'm not really anal at this point with my diet i just eat a lot of protien and eat every 2-3hrs, and i drink my whey shake after my workout. I'm not for trying creatine, i've tryed it in the past in many different forms with success, but it began giving me insomnia everytime i took it. The program i am working out with right now has given me nice results in the past, but i think it's time to improve on it. I normally go two days on one day off and alternate squats and deadlift. some say i have too much volume in my workout what do you guys think?

bench days
bench 135x8,205x8,225x5,245x2
dumbell skull crushers: 30x8,35x8,40x4
tricep cable pulldowns: 70x8,80x8,90x5,100x2
dumbell curls: 35x8,40x8,45x5,50x2
cable flys: 220x8,240x8,260x3
tricep cable pulldowns: 70x8
incline dumbell press: 50x8,60x5,70x2
reverse forearm curls:45x8,65x8,85x5
hammer curls: 25x8,30x5
tricep cable pulldowns: 70x8,80x8
DB curls: 35x8
pushups: 3 sets of 20

Squat/deadlift days
squat: 135x8,225x8,275x2
bent over rows: 65x8,85x8,85x8
shrugs: 135x8,225x8,275x5
shoulder raises: 15x8,20x8,25x5
lat pulldowns: 3 sets going up more weight each set
pull overs: 75x8,85x8,90x3
wide grip pull ups
leg press:250x8,350x8,410x3

do i have too much volume you think? i mean it has worked for me, but if i can change something to reach my goals faster even better. i'll post some pics up soon and my progress as i go. I want to bench 300 and squat 400 without taking creatine or steriods and i wanna do it at 175lbs. my personal best a few years back was 275x2 on bench and 365x2 squat. i'm no wears near that right now.

11-17-2008, 01:55 PM
i squated today and i am very weak still. my legs are still sore from the last time i squated.


i stopped there cause my legs and back were just not properly healed yet from the previous squat day. i moved on and did shrugs, shoulder raises, lat pulldowns, pullovers, bent over rows, wide grip pull ups and leg press. good work out i felt pretty sore last night and today. anything i should throw in there in addition to what i normally do that would help my squat?

I took some pics last night so that i can compare in the future with what i started off with. Right now i have a lot of body fat in the mid section, but i'm hoping that will get better with this diet and lifting. not looking to have brad pitt abs, but just not be nasty lol

11-18-2008, 03:50 PM
Bench day

bench: 135x8,205x8,225x4,245x2
DB skull crushers: 30x8,35x8,30x8
cable pulldown: 70x8,80x8,80x5
DB curls: 35x8,40x7,45x4
Flys: 200x8,220x8,240x5
reverse grip curls(forearms): 45x8,65x8,65x8
incline DB press: 50x8,60x7
french press: 65x8,75x8
cable pulldown: 70x5
pushups: 20

totally did not eat enough today.

11-24-2008, 04:57 PM
i've been lifting pretty consistantly i just haven't been logging every lift. I'm slowly getting stronger, but my diet is that of an alley cat. everything and anything which i'm hoping to fix.

Deadlift day
bent over rows: 95x8,115x8,135x7
lat pulldowns: 90x8,115x8,135x8
shrugs: 135x8,225x8,275x6
leg press:270x8,410x5,440x3


Right now i'm in the ****ty begining stage where i'm sore after squating for like a week so instead of going one day off after i squat i'm going two or three to properly heal. i go through this everytime i start lifting regularly again. It will eventually go away, but it may be a good thing to once in a while take a few days off to recover.

11-26-2008, 07:14 PM
Bench day

DB skull crushers-30x8,35x8,40x5
cable pulldowns-70x8,80x8,90x4
DB curls- 35x8,40x7,45x2
Flys- 200x8,220x8,265x3
DB incline bench-60x8,65x7
reverse barbell curls- 45x8,65x8,65x8

Still a little sick, and i haven't been getting a full 8 hrs rest at night, thanks to the 3 month old daughter. she makes up for it in cuteness and comedy lol Been lifting fairly steady for over a month now and so far i've increased my bench a bunch, deadlift is up, but my squat is still weak. i'm gonna squat tomorrow so we'll see how i do. Today i'm still a tint bit sore from my deadlift day. could be not enough rest, but that will eventually get better on it's own. My short term goal for the next month is to get my squat up over 300, my deadlift up past 350 and i wanna be able to do a full set of 225 on bench. i'm eating a lot, but i need to eat healthier. too much fat in my diet. i'm gaining mass, but my diets out of control.

11-26-2008, 07:19 PM
why dont you set 2 days out of the week specifically for abs/running?

11-29-2008, 01:51 PM
Bench day
DB skull crushers- 30x8,35x8,40x4
cable pulldowns-70x8,80x8,90x5
DB curls-40x8,45x4,35x6
Reverse grip curls-50x8,70x5
DB reverse grip curls- 20x8,20x8
DB incline bench- 65x8

weight- 160.6

been eating fairly frequent, but still somewhat crapy. i've started keeping track of calories today so i know if i'm eating enough or too much and how much of it is bad for me. i missed a squat/deadlift day cause of the holiday and running around, probably need the healing time anyway.

11-29-2008, 02:02 PM
my mind set right now is that cardio would be counterproductive, but i'll probably do it in the future once i've gained the mass and strength i want. I'm thinking that if i just do away with the bad fatty foods in my diet i can probably lose some body fat. really the only area where i have any fat is in my mid section, but thats not gonna get any better unless i get leaner and i'm too small and weak to do a cutting stage right now. Although some might argue that starting off lean is better.

11-30-2008, 05:30 PM

bent over rows-115x8,135x8,135x8
lat pulldowns-90x8,110x8,130x5
reverse shrugs-135x8,185x8,205x8,235x8
shoulder raises- 20x8,25x5,30x3
leg press-270x8,360x8,450x6

weight- 163.6 lbs

Felt a lot stronger today and had more energy. really didn't do anything different. only thing i have done is begun to drink water. maybe a gallon a day, as opposed to hardly any at all. last time i deadlifted i attempted 350 and could not do it, this time i did 3 reps and failed at 370. my personal best ever was 365x2 back in 2002.

12-05-2008, 03:22 PM
bench- 135x10,205x8,225x7,245x2
DB skull crushers- 30x8,35x8,40x4
cable pulldowns- 70x8,80x8,80x8,90x5
DB curls-40x8,45x4,30x8
Flys- 220x8,240x7,265x2
reverse grip curls barbell- 45x8,65x8,75x3
DB incline press- 60x8,65x6
french press- 75x8

weight 166.2 lbs

Getting slightly stronger, now i can almost complete a set of 8 reps on bench with 225. i found that eating enough makes a huge difference. normally if i eat less the day before then i'm noticably weaker the next day. I've also started doing pushups randomely throughout the day. i noticed my chest wasn't really growing quickly so now i've added pushups. My left shoulder muscle is sore on bench days now so to try and prevent this i've started stretching more after working out and every two weeks i'm going to take two straight days off to heal. so after i deadlift tomorrow i'm going to take two days off to heal. I've also noticed that my pulse is slightly higher on average. my normal resting heart rate has gotten as low as 58 before and now it's like 75. not sure why but i'm thinking maybe overtraining from the last time i squatted. that day i did a few extra exercises then normal.

12-06-2008, 12:34 PM
deadlift day

bent over rows-95x8,115x8,135x8
lat pulldown-90x8,110x8,130x8
shoulder raises-25x7,30x5,35x2
reverse grip shrugs-135x8,225x8,275x5
leg press-360x8,450x5,500xfail,470xfail

weight-166.0 lbs

Today was an ok workout. i'm deadlifting more again but i'm having a hard time lifting heavier weight. it pisses me off cause i can do 350x5, but when i attempt 370 i can't lift it. same with leg presses, i can do 450x5, but i try 470 and i can't do it. i guess i just need more time.

12-10-2008, 05:08 PM
Squat day

squat- 135x8,225x7,275x2,295x1
bent over rows-95x8,115x8,135x8
lat pulldowns- 110x8,130x8,150x5
reverse shrugs- 135x8,225x8,275x6
Seated Dumbbell Deltoid Presses-55x8,60x5
leg press- 360x8,450x8,500x5

weight- 166.2 lbs

Felt tired most of the workout today, not really sure why. I squated decently, but i still suck at squating. i'm so weak at it. My last set i did some real deep squats with 135 and i think i'm gonna focus on doing real deep squats even if it means going lighter cause i can't do the weight i'm at now. which is light anyways. pisses me off cause i used to squat good and i was fairly strong doing 365x2 once, but now i feel like a ****ing 14yr old kid starting from scratch. i'll figure it out.

12-10-2008, 05:15 PM
oh yea, i want big shoulders so what are some good exersises i can do? Right now i do shrugs,Seated Dumbbell Deltoid Presses,and reverse shrugs behind the back. I used to also do Two Arm Front Deltoid Dumbbell Raises, but it started making my shoulders ache constantly and it was effecting my bench. I do shoulders on my squat/deadlift days.

12-12-2008, 05:07 PM
Bench day
bench- 135x10,205x8,225x8,245x3
reverse grip bench- 135x8,185x6
DB skull crushers-30x8,35x8,40x4
DB curls-35x8,40x7,40x6,30x5 directly after 3rd set
Cable pull downs-70x8,80x8,90x8,100x3
reverse grip barbell curls-45x8,55x8,65x7
DB incline bench-55x8,65x8

weight- 168.2 lbs

today was a great workout, i felt full of energy and strong. Only thing i did different this time was a nice big protein shake 30 minutes prior to workout and i got some good sleep last night. My arms felt pretty pumped today aswell and it's because i've added another set to some of my tri and bi workouts. after my third curl set i quickly go down in weight and do maybe 5 reps of 30 or more if i can. This really pumps my arms good. as for my bench increase i've just changed up the way i lay on the bench a little. my feet are completely flat on the floor right above the knee as before i used to have them flat but below the knee on the floor. Mainly i think i was well rested and maybe the shake gave me a little energy. Also i have been drinking two shakes a day even on off days for more protein consumtion and calories. i still need to eat more though. can't wait to deadlift tomorrow!

12-13-2008, 07:04 PM
Deadlift day
deadlift- 135x9,275x8,350x6
bent over rows- 95x8,115x8,135x7
lat pull downs- 120x8,130x8,140x5
Pullovers- 75x8,85x8,95x2
Seated Dumbbell Deltoid Presses-55x8,65x5
Reverse grip shrugs- 225x8,275x8,295x3
leg press- 360x8,450x8,500x3

Man i can't figure it out, after my second working set at deadlifts i'm fried and can't lift ****. after doing 350x6 i have no more energy. i go for 370,360,345 and i can't even lift it. should i just freaking try 370 as my second set and work back down to 335 or something cause i think i could do 370, but i burn it all up on 350. i don't know how to set this up. i don't have the energy to do more then 1 heavy set lol I do take a good 3-5 minute break between sets too and get a drink of water. my forms pretty good too, i've done a lot of research and i know my forms good. i'm lost.

12-15-2008, 05:58 PM
bench day
bench- 135x9,205x8,225x8,245x4,265x2
reverse grip bench- 135x8,205x6,225x2
Cable pulldown- 70x8,80x8,90x8,100x5
DB curls-40x8,45x4,40x7
incline DB-55x8,65x8
reverse curls- 45x8,65x8

today was a great workout and this is the strongest i've ever been. Today i drank a 20oz orange juice during my workout which helped give me some energy. i also drank a shake 30 minutes prior to workout and one right after. During the workout i felt full of energy and strong it was great. I'm gonna try this setup again and see if it's for real or just a fluke.

12-16-2008, 05:57 PM
squat day

squat- 135x8,225x8,275x4,315 fail lol
bent over rows- 95x8,115x8,135x8
lat pulldowns- 120x8,130x8,140x8
Shrugs- 135x10,225x8,275x8,325x5
reverse shrugs- 225x8,275x8,295x5
Seated Dumbbell Deltoid Presses- 55x8,60x7
seated cable pulls(lats)- 110x8,130x8,150x5
leg press- 360x8,500x3,520x2

weight-169 lbs

average workout really cause i'm a weak twerp at squating. I'm begining to think i'm overdoing it with the quads. perhaps i'll alternate leg press days everyother squat/ deadlift day... sound like a good idea or don't bother/