View Full Version : Workout help.

11-19-2008, 12:49 PM
I have been doing WBB-1 for a 4 weeks now and on my off days I have been doing HIIT(2 days) along with some SS cardio (run/spinning~2 days).

What I am wondering is if I could add a Javorek complex to my off days. I think they help with flexibility as well as conditioning but I am worried that I will be adversely effecting my lifting progress because of too-little rest. Can anyone chime in to help me figure out what to do? My thoughts are to use the complex's with light weight and focus on the movements more than the actual amount of weight I can lift during them and not ruin my lifting program.

-Oh, and this is for my MX training program not to just gain weight and get huge.

Thanks for the help.