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11-20-2008, 12:57 PM
Although i dont have many posts on this website i have been here for a while. I check these forums up to 5 times a day, reading everything i can, i just dont post alot. This is bar none my FAVORITE website on the net. And even though there hasnt been alot of direct communication between me and most of you, i have learned so much here and it has helped me tremendously. I'll give you some history about me before i start my Journal so you can see what i mean. I am 20 years old, live in Louisville Kentucky. When i was 16 or so i had a crappy little weight bench in my garage. I would work out every once in a while, nothing real serious. I have always been "the little guy" at 5 foot 7ish, probably around 115/120 pounds at that time. I wanted to get bigger, stronger you know the basics. I remember being so excited when i could military press 60 pounds for one rep. my max bench got to like, 110 or so. Like i said, nothing real serious, i just did it every once in a while. After getting rid of that bench after a few months, i became basically a hermit. for the next couple years this was my lifestyle: wake up at 4 or 5 in the afternoon, maybe eat half a frozen pizza, play video games in my room till 7 in the morning, go to sleep, repeat. Im not exagerrating either, that was it, literally, EVERY single day. Needless to say, I was not a real happy person. I cared about nothing, hated myself for being the way i was, but didnt care enough to change it. After living like this for 3 years (i did get a job eventually) i decided to move out of my parents house, and into an apartment with a childhood friend of mine. I hadnt seen him alot for the past couple years, as i had no friends and never left my room. Well over this long period of time he had taken up weight lifting. I was shocked when i saw him. Well when we moved into that apartment he wanted to put his weight bench and stuff in the living room, i didnt mind so thats what he did. Well, he would workout throughout the week and i thought "man, i really miss doing this". I knew if i were to get back into it, id have to take it alot more serious than i did years ago. But eventually i made to thedecision to go for it. I basically did everything he told me to do, his routine and stuff. Fast forward a year and a half. Im still as short as ever but im up to 160 lbs. My bench had gone up to 200. I had gotten stronger in all aspects.... except one... my legs. So i did some looking around on the net and found this website... WOW it hit me like a ton of bricks! In this whole time i never did one squat, one deadlift, nothing! Now i realize my roomate really wasnt doing the same type of training i wanted to do. I want to be big. No, not big, HUGE. I dont want to be able to fit through doorways, I want to lift a house..... I WANNABEBIG! I have ditched the extremely crappy routine i had been doing. He has a big upper body but sticks for legs. I guess hes more into body building. Im talking about a 300 pound bench press and a 185 pound deadlift here =/. Why? because he doesnt see the importance of those things, he doesnt understand the concept of GETTING BIG AND STRONG. I have seen the error of my own ways, and picked up Rippetoes starting strength routine. Its been the greatest change of my life. You guys (without even knowing it) have been an enormous inspiration to me. I am finally starting to get some POWER, im up to 175 lbs in just a couple months of this, of course combined with eating everything in sight =). I pay just 10 dollars a month to go to this crappy little gym in a community center basement. There is only one power rack, but it doesnt matter because im the only person who uses it. I have gone from telling people that barbell curls work the BASE of your bicep and concentration curls shape the PEAK of it, to now using phrases like "squat till you puke!" So basically i would like to say THANKS to all of you, even though you didnt even know you were helping change my life. I wanna be a powerlifter/strongman someday not even neccisarily competing, just training like one, maybe competing SOMEDAY. I dunno. Hopefully this journal will keep me focused on my goals, and ill be able to look at my progress so i dont get down on myself. Well thats enough typing for now, its time to EAT, ill check back later after my workout today. Thanks again everybody!

11-20-2008, 07:14 PM
11/20/08 - Thursday

Rippetoes SS.

Squats 3x5 at 210
Bench 3x5 at 200
Deadlift 1x5 at 250
Pull Ups 2x8

All lifts were an increase of 5 pounds from previous work out. Everything felt pretty good tonight, especially the deads.. i really felt like my form was pretty close to perfect and my grip which sometimes gives me trouble wasnt a problem at all. Felt good to rep what used to be my MAX bench.. and Squats were ATG as usual, cant wait to add 5 more pounds on saturday. Great workout, despite all the distractions from the group of people taking turns curling in a circle (70lbs) and making as much noise as possible directly behind me. Kind of an awkward moment when i was doing my deads.. as usual all eyes were on me. Seriously.. everyone stops and watches, not because its any crazy amount of weight, but because theyve never seen anyone NOT curl or tricep kickback before! I swear my squats and deads get so much attention cuz these people have never seen these exercises before =/. And of course they still dont do them. they just watch me and remark about how its not good for your back/knees/ankles/elbows/fingers/eyebrows/ect. but anyway after my set of deads somebody started clapping....... LOL i was so confused and dazed from my set i thought i was imaging it, but no... some guy was CLAPPING for me... it was really awkward.... i just sat down and kinda pretended like i didnt hear it. my gym = :windup:

11-23-2008, 11:29 AM
11/22/2008 - Saturday

Rippetoes SS

Squats 3x5 at 215
Military Press could only get first set 4, second set 3, and third set 4 and a half at 135
Bent Rows 3x5 at 185
Dips 2x8

I went ahead and jumped 10 pounds on my Military Press just because i really wanted to do 135. Couldnt get it 3x5 but almost, ill get it next time!

11-23-2008, 12:46 PM
Youve got some serious potential man. Hit em hard!

12-03-2008, 12:33 AM
12/2/2008 - Tuesday

Rippetoes SS

Squats 3x5 at 225
Military Press 3x5 at 135
Power Cleans 1x5 at 135 with push overhead, then 2x5 just clean at 155

After a week off (not by choice) i made it back to the gym today and had a great workout. Finally putting 2 plates on each side for my squats felt incredible! I got my 135 military press all 5 reps each set, an improvement from 4/3/4. I have never done power cleans before and had been watching some vids of them online so decided to give it a shot this week instead of my bent rows. They are already one of my top 3 favorite moves to do! 135 wasnt too hard so i went ahead and pressed it overhead for each rep (all the way back to the ground). So i put 155 and just cleaned them and i definitely could do some more weight, it still wasnt extremely hard, but im still just figuring out what weight to use as it was my first time with them. Overall a GREAT workout, cant wait to add 5 more pounds on Thursday! Oh yeah and i was pissed afterwards because i spilled my PWO Shake all over myself :bang:

Thanks ZenMonkey for the motivation ;)

12-21-2008, 09:18 PM
Seems like i havent updated in forever.. I went through a 2 or 3 week very screwed up schedule. Not just that but other things added to that caused me to well, not workout. I just had a (mentally, emotionally) rough little stretch and shouldnt have skipped my workouts, but i did. Well, thats behind me and im ready to hit em harder than ever. I have gotten off of SS after about 5 months, and came up with a routine of my own to start with since getting back to it. Ill now have ME and DE days, still continuing with my powerlifting. Its probably a crappy routine but i started it yesterday and my day went like this.. (several PR's :))

Saturday, Dec 20, 2008
Squats 245x3 - 255x2 - 275x1
Overhead press - 145x3 - 155x2 - 165x1
Rack Pulls 275x5 - 300x3 - 315x2 - 335x1
Pull ups - 2x6

New PR at 275 Squat
New PR at 165 Overhead
New PR at 335 Rack Pull

I dont really know how many inches the Rack Pull was, it was a little below my knees.

03-16-2009, 07:14 PM
haha, 2kool u ass. its funny how you described me in your journal. but some what true i guess. anyway, thats the past and ive switched up my weight lifting routine quite a bit as you know. Getting big and strong is my main goal in weight lifting and bodybuilding is not for me. I always wanted to get big and strong and never really cared about sculpting and shredding and crap like that. I just started lifting pretty early and wasn't exactly clear on what the best training exercises where for that. But as of now, i am positive I know what im doing thanx to research and inspiration of WSM and other power athletes. I now have all new goals in lifting.....to get as big and strong as i could ever be. Im now just trying to stay focused on whats really important in life, (God,Family,Strength Training), and ignoring all the meaningless bullcrap in this world. Anyway im not exactly sure why i posted this paragraph,...just felt like it i guess, ha.
Im new to this site and it is very cool. Im just reading, learning, and taking in all the good info i can. PEACE! "Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination To Succeed Is Strong Enough.":clap: