View Full Version : Help K-1 Kickboxer make a routine building up to a fight

11-23-2008, 01:10 PM
I am really trying to get a routine sorted that will get me ready for a fight in about 12 weeks time. I typically workout about 3-4 hours a day 5 days a week down the gym kickboxing and boxing.

I basically do a skills session, hitting the bag, double-end ball, skipping, pads, etc for about 2 hours a day whilst teaching the rest of the time I am there.

I don't really do any conditioning / strength working out which isn't hitting the bag or listed above. The issue is that I am 65-66kg, fighting in 12 weeks at 70kg for a small title, it is an 8 man tournement, so basically i am going to have 3 fights in one night all 3 x 2 minute rounds.

So my aims are to hit harder and get faster if possible, because obviously these guys are going to be naturally stronger than me. I don't want to put on a great deal of mass because 70kg is a one off, perhaps 1kg/2kg max I would be willing to put on as I am lean anyway.

So anyway, a summary of my goals:
Prepare for a maximum of 3 x (3 x 2 minute round) fights in one evening.
Hit harder and become stronger, as well as quicker (yeah I know...)

11-23-2008, 08:41 PM
You can look through my journal for some ideas. You could also check out the rossboxing forums. One thing I will mention directly is remember speed is king. If/when you start lifting, as you get stronger, don't start trying to hit harder. The fact that you are stronger will make your punches harder. If you start muscling your punches you will get slower, and get tired quicker. So stay loose and fast and let the new strength take care of itself.

01-02-2009, 12:00 AM
Yea exactly, I'm 19 i am now a mma fighter 3-0 all by k.o. I trained at a boxing gym with some awesome fighters, me being one of them:) since i was a little kid in Davenport Iowa. Along side Antwun Echols a fighter that has challenged champs who was really in the mix for a while. Any ways i'm proud of that and my friends lol.
but what I am saying when I was a kid for the longest time I use to try to hit hard. I have always been really strong, I would just try to hit hard in sparing.
My coach would get so mad, so eventually he made me run steps until I was exhausted and then come back and spar lol. I was so tired that I didn't worry about it I just let my hands go. It took like three days of doing it and my problem was solved. I was almost too tired to spar back until the third day I let one punch go perfect knocked my friend Jake right on his ass.
ahhh nostalgic bliss...
Any wayz now that I'm an adult as I lift i make sure not to get caught up in trying to hit harder. The best thing you can do is lift or what ever and just know that you will hit harder from the added strength just work on trying to be fast and fluid.