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11-24-2008, 01:01 PM
I don’t like to get technical with my lifts (80% of max etc), and I have stopped counting reps and sets for about 3 years. I listen to my body now. If I can pump out another set, I do it, if not, I don’t. I’m new to oly lifting, and would like to focus more on it now, rather than PL/BB-ish routines.

How’s this routine look?

Monday: Oly lift
- Heavy C&J
- Light-ish Snatch (focusing on form/technique)
- Heavy standing OH press both in front and behind head

Tuesday – Cardio (~10km run)

Wednesday – Chest
- Flat BB bench
- Incline DB bench
- Pushups to failure

Thursday – Oly lifts
- Heavy Snatch
- Light-ish C&J
- Heavy OH press

Friday – Back (I alternate biweekly between heavy tbars and heavy DLs)
- Heavy DL’s
- Light-ish T-bar rows
- 10min-ish row on concept 2

Saturday– Ab training & Cardio (run for speed/time 5-8km)

Sunday – Legs and light oly lifts
- Squats
- Lunges
- Light snatch and C&J focusing on technique

I do two more runs (mostly short/speed ~20min) on top of this, when depends on how I feel and the weather.

11-24-2008, 02:55 PM
fuzzy posted one a few weeks back i saved it.

"Fuzzys Olympic Routines"

Snatch variation/ power snatch, full snatch, from hang, off blocks, muscle snatch.

Clean variation/ power clean, full clean, from hang, off blocks, straight clean

Jerk varitiaon, power jerk, split jerk

You can do the clean and jerks together or seperate.

Squat variation/ fronts, overhead, backs, PL style, Oly stle, Zerchers, DB, whatever

Pull variaiton/ deadlifts, stiff legs, rack pulls OR Olympic pulls, snatch pulls, clean pulls, from hang, pure shrugs etc.

Press or upper pull, bench rows, overhead lifting etc
whteve reps you feel like