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12-04-2008, 09:50 PM
I was laying on the bench today, painfully pressing 95lbs. It felt like 195. As I was struggling to reach the 10th rep of my third set of 95lbs, I thought to myself.."What a pathetic hole you've dug yourself into. This **** has got to stop."

I am a chronic start-and-stopper, in both lifting and dieting.

There was a time, between 2004 and 2006, when I was pretty damned consistent. At 25, I went from a fat 6'1 @265 to a pretty decent-looking 215lbs. I didn't get as lean as I'd originally wanted, but I was proud to have gone from an 80 x1 bench, 90 x 1 dead, and BAR x 1 squat, to 225, 395, and 275, respectively.

Women have had a lot to do with my sporadic issues the last couple years. I met the last one in 2006, and my good habits pretty much tanked after a couple months. I have started and stopped and started agian over and over, I've dealt with some back pain, done physical therapy, become extremely flexibile for the first time EVER, and started and stopped some more.

All is not lost. I'm very good at maintaining my weight. I'm not one of those guys who comes back to his journal having gained 50lbs. I'm at 205, and I've lost no muscle. I'm a mesomorph, I suppose, and I don't gain or lose quickly. I also don't have trouble keeping the muscle I gain. However, I haven't gained much. I've never bulked. I've mostly gained strength while losing fat. Between dieting, I don't eat garbage for long periods of time, and I keep a mental tab of every bite I take. I know how many calories are in EVERYTHING.

But, I'm weak as ****. I want to get lean like I originally planned 4 years ago when I was FAT and miserable.

This week, I started eating carbs only in the morning before I lift. It comes from chex or shredded wheat..maybe a fat free yogurt. Other than that, I'm eating chicken, buffalo, tuna, salmon salads, and a little cheese. It's basically very low carb, high protein, and enough fat to keep my hunger at bay. I eat every 2 hours during the day, via my cell phone alarm..LOL

This journal is for me to post my workouts and general thoughts. I've always done better when I can see my lifts moving up. Good thing they have nowhere else to go. I have Starting Strength, but I haven't gotten through it yet. I'm working on it. I have A LOT on my plate. Reading is a luxury lately. But, my intent is to work on some form stuff, and eventually do his routine.

Anyway..here's the last couple workouts. I'm taking it a little easy on sets and reps to avoid insane soreness. I'm the type that stays sore all the time. It probably has something to do with the fact that I've always been cutting while lifting hard.

I'm doing cardio on off days. Tomorrow I squat.

Monday - Back/Bi's

Cable V-Bar Rows - 80x10,110x10,110x10
Bent Over DB Rows 35x8,40x8,40x8 ( I used to rep 120 on these! :( )
Lat Pulls - 90x10, 100x10, 100x10
Straight Bar Curl - 35x8, 40x8, 40x6

Concept 2 Rower - 10min @ 27s/m on level 3

Most people use **** form on the rower on level 10. I've actually never seen another soul at the YMCA use correct form on the rower. I actually do it correctly. Done correctly, you'll kill yourself to get a decent pace at level 6.

I'll deadlift next week. I actually still have good strength there, but I need to start over with the bar. My form has some issues that need built back up.

Tuesday - Jogged 2.5 miles

Today - Chest/Tri's

BB Bench - 95 x 10,10,10
DB Bench - 35x8, 40x8, 40x6
Assisted Dips - 110lbs x 8, x 8
CGBP - 65 x 8 x 8 x 8

concept 2 Rower - 15min @ level 3 @ 27 s/m

Girl with a nice butt was on the elliptical in front of my rower today. She was always on that thing back about a year ago. I've missed that view. It makes rowing not so terrible.

12-04-2008, 11:01 PM
Welcome back to journal land....again.


12-05-2008, 04:49 AM
Good Luck with everything! :)

12-05-2008, 06:13 PM
Welcome back Pat. I feel ya. I need to wander back into it myself.

12-06-2008, 06:28 PM
Thanks Sidior! I remember you were in my old journal.

Sylvia! Thanks for the good wishes! I've got a good mindset this time.

Midee1- You are the king lurker of this place. Just when I think you've disappeared, you pop back up! LOL

You do need to get on it. I'll motivate you if you motivate me!

If anyone new happens by, you'll notice my journal usually includes an account of my day or a story. It's a JOURNAL! Ha! Yeah..so..that's how I roll.

I ate a crapload of walnuts Thursday night at my parents' house (my mom buys them for me this time of year), and my stomach was a mess yesterday. I squirmed in my chair all day at work. I had to eat some chicken wings just to get a little grease in there to settle it down. I figured that was the lowest-carb greasy option I could come up with. It still bothered me all evening, so I stayed on the couch after work. I was supposed to go to my "rental" (I say "rental, because I used to live in it and haven't actually rented it out yet) property in KY (no, Micah, I didn't sell it..F Grayson, F Kentucky, and F the real estate market) today and install some more windows, but I barely made it up the hill to the interstate due to snow (the rest of the drive is a half hour), so I turned around, got some coffee, stretched for a while, and headed to the gym (8 blocks away..F the snow!)...

I spent 40 minutes on the treadmill. I guess I got a little under 4 miles in.

I had 4 scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast and a little bacon this morning, expecting not to eat again until 6 or 7 (due to the window work and not wanting to get fast food), and I ate a Greek salad with salmon for dinner. The dressing was olive oil and lemon juice. I love a Greek salad like I love oxygen.

12-08-2008, 07:47 AM
Back (****..I just realized I forgot the Bi's..good thing I don't care too much about them)

V-Bar Cable Rows - 80 x 12, 100 x 10 x 10

Cable Pulldowns - 80 x 10, 100 x 8 x 8

One Arm DB Rows (always on bench) - 40 x 8, 50 x 8 x 6

Deadlift (starting over because I'm trying to keep my back more straight), 95 x 8, 135 x 8 This was surprisingly easy with the form change, but I'm not pushing it. I want to build some strength in my shoulders. Too many years flying a desk has wreaked havoc on my posture, and I've worked really hard for the last 5 months to correct it. I've still got a ways to go.

Rower - 7 minutes. Ran out of time. Had to roll.

12-10-2008, 09:29 PM
Trying my best to recall this one...


Bench - 95 x 8, 115 - 5x5
DB Bench - 35 x 5, 45 - 5x5
CGBP - 85 - 5x5
Assisted Dips (100lbs) x 6 x 5 (80lbs) x 5

Ran out of time. The 5 x 5 approach was increasing my rest times, so this little workout took like 45 minutes. I can usually do that in less than 30. I wait about 90 seconds between sets, but I'm doing more sets, so....I gotta get in there a little earlier I guess. 7:15 seems so EARLY, though.

NOTE TO SELF - My giant-ass delts stick out too far in relation to my chest, all posture issues aside. I need to do extra chest work, and get some bigtime shrugging worked in at some point during the week to get better traps and try to balance things out.

OOOOK..tomorrow morning is jogging or the rower. Diet is pretty much spot-on. I haven't wavered. I might see the 190's sometime next week, which is unreal. I haven't weight 199 in at least 10 years. The last time I did, I was a lot flabbier than I am now, and I only weighed it for about 24 hours..LOL

12-10-2008, 09:40 PM
C'mon man! Hitem hard!!! Good luck!

So are you going to be doing the SS workout?

12-10-2008, 09:53 PM
Keep at it bro, sub 200 here you go!

That kinda rhymed, go me.

12-10-2008, 10:38 PM
LOL..thanks guys! That DID rhyme.

I think I'm going to do the SS routine, but I need to actually look at it in the book. I'll do that tomorrow. I was just sorta feeling it out today, and I liked it. My strength is going to come back either way, but I want to do something DIFFERENT than the 3 x 8 I've pretty much always done. If I'm going to get my results, I need to CHANGE ****. I have all this knowledge of fitness and diet, and I've never gone past 225/395/275 and probably 20% bodyfat, and I've never even had a chance to bulk! **** this! I want to DO something! I should be embarrassed to still be on this forum, and to have been a mod for 2 years..LOL. I saw a picture of myself taken at the beach about 2 years ago, and I remember I squatted 225 for 8 when I got a 3 day pass to Gold's that week. That's not even so grand, but I've really fallen far! But, it's all still in me as long as I SHOW UP.

I told someone today, I want to see my shoulder caps clearly defined through my shirts. I think, THEN, I would be sufficiently lean. Right now, I just look like delts with a head and legs. I need to get down to probably the mid 180's before I can try to gain any muscle. I'll make that call when I get there.

Thanks for the support!!

12-10-2008, 10:40 PM
And WTF Sidior..did you have a 1000+ total when you joined here? Hell, I guess you've been here almost as long as I have, but I don't remember seeing you until the last couple years. But still..1675...F U!

12-10-2008, 10:47 PM
And WTF Sidior..did you have a 1000+ total when you joined here? Hell, I guess you've been here almost as long as I have, but I don't remember seeing you until the last couple years. But still..1675...F U!
Nah, when I joined I had been training about 4 months. Thanks though.

12-11-2008, 07:19 AM
Glad to see you return up in here Elwood.

12-11-2008, 07:59 PM
Nah, when I joined I had been training about 4 months. Thanks though.

Still awesome numbers. I hAet.

Thanks Coke! I'm sticking with it!

I did the treadmill this evening. 25 minutes jogging. It was hot as hell in there, and I couldn't get a deep breath. I hate that.

Soundtrack was At The Drive-In's "In/Casino/Out"

Weight was 201.5 tonight. :omg:

12-11-2008, 08:20 PM
You are gonna love SS. Im sure all your strength will come back really quick.

12-11-2008, 08:22 PM
You are gonna love SS. Im sure all your strength will come back really quick.

You just reminded me to read! Thanks!

12-12-2008, 10:12 AM
I read some more Starting Strength last night. I had read a good bit of the squat section before, but I skipped on back to the programming portion. It was very interesting. I messed around with his plan today. All I have to say is..

Holy Compound Movements, Batman!

I feel like I was i there for 2 hours, yet I was in and out in 40 minutes, and it was my first squats in a few months so I stayed light with it.


BW & Bar warmups x 8 x 8
65 x 5
95-5 x 5

OH Press
Bar x 5 x 5

Chins (assisted)
170lbs - 8
140lbs - 5

I guess I need to learn cleans. I think I can get my form cleaned up without help on everything else, but I'm not sure about those. I used to do them at home some, but it's been a while. We do have a platform and bumper plates at the gym. I hate it over there. I don't like being "on display" and I have a hard time gripping those plates with my tiny hands because they don't slide well. I deadlift in front of the rack..LOL

Ah well..as Rippetoe said. 'If you're substitung rows for cleans because you don't want to learn to clean, you probably should reconsider your reason for training'

Or something like that.

I also HAVE to get some compression shorts. My thighs chafe so bad after jogging, and boxer briefs doesn't cut it.

Jorge Sanchez
12-12-2008, 10:53 AM
Your strength will come back quickly, I have no doubt. I've also been a chronic stop-and-starter due to injuries and travel and starting strength has done wonders for me. If you stick with that routine for the next 3 months, you will be right back to your best and then beyond.

Good luck, dude. Just stick with it.

12-12-2008, 11:11 AM
Welcome back, man!

12-15-2008, 08:23 PM
I'm counting on it, Jorge. I've been watching videos of cleans, and I'm ****ed. I'm gonna have to not do them until Christmas when I've got some time alone with my barbell at mom and dad's. Luckily, that's next week..lol

Thanks Guido!

So...holy crap.

I got on the treadmill tonight, started an album up, and got going. It was a shorter album, and I totalled up the song times before starting. They were less than 25 minutes. So, I decided I would run the whole album.

So, I ran the whole album. And, I ran 3 songs of another album. And suddenly, the treadmill shut off..LOL They apparently have a 40 minute max.

It's been.........at least 7 years since I ran 3 miles without stopping. I've always been sort-of a 2-2.5 mile guy, and don't usually stick with it long enough to build up past that. But, I can lay off running entirely for months and still come back and get a couple miles. I just felt really good tonight, and the music was perfect, and the gym was just the right temperature, and my shirt wasn't too clingy and hot...

But, the bar has been raised, unfortunately. Stupid me.

Soundtrack: At The Drive In - Vaya

Black Stone Cherry (first three songs of whatever the name of that album is)

Tomorrow I lift.

12-15-2008, 08:27 PM
Good work man. Pushin it hard!

12-15-2008, 10:52 PM
Great work on the treadmill, 40 min of running is sexyness.

12-17-2008, 01:11 PM
Thanks guys. I'm really trying to stick with this. I realized last night that I've made it past my usual ~2 weeks "give up" point. I never really give up, per se, but I get distracted or overwhelmed with something trivial, and my fitness falls by the wayside or becomes sporadic. USUALLY, if I make it past 2 weeks, I'm locked in for a good while. The real challenge now will be making "a good while" become "indefinitely/for good."

Yesterday was a strange day. We keep having these sporadic snow storms, followed by 65 degrees the day after. I was leaving too late yesterday morning, and opened the door to find snow. I was leaving too late to even get my workout in fully, much less waste another 15 minutes clearing my car.

This is my fault. I have to get my ass out the door earlier.

Anyway..I made it today. It's my day off, so I really didnt have an excuse, now did I? LOL

SQUATS - warmup sets, 115 - 5 x 5 <very easy

BENCH - warmups, 115 5x5 - almost tanked the very last rep. haven't done that in a loooong time..and I can't believe it was with 115.. :( :)
This is actually probably because I only wait 60-90 seconds, tops, between sets. I don't like sitting there, listening to people say stupid things, and I'm always thinking someone is waiting on my equipment.

LEG EXTENSION - 45, P1 x 12, 90, P2 x 8, 135 x 5, 5, 5 I actually had to exrx this machine this before I left. I recognized it. I've done it once before, and always considered it mostly useless since you depend on your arm stability to counter-weight/stabilize your leg drive. I still do find it mostly useless, but Rippetoe has more knowledge in his sweaty shorts than I have period, and it provided a GREAT break between bench and chins. I don't even know how to list it. It's got 3 positions for plates. I used the first two.

CHINS - warmup set, 130 assist - 5x5 + 3 also very easy..****..I see I did 120 last time. No wonder. I was thinking those were harder last time. I'll review next time before I go.

One question...why if Rippetoe's program is a 5x5 (at least that's what I thought..maybe it's just based on his 5 rep theory), does his workout only show 5x3 max?

Also...I thought about some goals today. I'd like my 225 bench back within 6 months if not sooner. I'd like my 275 squat back in the same time frame. I'd like to do a 5 rep set of chins, unassisted (never done more than one, ever). I'd like a 315 deadlift with good form. I can probably pull 275 right now with bad form, but my shoulder blade area is really weak. I have a hard time keeping my shoulders back properly with 135.

12-17-2008, 01:30 PM
Quit fight the iron bug addiction! You can't stop ha ha
I remember when I started I could bench 130~ after a while I noticed I was growing and others commented then I got 185 and was pretty much hooked

12-17-2008, 02:05 PM
Old numbers will gradually return and some, muscle memory is a friend...good stuff there on the treadmill bro.

12-18-2008, 09:37 PM
I'm with ya, Bill. The last two days, I've actually been looking forward to going. That's how it used to be for me. I love that feeling.

Thanks Coke!

Since I dilly dallied two days ago and lifted yesterday, I couldn't squat again today per Rippetoe. So, I did more cardio. I've got enough fat to lose.

Concept 2 rower, 25 minutes @ level 3 @ 28/29 s/m

Soundtrack tonight was The Greatest Hits of Black Sabbath

I had two big girls on the rower beside me when I got there. They were doing the typical "let the rower move us at about 12 s/m while we chat" workout. They gave up pretty fast (like everyone does) and moved to the ellipticals DIRECTLY in front of me, blocking my view of the only decent looking girl in my field of vision. At some point, they were talking about me because one of them pointed right at me while trying to be coy and the other girl blushed or something. I had headphones on. Funny, though. I guess they're into bald dudes. Then, another big ole girl gets on the rower beside me, proceeds to row poorly for exactly 30 seconds, then spends the next 10 minutes punching buttons on her phone while sitting on the rower. None of them cleaned the equipment..not that they sweated on it anyway.

I've noticed in all my times on the rower that it, more than any piece of equipment in the gym, is the great equalizer. It's the barometer for gym-goers to decide if they really want to exercise, or just want to show up and move a little bit. There is NO easy way to row correctly--and even rowing incorrectly is a complete bitch. There's no "light workout" on the rower. There's no version of walking to the rower's running. It sucks from stroke 1. I can honestly say, I've probably been on a rower in that gym at least 30-40 times and I've never seen another soul who actually knows how to use it. I've only seen one other person stay on it longer than 10 minutes. It's an incredible machine. It doesn't **** around, and it doesn't let you stay there if you half-ass it. It's got no time for your worthless ass if you aren't willing to put forth some real effort. Sadly, all those people dick around and give up on it, and it's easily the best workout in the room.

I SALUTE you, Concept 2...I salute you.

Then I went to pick up the last of my new cymbals at UPS. A cute girl working there gave me one of "those" smiles. You know the one. That smile that means they're trying not to laugh at you. OK..I think she was actually giving me a good smile. That's always nice. It was a big day for teh ladies for some reason. I should go out in public more often, or at least have more packages put on hold for pickup..LOL


12-18-2008, 10:14 PM
You must have been looking good today man. Chicks always dig the bald dudes ;)

12-19-2008, 07:26 AM
You must have been looking good today man. Chicks always dig the bald dudes ;)

What was it T.O. said in his interview on ESPN the other day?

'Well, as you all know, I am a VERY handsome man..'

Today was more SS

Bodyweight situps x 12 (finally saw these on the page..lol)

SQUATS (and let me just say...my traps haven't recovered from the surface pain from two days ago..holy ****)

warmup sets, 125 - 5 x 4

OH Press

warmup sets, 65 - 5 x 5

BB Rows

warmups, 85 x 5, 95 - 5 x 5 (havent done these in a couple years..pretty easy)

As I was overhearing some of the older guys in the gym this morning(and by older, I mean 60+), I realized there's going to be a lot of people spending Christmas alone. I find that pretty sad, and it makes me glad I've got two parents and three siblings, and a sister in-law. We always all get together.

Merry Christmas to everyone. May you spend it with....someone.

Jorge Sanchez
12-19-2008, 07:43 AM
Nice workout, dude. You do realize that SS calls for sets of 3x5, right? It would take me forever to get through a session with three 5x5 lifts. Also, if the bar position is hurting your traps when you squat, you could try switching to a low bar position. It's very awkward at first, but I think you'd like it once you get used to it.

Keep up the good work!!

12-19-2008, 08:03 AM
I hear you on christmas
You probably know this but I've heard it takes 21 days to make something a habit da gym or to break one

12-19-2008, 05:59 PM
Nice workout, dude. You do realize that SS calls for sets of 3x5, right? It would take me forever to get through a session with three 5x5 lifts. Also, if the bar position is hurting your traps when you squat, you could try switching to a low bar position. It's very awkward at first, but I think you'd like it once you get used to it.

Keep up the good work!!

LOL..I asked that a couple workouts back! I'm glad someone cleared that up. It DOES take forever. I've never spent an hour in there until now.

I do use a lower bar placement. I started that a while back because I was always getting sore right on my spine. I said "traps," but it's pretty far down where it hurts. It's just because I've squatted three times in the last 7 days. It'll toughen up.

Bill..don't ruin it for me! I've already fooled myself!

Actually....the end of this week makes 3 weeks! I started before the journal started.

12-22-2008, 07:30 AM
Today was ...****ING FREEZING. It is SIX degrees out right now. Wind chill is -6! Im sure it was colder when I walked into the gym while it was still dark.

I rarely wear pants to the gym--even in winter. Needless to say, I wore some ****ing pants OVER SHORTS today. Sh1t!



warmups, 135 - 3x5

Bench Press

warmups, 135 x 5 (realized I wouldn't get 3 sets, and I went up 10 from last week anyway), 130 - 2 x 5

Chins (we don't have a back extension..wait..maybe we do. exrx shows a GHR on the weighted extension example..I'm confused)

assisted...100 x 8, x 5, 110 x 5, x 5 (went down 20 from last week, then up 10..got a little big for my britches I guess)

So someone tell me...what does the back extension look like? We have the thing where you basically stand up with your feet hooked in, and dip forward. I think that's a hamstring extension, though. We DO NOT have a Glute Ham Raise. There IS a back extension machine, but he says to do bodyweight. you can't do bodyweight on the machine.

What's up?

OK..I'm in a rush. Gotta go to work. I really wish it wasn't arctic outside.

12-24-2008, 07:05 AM
I upped the speed on the treadmill last night, and still made it 30 minutes. It was surprisingly easy. My legs and lungs are really getting in good shape.

I REALLY need those compression shorts. Chafing sucks.

I have to go to Wal-Mart tonight to pick up some CD cases for a little gift I'm making for my siblings. I wish I'd remembered them LAST NIGHT. I get a half day off work and will be out at 1, but it's still gonna be chaos.

And let me just say, if I hear see one more Magic Jack commercial, I might just poke out my eyes.

I just heard a small alarm go off at 8:15 in my apartment, and I don't have any alarms other than my cell and alarm clock. Interesting. Maybe there's someone hiding in the close, and having an "oh ****" moment.

Merry Christmas all!

12-30-2008, 12:59 PM
I just realized that I have two other journals in this forum. LOL Whoops! I could have bumped one of them.

Sooo..the Christmas holiday has been good to my stomach. I ate a lot of good food. I didn't go overboard, though, unless you count the pumpkin rolls. Hopefully, it'll let the diet kick-in well now that I'm back on it.

BW Situps x 17

155 - 3x5

75 - 3x5

135 x 5
155 2 x 5

I'm an idiot.

I've been Mr. Stretch for the last 6 months, and it's really helped with back stiffness from working at a desk all these years. Today, like an idiot, I got in a rush to get to the gym before it got busy, so I skipped my pre-workout stretching. The first rep of 155 on squat, my central lower back felt strained. I did my sets, and by the time I got to deads, my back said "Pat. You're a stupid *********. You know better than to skip the stretching." It was miserable just to bend down and pick up a plate. Oddly enough, the deads weren't too bad, but my form suffered a bit. I just couldn't put an arch in the lower back. I'm pretty sure I caused this during the situps, as I've had this same pain before from them, albiet not as bad.

I went to the grocery store after, and felt (and acted) like an old man. I could hardly bend over. I grabbed a heating pad on the way home, and now I'm laying on an ice pack. R.I.C.E., FTW.

I have to run over to my place in Kentucky in about 45 minutes to meet with a contractor, too. Long drive. Ice is coming with me. Hopefully it'll be ok in a day or two.

I hate myself sometimes.

12-30-2008, 02:55 PM
I hope your back feels better man. Have you tried any dynamic stretching or hip mobility stuff? That really helped my lower back and trunk stiffness.

12-30-2008, 06:39 PM
thanks a lot for the suggestions. im gonna do some of that stuff when i can. at this point, my back cant even support my legs to raise one. it's tight as a drum. i have to do upward facing dog just to go pee..LOL

no idea how im gonna sit at my desk for hours tomorrow. i havent taken a sick day in over 9 years,though, so i intend to figure something out!

12-30-2008, 08:23 PM
Holy crap dude. How did this happen?

01-01-2009, 12:31 AM
Holy crap dude. How did this happen?

I'm really not sure. Like I said, I didn't stretch. But, I never stretched before lifting until about 6 months ago, aside from warming up my rotator cuffs.

I got to the gym and both racks were occupied (I know..wtf, right?), so I did 17 bodyweight situps with the bench on max decline. Many moons ago, declined situps really killed my lower back. But, they haven't bothered me in a long time.

So, I did a bunch of bodyweight squats, some shoulder stretches, and then bar squats, and did about 5 reps each of 65, 95, and 125 with no pain. On the first rep of 155 on the way back up, I didn't feel any instant pain or anything, but my lower back just had a "sensation"...it just felt kinda tight, and I figured it would loosen up. It wasn't really even painful, but by the time I did 3 x 5 of 155, then my presses, it was a little painful to support any weight in front of my body (i.e., loading plates). What really irritates me is that my squat form is better than it's ever been. Maybe that's what got me..maybe I wasn't activating that part of the posterior chain before. I did a lot of GM's back in the day, though. I dunno.

The deadlift actually wasn't too bad, but I didn't push it. I just didn't want to quit. I went to the grocery store after the gym, and by the time I got out of the car at the store only 10 minutes later, I was walking like an old man. The pain was incredible all last night. I'm flexible enough that I can pretty much do a back bend, and I can point my legs straight up in the air while standing on my shoulders. I do this stuff all the time for flexibility and what I thought was back strength in all the little places.

Last night I couldn't raise my back 3 inches off the floor, and I couldn't raise either leg without having a hand on the floor. , and this morning I actually had to make 4 attempts just to stand up straight when I got out of bed. I went to work, but I propped my keyboard up on two whey jugs and stood for 4 hours. I took a break and walked and trotted around the office for 15min, which helped a lot. I realized I have 5 days of vacation left, so I took 1/2 day off and left at 1 and took my parents to lunch. Standing 4 more hours would have worn me out.

However, pretty much right after I left work, it started feeling a little better. It got progressively better throughout the day. I'd say if last night it was at 20%, I'm probably at 50% now. Some movements are a sharp pain, but I can get in and out of the car normally now, and getting off the floor doesn't take some stretching first. It was almost comical last night. I'm a quick healer most of the time, so I had some faith this would clear up quick. But, I really need to figure out how to strengthen that part of my back. It's the part that suffers the most from my desk job. It's the one that's tight at the end of the day, and requires the most attention when I stretch. But, I need to strengthen it directly to avoid this again. This **** is painful, and I'd rather not do it a second time.

01-05-2009, 04:31 AM
Hope all is well man, hate to see **** happen like that especially when you're just getting started back.

01-05-2009, 10:05 PM
Thanks Coke. I think I'll be ok. I just need to take some steps to prevent this from happening again. It's HIGHLY uncomfortable.

The first couple days I improved about 20% per day, starting at about 20% or so, and it's been another 5% or so since. I'm somewhere between 80-90& now. It's a far cry from Tuesday. I couldn't lift my legs, could barely bend over. I've tweaked my back a few times, but never anything close to that.


Since I was still F'd on New Year's Day, I thought I'd head to the mall to check the sales and get those damned compression shorts I've been needing. I was lucky enough to pick the correct size. I got two pair, and also grabbed a stability ball and new pair of running shoes. My old ones were getting dingy and soft.

I blew $174.00 in there, and nothing was on sale. Nothing in Dick's Sporting Goods was on sale beyond the normal mark downs. On New Year's Day. During a recession. After the worst Christmas season in who know how many years. When stores are goig bankrupt right and left. Nothing was on sale. No blowouts, no giant red tags, no dancing clowns pasisng out coupons...nothing. I don't get it.

Anywho x 2 (bear with me..I told you all I treat this thing like a real journal sometimes)

I've been taking little trots around the office the last few days to check the pain. Yesterday, I knew I'd be able to get something done today. I don't think I'll be able to lift for another week or so. I was standing there today at work (standing..not sitting..sitting hurts, so I stood 6 of 8 hours..lol), taking some web-based training. And, while some guy with a deep South accent went on in an uncharacteristically-fast cadence about Dense Wave Division Multiplexing and 802.xx wireless networks, I spaced out (while wearing bigass headphones, mind you) thinking about my predicament. I got very irritated that after all the stretching and strengthing I've done for the last 6 months, I F'd my back squatting 155. That irritates me more than I can put into words. I decided I need to get a few things accomplished as priorities.

Get lean. I can drop at least 20lbs more before I'm officially lean enough to almost fit into anything in an Abercrombie store.

Focus on strengthening my lower back, first and foremost. - A desk job is fatiguing my back every day, and nothing I've done so far is keeping that at bay. I need to approach it from a different front. I need another job, but unfortunately this one has paid me well going-on 10 years. :(

Focus on getting my posture the rest of the way I've been taking it. - I've done pretty well at getting my shoulders to drop, but I can do better. I haven't stretched my quads even close to enough, and that's critical to allowing my hips to come forward when I sit properly. That will also allow me to get the arch in my back that I need for good form on some things. Right now, I really, really struggle with that. My sqat is decent, but my deadlift has issues because my hips are totally in the wrong place, and my shoulder blades lack the strength they need to get that good, tight form. Luckily, I was taught what to do to get that stuff in line. I had just neglected the blades, and kept quads on the back burner after hamstrings and lower back when stretching.

So anyway...Now that I've sorta reconfigured what my goals are, although lean was the main goal from the beginning, I did exercise today.

I went to the Y, new compression shorts, new shoes, and very sore back, and I managed to get 27 minutes at my current, very slow fastest pace of 5.3mph @ 1.5 incline. That's pretty much where I was before I got hurt. And let me just say...


So anyway...there's my long post. I'm sure you didn't read it. I'm not sure I would..LOL

01-05-2009, 10:42 PM
I did not read it all, but I like your goals :D Nice work on getting those compression shorts.

Jorge Sanchez
01-06-2009, 07:41 AM
Heal up and focus on staying healthy. Those are some very smart goals, dude.

01-06-2009, 02:10 PM
I like it! All of those goals look like they can be sought after at the same time, yeah?

01-06-2009, 09:20 PM
Thanks for reading all (or some!) of it, guys!

I can do them all, and I can stay on SS. I might have to go really, really slow on the deads to keep my form semi-correct. It really irritates me that I'm basically starting over. Any weight I've ever moved was just being bullied around. It wasn't truly lifted.

I hit up the treadmill again tonight, after some good stretching. I had 40 minutes total, with about 30 of it running. I usually walk before and after running, but it's all movement I suppose.

At home afterward, I did some back srengthening stuff on my fancy, new stability ball, and did some shoulder static holds?? I basically get in a DB row position, but only lift the DB with my shoulder blade, then hold it for 30 seconds at a time. That's something I was taught to get some strength. I literally CAN'T keep my shoulders back on a deadlift with anything much over 135. Sad.

Don't ever take a desk job. It sneaks up on you, and one day your back is aching like a mother****er, your shoulders are too far forward, and your neck hangs forward a bit too much. If you've got a desk job, sit up straight with your shoulders back most of the day. Don't slouch. Don't use the back rest of the chair. It sucks and hurts for a while, but you get used to it and your back thanks you later.

For the record, my diet stayed pretty good through the injury, and I've been extra hardcore the last couple days. I'm in the 1700 calories range with pretty good protein.

01-11-2009, 05:53 PM
My back got pretty sore and achy after those two days running and back work. I took a couple evenings off and did some stretching. I was feeling pretty good, and spent 10 hours Friday working at my property, gutting some rotted wood below an old window, shoring it up, and installing a new window. It was some good work, and turned out nicely.

I wish I could say the same for my back. I was SUPER sore yesterday.

Today, I went and ran again. I did 40 minutes total, and my running portion was up to spec. My back hurt with every damned step, though. I have ZERO back endurance right now. I did some stability ball and shoulder blade stuff when I got home. I'm just gonna keep on listening to my back and resting when I need, and keep it loose and work on strengthening it when I can get away with it. It's gotta keep improving, albiet slowly.

The Steelers are really starting to rail the chargers. I love it.

01-11-2009, 07:22 PM
That sounds really frusturating bro, way to stick with it.

01-12-2009, 07:42 AM
Too bad about what's happening to your back, at least you still work around it best as you can.

Jorge Sanchez
01-12-2009, 08:24 AM
Your office job warning made me sit up straight!! That sucks about the back problems, dude. At least you're still able to get some work in. Keep it up, dude.

01-13-2009, 06:31 PM
Thanks guys.

Yeah, Jorge. Do it now while it's still early. You get used to sitting up straight. Stand when you can. Set your computer up so you can work standing up sometimes. I use two whey tubs under my keyboard, and whatever I can find to elevate the mouse.

I guess when I jogged Sunday I did something and managed to strain the RIGHT side this time. I think the left was just still weak enough that the right puked on me from holding up more than its share. I've been really careful, though, and all I was doing was jogging. I think it was tight from all the work and stuff I did out at the house on Friday. Whatever I did, I'm back on the ****ing floor. It's not as bad as the first injury, but it's ****ing painful. I'm just gonna avoid all exercise for as many days as it takes to get this feeling mostly normal. This is getting ridiculous, and I think I've caused it by pushing too hard. It must have been worse than I thought in the beginning. I appreciate you guys checking in on me! I'm just gonna let this thing die for a while until I'm moving again.

I hate myself.

02-23-2009, 05:20 PM

I have returned. Again.

I ended up pulling a back muscle THREE times before all was said and done. By the time I felt like jogging again, I managed to go ONE time before I got bronchitis. That kept me out over a week more, and here I am again. However, my back is really feeling pretty good. I was having spasms for a while, but they're almost completely gone.

So, I went and ran yesterday. I made it 28 minutes before walking, and got about 3 miles in.

There was a rather fat guy in the row in front of me, with a smokin' hot, very short, very nice-assed girl beside him. As I'm stripping down to my shorts in the clothing area, I'm right in front of them. He was trying to tell her about Pearl Harbor as they were in front of a TV on The History Channel, and she pulls out one earbud and says "why are you talking to me? I was already trying to contain my laughter. She repeats it as he's rambling on, and he finally stops and says

"what? you don't like talking to me."

Her again..."No!"

Him.."Well I'm just trying to talk to you."

Her.."I don't care!" "why?"

Him..(reaches over and gets her attention since she's got the earbud back in) "I'm trying to be nice. I thought you might enjoy talking to me."

**It should be noted that this dude was probably under 30, but approaching 300lbs and wearing old-school 1980's glasses with duct tape holind the sides in place**

Her.."well I don't. I'm trying to run"


So I get on the treadmill, and this MFer keeps on talking to her, and keeps touching her arm to get her attention, and basically bugging the crap out of her.

That's really all there is to it. They actually left at the same time. I'm sure he probably followed her to the car, and then home..LOL

She WAS pretty hot, though. I stared at her ass multiple times for motivation. :)

02-25-2009, 05:08 PM
I ran again last night. I think I'm just gonna post in here weekly. My current running regiment isn't all that entertaining. :)

02-25-2009, 06:20 PM
Good story, keep up the running and such

02-25-2009, 07:12 PM
Keep it up killa!! Any fancy running or just SS?

02-28-2009, 10:33 PM
Keep it up killa!! Any fancy running or just SS?

Just steady state. I keep telling myself I should just train for a 5k, but at 5.2 mph, I would turn-in a pretty embarassing time. I try to kick it up another tenth every 3 runs or so. At this point, I just want to be back-pain free, do some stability ball, lose some more fat, and make a new game plan in a couple months. I'm gonna look for a house to rent soon, and I'll have my rack and all my gear there. Then I can do all the goofy stuff I want without getting self-conscious.

On a side note, I saw a guy wearing a crossfit shirt at a restaurant last night. We don't have a local chapter. The only one I know of in WV is 50 miles away.

It was still cool, though.

Thanks for the posts, guys!

Jorge Sanchez
03-01-2009, 11:27 AM
That sucks about the back and bronchitis. Do whatever you can for the time being and let yourself heal up. There are few things more important than your health and lifting certainly isn't one of them.

03-02-2009, 05:10 PM
Ass motivation is the best. That story was fantastic.