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Ryan Hale
12-12-2008, 02:46 PM
Have a question addressed to the many high schoolers,coaches,past ballers,etc.
Our school is small with many multi sport kids.So most times they are in a "season".The program in the past has been to use the Cornhusker program from the early 80's,and push the summer workouts,where it appears to me that is the only months these kids are on this program.
I've been involved in the mornings for 8 weeks now and have about 20 kids working with me,and slowly getting a few more in.
What I've noticed with the other students is no record keeping and no weight progression.I've asked a few kids what weight they used last week,or two weeks ago on certain lift and they can't remember most times.
I've got the kids I work with writing down each weight,rep,signing in,etc.We are on a 2 day a week program,core lifts on day 1,asst on day 2.If the kids come in another day or two during the week I have them do speed/agility type drills.

My question to you guys is this.

1) Do you think the summer only type attitude has to change?
2) How important are records to you guys? As in I could,or any coach,look back x amount of months ago and see what progress these kids have made,and what they have been doing.

Thanks in advance for the help and replies people.

Ryan Hale

12-12-2008, 04:15 PM
1)yes absolutely this has to change unless they are in another sport that has some what of a program
2)i keep records just to see what programs have worked not specifically to see how ive progressed though but i could tell you if wanted to know

12-12-2008, 04:45 PM
You need to have them right down the weights they are using, kids are absent minded and will lift the same weight for months at a time if you dont tell them what to do. I don't think kids need to specialize in sports unless they are looking at getting a scholarship, playing other sports will make them better athletes, keep them in shape and they will have fun. At the same time every athlete should be lifting at least 2 days a week in season.