View Full Version : Possible Tendinitis/Injury Question

12-19-2008, 06:46 PM
Hey guys,
I've been having this problem the last few weeks and wanted to get some feedback. I've never had any kind of tendinitis so I'm not sure what it feels like, or if that's even what my problem is. My left rotator cuff has always been a bit of a problem but hasn't been giving me any problems lately, so I don't think that has anything to do with this. I've been getting this throbbing pain in my shoulder area, and my left shoulder is just weaker than my right at the moment. Let me explain the pain. It doesn't feel like it's on the inside, ala my rotator, the pain is like the medial and anterior delt, like a throbbing pain starts there and shoots across my clavicle. It doesn't throb all the time, but it does come and go and gets really bad for the 24 hours or so after training. And it's not DOMS because my right side feels like brand new, amazing. A good example is when I am lying and bed, if I roll over on my side and lean up, like to take a drink of water, if I lean on my left elbow, that makes it really hurt. What's making it worse also is that I slept wrong about two weeks ago and I did something to my neck. So now the two throbbing pains are feeding off each other and aggravating one another. My neck pain is muscular and shoots down from my upper jaw/ear right down my neck into my lat/clavicle area. So as I said, they aggravate each other. Part of my problem is the way I sleep, on my arms, head cocked up on pillows, I've been sleeping that was since I was a kid and I've tried to adjust, but as soon as I fall asleep I turn into a friggin contortionist again. Don't get me wrong here, it's not unbearable pain, it just throbs, and I've just been dealing with it, but I'm getting annoyed because I'm sick of dealing with it, and it's effecting my training now. I'm gonna post a video of my Upper training last night, if you watch the bench press when I do 425 you can clearly see how my right hand moves so much more strongly than my left. You can see the left side hitch on the way up. I can sit and do reps all day with lighter weight, but as soon as I start going heavier my left side gets balky. This pisses me off because the Bench is my absolute worst lift and I've been trying so hard to get it up to par. So does this sound like tendinitis, or maybe it is because of the rotator? If anyone has an opinion I'd love to hear it.
Thanks guys.