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12-30-2008, 02:09 PM
I am interested in sharing some ideas for performance preparation. By performance I don't necessarily mean a meet of some kind but a workout session.

My basic workout tends to be simple and heavy, sometimes grueling (old powerlifter) sometimes I mix it up and bodybuild but old habits die hard.

Here has been my basic routine for time eternal.

Night before: Pasta for dinner, usually a belly full of spaghetti (could eat it 4 times a week). Just me, but I have found eating pasta for dinner every night does not produce unbounded energy. Seems to work better if spaced out.

Night before: Sleep. I am not a great sleeper. Tend to wake up too early. A friend once relayed to me how great workouts almost always go hand in hand with a good night's sleep. I have found that to be true. So what if that is a weakness? I like to take Excedrin PM. A night time aspirin. Tends to aid for a good sleep without a hazy hangover (pretty sensitive to drugs myself). Once I wakeup, feel pretty refreshed. Again, something that you'd not want to do all the time. Could get addicted. For me, more than once a week and it loses its effect.

Breakfast: If I am working out that morning, I keep it fairly light. A little Cheerio's in milk and a glass of apple juice. If I am working out in the afternoon(after work) I eat some more pasta at lunch, an orange or something similar at break, 2-3 hours before workout. I strongly prefer to workout well fed but with an empty stomach.

Pre work out: Some Gatorade with creatine (my cocktail) and here is where I am experimenting. I have always taken 2 extra strength Excedrin. This provides aspirin to feel less stress and caffeine for an energy boost. Been doing this for over 20 years. I think the aspirin may not do me as much good at that level. Lately I've cut down to one aspirin (65 ml caffeine) and one low carb energy drink (100ml caffeine, Arizona something, really cheap, I get it in the dollar aisle.). Really seem to have found the niche there. Any more caffeine and I'll get jittery, which I don't like and have found to be detrimental. But I think the cutdown in aspirin has also helped (its a blood thinner also, not conducive to physical activity I'd think, anyone know?)

While this all may sound kind of druggy, it is still fairly low dose and over the counter. I have tried the more intense energy drinks and found them to do me little good (jittery feeling, bad workouts). What I do seems to get me through the workout feeling good. No crashes. Read up on caffeine and performance and you'd think they were talking about heroin. I think it has its place. I don't lift like 95% of the guys in the gym, not waving around light dumbells. Putting up intense, heavy workouts. I think what I do fits my needs while not be regressive to my health. I am not spring chicken either, 44 years old, but at times I feel 20ish, goes in cycle.

I'd be interested in hearing what you all think and what other things you have tried. Not just nutritional but maybe imagery, things like that.

Fascinated by this stuff and how it affects performance. Even the favorite t-shirts. We all get a little nuts. I even refuse to drive to the gym on an alternate route, everything must be timed right. Thats right, nuts.

Look forward to hearing what you have.