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12-31-2008, 03:05 AM
I already own and have been using mono creatine for a while now and am about to purchase some opticen.

Currently I throw in my creatine with my 2 scoops of nitrean/milk protein shake pwo. Before when I was bulking and wanted carbs I used to do two scoops of waxy maize and creatine, then 15 min later took my shake.

My questions are:

1. When I start bulking again should I return to using waxy maize and creatine immediately after workout and then 15 min later having a opticen shake or will it be more then sufficient to just throw in the creatine into opticen shake?

2. I've used choc maximus in the past and loved that it almost literally tasted like a fudge brownie, what does opticen most closely resemble?

If you had to choose which would be more accurate? Chocolate opticen tastes closer to maximus chocolate or that strawberry opticen closer to strawberry nitrean?

3.I also got some beta alanine from a friend. Can i just throw that into pwo shake too? Does it have to be consumed the same time as when creatine is used? Should I just use creatine/alanine like results and take it pre workout and just leave it the opticen shake pwo?

4. In the directions it says use opticen with 28-30 oz of liquid? Is it a lot thicker then maximus? Do most of you use like 3 diff shakers for each scoop and 10 oz? It just seems like a ton of liquid....

Thanks for the help!

chris mason
12-31-2008, 12:19 PM
Chocolate Opticen is not as rich as MAX, but is my personal favorite.

Opticen or MAXIMUS PWO is all you need and you can mix your creatine and beta alanine with it.

You don't need to mix Opticen with that much liquid, but it does mix thicker than MAXIMUS.