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01-09-2009, 06:30 PM
I'll introduce my self here as well. I'm Josh, 24, 6'3 183lbs from IL. I work as a bartender. My overall goal is to be a lean 220. I've been bulking for 3 weeks, and lifting for 2 (I was lifting 3 years ago but I got lazy and started drinking heavily, I quit that and am focused on getting bigger.)

Anyways I'm going to be doing the Starting Strength routine. I just had my first A session and it went as followed.

Squats: Warm up 90x5, 180x5, 180x5, 180x5, 180x5, 180x5 I was trying to concentrate on form and my legs are still swore from last week when I did squats.

Bench: Warm up 90x5, 180x5, 270x5, 270x4(Failure!!) 230 x3 (no endurance in my arms) 230x3. There was actually a line for the bench so I decided to use a Magnum Incline machine (Mistake?? I can lift a crazy amount on these machines so I don't know if that is good or a bad thing)

Warm up 30x5, 90x5, 90x5, 90x5, 90x5 90x5 - again, I was trying to perform perfect form.

Dips- They do not have any regular dip bars at my gym, instead its this stupid assistants machine. Anyways I couldn't get it to not use any of the bars (no assistants) so I used 10 lbs. I did 2x10.

Overall I feel like I had a good workout. A few things I am worried about. My endurance when benching sucks. My arms tighten up and I just can't push anymore. That and I am feeling a tightness pain feeling at my right mid pec. Is this normal? It almost feels like it needs to pop. My legs are extremely tight and it is hard to walk, but I love the feeling so I don't really care about that. My IBS is acting up so I have to cut back on the milk :( I will start posting my meals as well. Any advice or feed back is greatly appreciated!

01-12-2009, 09:07 PM
Waited 3 days (except for last night after work, for some reason I decided to go into the gym and mess around....) so I could start with Workout A and not be backwards with my days.

Anyhow, I had a horrible session. My legs are still killing me, my form is horrible, and I don't stretch like I should.

Squats: 90x5x5 <----lol. My legs were so damn sore that I could not put anything close to my max on. I worked purely on form. I hope my legs repair faster because I don't know how I will squat 3x a week like this.

Dips: 12, 10, 8. Ahaha! I found out how to dip without using the stupid assistance crap. I took a 45lb weight and put it on the little thing where you put your feet.

Dead lift: 180x5 180x3 I need to re watch some form videos because I really felt weird doing this.

Bench: warm up 35x5, 50x5 <----Arms are dead!!! What the hell!
Went over to the incline machine for the hell of it. 230x5, took me literally 10 seconds to get the last one up.

I'm such a damn noob! :bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang:

01-25-2009, 02:48 AM
Ugh what a hell of a week. I got called in on my one day off and then worked 4 days after. All of which were 10+ hours (a 12 and a 14 hour shift in the mix as well) I finally had a day off and went to the gym. I did a light full body workout because I am scheduled to work another 4 days in a row! I went from 172 to 184 and now I'm back at 178. I'm so pissed off. My target goal is 220 and I don't even know if that is possible with my body type. On top of that, I am getting on Accutane becase I have severe acne on my back. I am told that it causes severe joint pain as well as many other side effects. How the hell am I supposed to lift like that!! I'm so pissed off and irritated right now!!!


02-06-2009, 09:22 PM
It's been awhile since I have posted. I've been working a lot and also started accutane (acne medicine that has bad side effects) Anyways I had a good day today. I woke up drank some Gatorade and ate a snickers. 20 minutes later I had a protein shake. An hour after that I ate 3 big pieces of steak. Two hours after that I mixed 3 scoops of whey protein, a cup of oatmeal, a banana, 2 gram crackers, and 16 oz of milk and slammed that. Then an hour later I went to the gym and was determined not to be little puss while I was there. My workout went as followed.

Squats: Warm up, 1x5xbar, 1x5x85, 1x3x125, 1x2x155 (tried it again and I got stuck on my way up, I don't know if this is a form problem or what, but I should be able to squat way more then this.....shouldn't ? 1 plate on each sidex5x2. I'm beggining to hate smith machines. My gym doesn't have a squat rack nor a bench, so I'm stuck using the smith for squats. Maybe this is why I can not squat as much as I should be able to?

DB flat bench: 20x5, 35x5, 65x5

Dead lift, 225x5, 315x2!! (Could barely hold on to the 315, it actually slipped when I was up all the way, but it felt good.)

Weighted Dips, 2x5x85lbs

I also did 3 sets of 40lb cable cross overs, 25lb db concentration curls, and 45lbs db curls.

This is the first time in a while that I was actually soaked in sweat when I left the gym. I felt a tad bit dizzy and light headed when I left. Now if I can just fix my squats!:bash:

02-09-2009, 10:48 PM
Crappy day. Had a bako shake + 4 gram crackers and a banana added in. Went to the gym, my workout was:

Front squat (if you know my situation, I don't have a squat rack at my gym, so I have to clean the weigh and do front squats, it feels better to me then the regular squats on the smith machine but I still got stuck)
155x3- stuck

for some stupid reason I decided to do leg presses.....

Warm up: 70x5x2
130x5, 190x5, 250x5

DB Military press, 25x5, 35x5, 45x5

Dips: 30lbx5x2

Curls(I can't resist doing curls dammit!) 30lbx5x2

Decline DB 55x5x2

Overall I feel that I am not making any progress. The squats are really getting to me. I want a regular squat rack. That and I'm horrible and I don't know how to push my self while doing squats. I do not have any desire to eat ever, so 95 percent of my calories are from shakes. For the past month or so I have drank 3 shakes a day, and maybe 1 real meal. Now I switched to drinking a bako shake + some extra things thrown in the blender, 2 regular whey protein/weight gainer, and small things like fruit or yogurt. I've went from 172lb to 186 (gained 2 lbs, woohoo!) but I do not feel like I am getting stronger. The only thing I notice is that my veins are popping out and I'm starting to see muscles that I haven't noticed before. This shouldn't happen should it? If I'm bulking I shouldn't be seeing any new muscles! I'm lost :bang:

Edit: Forgot to add that Accutane sucks bad!. I feel sorry for anyone who is going to go on it. I can no longer see at night. Every car I drive by pisses me off and I yell at them because I think they have their brights on, but they don't, I just can't see!

02-18-2009, 12:48 AM
Sick and tired of not being able to do squats with any weight worth mention so I'm going to give the 20 rep squats x3 a week a try. Just got back from the gym and oh boy:omg: I'm dizzy as hell, I can't see straight, and my legs feel horrible, it is great:evillaugh:

My workout was

100+barx20 ATG (yeah yeah it is low, but in 2 months I'll be able to do 220x20 and I'm ok with that)

Barbell pull overs, 20lb+bar x 20.

Pull ups 8x, OH press 95x11

dips, 14, 10

Decline sit ups, 25, 20.

This does not look like much but I was pooped. I thought I was going to vomit a few times. Total calorie intake today was right at 4.5k.

john bernor
02-18-2009, 01:23 AM
great training you have in here,,keep it up and GOD BLESS

in HIS grip forever

Bako Lifter
02-18-2009, 01:55 AM
Had a bako shake + 4 gram crackers and a banana added in.

Hell ya.

Nice work in here.

02-18-2009, 02:24 AM
Sadly I can't drink them daily anymore. They mess my stomach up big time. I was adding extra stuff and drinking them in 5 minutes. My stomach didn't like 3k calories that fast. I didn't crap for a few days lol. And when i did, it looked like nothing but peanut butter! Maybe I'll keep trying them and add some Metamucil to it too!

Bako Lifter
02-18-2009, 02:45 AM
Wow, you threw one back in 5 minutes? I think I've done that once. I usually just make it after dinner and make sure I finish before bed.

02-18-2009, 10:54 AM
What is a bako shake? 3k calories??? wtf?

02-18-2009, 02:53 PM
I did it daily for a week or so. It gummed up my stomach pretty bad though lol.