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01-17-2009, 11:04 AM
my brother wants to get fit, and he got a punch bag. I said he could use my weights yet my mum won't let him use more than just the bar for all exercises, because he's only 13. He's about 5'10", and weighs 110pounds (light like me)...

he said he wants to be a quick and a max of lightweight boxer, so i was wondering whether any of you had any boxing routines/ knew any boxing sites that are good/ could recommend anything about it. He wants to keep his bf% VERY low, like 3 - 7% low, wants better endurance, more power in his punch (but not so it destroys his speed), and i would guess some agility training.

thanks to anyone that can help...

01-17-2009, 11:45 AM

That site seems to be the most popular for any sort of boxing routine/training. I've looked at it a few times when I am home and have nobody to spar with. At school, however, my roommate has boxed for the last 4 years so I just do whatever he tells me. Tell him to find someone to spar with because I have noticed that is the fastest way to learn because the bag won't punch back. Hope this helps.

01-17-2009, 12:29 PM
I'll second the rossboxing website and forums. Also, find a boxing club, or gym, to go to. You can't learn to box on your own.

As a side note, getting stronger won't slow him down. It's an old myth. It got started cause guys would lift, get bigger, and stronger and slower, but they got slower because they started to try and muscle their punches. You can't force a punch. You have to stay loose and fast. The fact you are stronger will make the punch harder. I am quite a bit stronger, and carry more muscle now than I did when I first started boxing, but my handspeed has improved a lot.

01-22-2009, 10:01 PM
i would recomend going to a gym and having them show you the basics and having someone who knows what there doing watching you and correcting your every move.

at my gym are boxing workout is this, all rounds are 3 minutes long with 1 minute rest.

4 rounds of shadow boxing, in the 3rd round of this we hold 2 or 3lb dumbells to strengthen are shoulders and other muscles.the shadow boxing is for speed.

3 rounds of catching mits working on various combinations

4 rounds on the double ended bag. In this we do various combinations on every set, ducking and weaving this bag is great for defense and speed.

5 rounds on the heavy bag, In this we do different combinations on every set, always act of the bag being able to punch you back as if you are in a real fight. This workout will make you punch harder because of the resistance.

4 rounds on speed bad

and ending with 5 rounds of jump rope and also a variety of abb exercises.