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01-18-2009, 06:31 PM
Hey all. This is my first post here. I have been lifting for mass and size for a few years now. I have had great sucess and have been able to put on lots of size and pounds of muscle over the past two years.

I have a post workout meal question though...

My post workout "meal" has been like this for the past 2 years...

I live 30 minutes from my gym. I work the second shift at my job, so I lift about an hour after I get up, which is 8am. I usually get to the gym by 9am, workout according to my schedule, and then hop in my truck to get home. I take a pre-mixed and pre-packaged muscle milk with me every workout, and leave it in my truck. As soon as I jump in to go home, i drink it down.

After I get home, 30min later, I mix a 20g whey protein powder with 1 cup of 1% milk, along with two egg whites or 2 eggs worth of "Eggbeaters" egg whites, a bannana, 5g of creatine mono(that i drink down with 16oz of apple juice, and follow with water throughout the day), 2g of L-glut, and piece of bread with peanut butter on it.

my underlying question is. Is 30 minutes to late to achieve the best results with my meal? Is the muscle milk ok to hold me off until i get home? Would it benefit me more to have the bannana and the creatine and l-glut with the first shake, the moment i finish lifting? or will 30min later have the same effect?

I want to make sure I am not missing some sort of window. I had always heard that as long as you have your post lifting meal within 45min after the workout your golden, but lately I have been hearing immediately is the key.

Even though I am having decent results, I am thirsty for better nutrition lol.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



01-19-2009, 08:37 AM
It is fine.

01-19-2009, 05:25 PM
personally I like to get some high GI carbs in me right post workout, pretty sure the insulin spike has been shown to blunt the cortisol release that goes along with a workout (cortisol breaks down your muscles). Also insulin is an anabolic hormone (ie. promotes "building") so it will help take your body out the the catabolic (breaking down) state the weight training puts it in. That being said I think you are alright, a half an hour isn't too long, and you do get some muscle milk in ya right after the gym