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01-20-2009, 08:59 PM
Time for a life change

How’s it going everyone im new to this site just found it 2day after I was at my doctors talking about supplements. Iv never taken anything b4. I don’t know were to start so ill get right to it.

I’m 18 turning 19 in April

Iv always been a big guy peeking at 285 when I was about 15/16, but IV always been active and worked out and played sports. Iv played basketball all my life and IV been playing football for 5 years. In high school I played nose tackle and left guard I started both ways 2 out of 4 seasons. Last season I played midget ball and started LG/C, I was about 260-265. In our first playoff game I got high-lowed and tore my left MCL pretty bad (still waiting on MRI results to see if I have to have surgery) that was in November.

Over Christmas I went to physio and everything but still gained wait and couldn’t work out at all, around December 20th I went to the gym to do some slow bike to get my knee moving and I was up to 275, so I started to hit upper body workouts hard and start to hit the abs hard (something Iv never done) and I was Weeeek. It was the first time I touched weights sense b4 the football season in late July when I was peeked
40 yard dash was 5.7
Bench – 185x13
Squat – 415x 2’

So iv been going hard on my workouts trying to go 4-5 times a week from 6-9 and im back down to around 265, the knee is getting there I just started to ditch the crutches full time, Im still hurting after workouts cuz im hitting the bike hard for 15-25 mins every workout because I cant do anything else for cardio.

OK so that brings me to right now, MRI was last Friday so I should know results soon. Im getting my bench almost back to normal and I cant really do much but bies, tires, shoulders, chest, neck, and back. And the workouts I have for these aren’t really that good so if anyone can recommend some it would be much appreciated. I was talking to some people that play football for SFU/UBC and they recommended hydroxycut hardcore to help me burn the fat quicker. I talked to my doctor today and after going over all the ingredence and everything we decided to give it a try. So I went down to GNC and got a big bottle of it and some multi vitamins. I was planning on starting the cycle tomorrow, but I need a little bit more information on how to start takeing it. I don’t know if I should take one pill in the morning with breakfast and then one before I work out or if I should just wait until I workout and take it half hour b4 to see how I handle it. When should I up the dosage and how do I know if I can handle it, the recommended dose it 3 pills 2 times a day but it says to ease into it to see how you handle.

so anyone know anything about hydroxycut, any thing I should or shouldn’t do/eat/drink wut workouts can I do with my MCL injury to increase my cardio workout and burn off those pounds. My goal is to get down to 230-235 and then build muscle back up to 245-250. But I want to get the weight down to make the rehab easier for my knee and increase my speed and agility. And then when my speed and agility is were I want it ill get back up to weight for next season, were I still don’t know were im going to play so I have to try out and I want to impress the coaches.

01-21-2009, 05:04 PM
well i guese ither no one has read this yeat or no one knows about it...

today is day one i didnt take a pill thismorning cuz i didnt wana have my first one at work but after my dinner at 5 ill take one and then head to the gym at 6, today i guese is an experiment, 2maro ill take one with breakfast and one at 5:30. my friend hooked me up with some GNC Pro preformance whey iso burst for post workout insted of snacking its sposta be low fat low carbs so if anyone knows anything about it id like if u gave me some advice on wen to take it and wut to take it with and such, thxz

after my workout ill post results on if i felt any diffrent or any extra energy and what not

01-22-2009, 01:48 AM
just got back from tha gym, feel kinda weird, stomach is acting up a lil bit but i think thats due to takeing the hydroxycut on a empty stomach but its good. didnt really feel to much of a diffrence wen working out exspet at the end i packed on a extra set of abs

so my workout is

Bench Press
warm up bar x12

Sit Down Ancher Curls
40lb per 6x6

Stand Up Wide Grip Curls (both hands)
40lb 6x1
50 6x2
60 6x2
35 12x1

Dubble Hand Preacher Curls
50 6x1
75 6x3

Single Hand Preacher Curls
25 6x4

Tricep Pull downs

100 15x1
150 10x1
170 8-10x1

over head tricep pulls
75 15x1
100 10x2

Bike on medium level for 10 mins

Incline Bench Press
115 10x2
135 8x1

Decline Bench Press
115 12x1
135 10x2

35lbs each arm 15x1
45lbs each arm 10x4


Sit ups 1 min
crunches 1 min
Bicycle crunch 1 min
Side to side 1 min
leg raises 1 min

15lb Medicine ball on forhead sit ups x 12 then 12 x left and 12 x right sit ups

20x2 opposite elbow to opposite knee sit ups

01-23-2009, 07:38 PM
hmmm no reaplies, dont feel like wastin my time typin my workout so **** it i guese ill just post results 4 now...

Day Weight Post Workout Belly Loss Overall

Dec17th 278 57 ½

Jan 10th 268 55 ¼ 2 ½ 2 ½

Jan 22nd 262 52 ½ 2 ¾ 5 ½

3rd day takein hydroxi cut hardcore, fell some extra energy and wut not while working out, guna wait till monday to up to 2 pills 2 times daily

01-23-2009, 07:41 PM
just over a month youve shown fine progress, 25 lbs is very good. dont waste too much of your money on supplements though. the food you eat is thrice as important as the supplements you ingest

also, you need to change up your workout imo. but thats just me.

01-23-2009, 11:19 PM
thxz for tha advide man, im allways down to learn new workouts but i dont know were to figur out wut to do, im limited in wut i do right now bcuz of my knee 2, do u know ne place i can find a more compleet workout?