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01-28-2009, 08:48 PM
Hello all. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Luigi and am attempting to become a bona fide powerlifter. I know I know . . . "Join the Club!" right? Well, I come to you from a different perspective. Unlike a lot of the other logs here I am not very strong to begin with. In fact, for my weight (around 240ish) I'm extremely weak.

So I was hoping with so many experienced trainers here I could get some good advice for my training.

I have already been keeping a log at T-nation the past couple of weeks so I will post my training below.

Thank you again for anyone who takes the time to read this and help out.

01-28-2009, 08:52 PM
Before I go into my past training I would like to give you all my current goals. I would like to do my first meet in October of this year. But before I even think about competing I feel that I must get my raw numbers to a certain point. Currently I have the following PR's

Bench: 230
Deadlift: 385

My goals are as follows:
Squat: 405
Bench: 315
Deadlift: 450

As you can see I have a long way to go, and I'm not sure if I'll get there by October but it sure doesn't hurt trying.
I've also done my best in changing my training environment. I have gone from a Fitness type gym to a strength gym. I now lift in Colliseum Gym in Middle Village New York. It has every single apperatus I could think of (except a sled/prowler. Really wish they did!).

01-28-2009, 08:53 PM

Max Effort Bench Training
Bench press with 2 chains per side
205x1 (PR)
Flat Bench DB Press - 45x23 reps (PR)
One Arm Dumbell Rows
Face Pulls
Hammer Curls

I had gone to Defranco's training center the previous week to work on my bench form there. The above was basically the exact thing we did there except I added the chains. I gave 210 a whirl but stalled about 3-4 inches off my chest. Looks like I may have a sticking poing there because my Bench max attempts typically stall there too. So next week I'm working rack work.

I'm also going to make a concerted effort to prioritize speed work. I belive that if I can get more speed I can push that sticking poing up a few more inches. The DB presses were a little light because 23 reps is a bit high. I'll push those up too.

01-28-2009, 08:53 PM

Max Effort Squat
Saftey Bar Box Squat parallel box 225x1
Glute Ham Raises
Decline Situps
Band Situps using Glute Ham Raise

This is the first time I've used the Saftey Squat Bar and it kicked my ass. Now I will admit I haven't squatted in several weeks and my legs are a bit weak but I figured I would get more than 225. I'm definitely keeping these in the rotation. If these go up I can guaranty my free squat will go up as well.

01-28-2009, 08:55 PM

Speed Bench w/chains @110lbs
DB Bench Press 50lbsx20
Rolling Tricep Extensions
Fat Bar Pushdowns
One Arm Dumbell Rows
Hammer Curls

Not an exciting day. Didn't feel to fast on the speed bench. Benching alone is a pain in the ass. Not having a lift off its hard for me to maintain my tightness when pressing out of the rack. I'm also trying to figure out what bench style to use. I'm not flexible enough to do the Metal Militia style, and I don't feel like I get much of a leg drive with the Westside method. I'm trying to blend the two but I'm not happy with it.


Max Effort Bench
Reverse Band Bench Press (Purple band) - 300x1
DB Bench Press - x17 reps
DB Rows
Face Pulls

Ive never done the reverse band presses before and I like them a lot. I made a concentrated effort to explode out of the bottom on all my reps. The 300 went well off the chest, then slowed significantly 3-4 inches above the chest. Once I past this point, basically where my arms begin to flare out, the bar speed picked up again. So my sticking point is definitely that 4-5 inch area in the middle of the stroke. I'm not going to start extensive work on that sticking point just yet. I think I need to just get stronger all over first. Going to wait a few months then work any bad points.

I also think I may have found a bench setup that I like. As I've mentioned in earlier posts the westside method didn't give me enough leg drive, and I just can't arch likeh the metal militia guys do (nor stretch my legs out to the side that much either). So I played around with the set up until I reached a middle ground between the two. I managed to get a halfway decent arch and was able to utilize leg drive in my presses. So overall I am very pleased. Good session.


ME Squat/Deadlift

Deadlift 385x1 (PR 15lbs)
Full range squats
Glute Ham Raise
Roman Chair Situps
Nautilus Ab Machine
Grappler ab rainbows.


Dynamic Bench
Speed Bench 115x3, 125x3, 135x2
Pause bench press 175x3
DB Tricep Extensions

Decided to keep the volume down today. Since I went heavy with the reverse band just the other day my joints and shoulders were still a bit fried. The dynamic work was fast today and I attribute that to finally finding a bench position I like.

I hate training on Mondays. The gym was packed with every jobber in queens. I had the fortune to be benching right accross from the Guido crew today. Tight shirts, tatoos on the arms, and chains on the outside of the shirt. Now I'm from Italian lineage but I want to slap one of the *******s until they turn pale. Those boys worked heavy today. No warmup. Straight to 135. Then 185. Then 225. Then 275. Of course none of the reps ever made it all the way down to their chest and the spooter almost got a hernia but thats another thing all together.

****ing dumb!


PAY DAY (hey I know this is a training site, but were in a recession and I'm happy I'm still getting paid!)

ME Squat
Speed Box Squats - 185x3, 205x3, 225x3
Box Squat - 275x1, 315x1
Glute Ham Raises
Weighted 45 degree hypers
Medley of Band ab work

Felt real good today. All my speed lifts were hard and fast. I'm not following any set percentage as indicated in a lot of the writing. I think people get too caught up in this. I basically go by feel and if the bar is moving real fast I'll add some weight. I'll keep doing this until I don't feel fast anymore. Then I'll lower the weight.

I'm starting to feel stronger. I'm attributing this to the following 3 factors.

a. New Gym environment
b. Body finally adapting after the layoff
c. I'm getting fatter.

Allow me to explain.

The gym im now at has a lot of very strong people. And it has some very good powerlifters there. Just look up that Vlad dude who set the Squat WR, he trains at my gym. Even those who aren't powerlifters there go there to train. Lots of bodybuilders, and lots of guys just wanting to get strong. In fact I have hooked up with a few guys who are accomplished powerlifters that I will be training on the weekend with. Just being around all these strong people have made me better and have made me strive to get strong(er).

Secondly my body has finally started to get used to training again. Remember I was a fat lazy **** for a good period of time. And I'm no spring chicken anymore. It takes me a while to get used to anything.

And thirdly I'm getting pretty hefty. So much so that my father flat out called me fat. I know this is not a "good" thing, but me gaining weight means that I'm giving myself the calories I need to grow bigger and stronger. I'm just going to have to deal wth it a bit. I'm actually thinking of doing 45 mins of walking everytime I hit the gym. I'll have to think it over more though.

01-30-2009, 12:04 PM
No training today but I did weigh myself. I'm currently at 238, which is precisely where I want to be. Since my ultimate goal is to compete in thw 242's, I figured why not fill out the weight class. Now I will admit that this is mostly fat right now, but I have a plan . ..

I will monitor my weight on a weekly basis. I will begin slow rate cardio beginning tomorrow, with the hopes of reducing my bodyfat percentage (mostly my gut). If my weight drops below 238, I will cut the cardio. If my weight drive beyond 238 I will continue to perform cardio (the PL community calls this GPP).

I guess the point here is I am going to try to gain muscle, and lose fat, while keeping my bodyweight at 238. I know a lot of people will fight me on this, but I think it can be done. And if it can't well I guess we'll see soon won't we?

01-31-2009, 10:57 AM

ME Bench

Bench Press

Military Press

Chest Supported Rows
Face Pulls
Hammer Curls

Very happy with my session today. Finally got that 235 that I've been chasing for a month. Missed on it two other times before this. Again I'm attributing this to the set up. Although I can't get as big an arch this set up keeps me very solid. It also helps that I had someone who knew what they were doing giving me a lift off on my attempts.

So I was going to begin training with a very strong lifter in my gym. He has done several meets and has a best (and I'm estimating) 700+ squat, 450 bench, and at 650+ dead. I WAS going to be training with him until I found out the gym owner cancelled his membership. Its seems last week he accidently flipped the monolift into the mirror. The gym cancelled his membership because he refused to pay for the replacement. Now I'm not going to debate whether he should pay or not, that is his perogative. . .but I do believe that most gyms would give someone a pass if this was really an accident. I mean I put a hole in the wall and the owner told me not to worry about it. I could understand if he was habitually ruining things, but this was his first time. . . I don't know . . . just my opinion I guess.

What would you do?

02-01-2009, 09:39 AM

ME Squat
Buffalo Bar Box Squat w/Monolift
335x1 (PR)

Glute Ham Raise
(I may be weak but I'm consistent! HA)

Nautilus Ab Machine
Giant Pyramid Set

Never did the Buffalo Bar before so the PR is a cheap PR. However using the bar has the same feel as a straight bar so I guess the PR is pretty good. Considering the last time I tried a RAW Squat PR all I got was 315. If I'm hitting higher numbers with this bar then I'm guessing my Squat will be higher. It was also nice using the monolift. There is a lifter at my gym whom I've partnered up with in a way. We both seem to be there at the same time and we're both doing a westside template. So we spot each other and help run the mono lift. It was weird at first though using the mono. I wasn't used to unracking the weight and just sitting back into the squat. I got used to it eventually. Overall . . .good session.

02-01-2009, 11:30 AM
For someone who claims to be "weak", you're monsterously strong; I'd love to have your lifts.


02-01-2009, 12:41 PM
For someone who claims to be "weak", you're monsterously strong; I'd love to have your lifts.


Thank you. I never had anyone consider anything I have lifted as beastly before. It is a honor in which I shall never forget!!

haha seriously I am not as strong as I should be. I'm working at it. Trust me, keep at it and you'll hit my numbers and much more in no time.

02-04-2009, 07:58 PM

30 minutes treadmill. Weight Loss level 4 (PR)

Speed Bench 9x3@135
DB Bench Press 3x8@60 (PR)
EZ Curl Tricep Extensions
Front/Side/Back Lateral Medley
Bar with rotating handles curl

Not too much today. Just in, work, and out.

02-07-2009, 10:31 AM

Reverse Band Bench w/purple band


DB Bench Press
65x8x3 (PR)


I didn't wake up well today. I guess I actually overslept because I got about 10 hours yesterday. Still a bit groggy, but managed to PR in two lifts today. So I'm happy.

02-07-2009, 11:22 AM
wow ive got to agree with guitar90, you are far from weak. seriously nice lifts

02-07-2009, 11:16 PM
wow ive got to agree with guitar90, you are far from week. seriously nice lifts

Thank you for the compliment!

02-08-2009, 07:41 PM

Giant Cambered Bar Box Squat
315x1 (PR)

Worked up to 360x1


So I basically maxed out on two movements today, so the supplemental work was left out. For some reason I feel it in my hamstrings more with the GCB. Legs are fried. Good stuff.

02-14-2009, 01:10 PM

Bench Press

DB Bench Press -70x8x2, 70x6
Hammer Strength Press
Tricep Pushdowns

Day one on the wendler 5/3/1. I know I have been following a strict westside protocol lately, but I feel that my top end numbers are starting to stagnate. I think I've hit the peak for the amount of muscle I have. So I'm going to use the 5/3/1 to grow my strength base. Then I'll transition back to a westside approach.

The weight today was purposely low. I haven't done rep work in a while and I wanted to give myself a chance to get useed to doing

02-16-2009, 03:15 PM
2/15/09 training (yesterday)

215x8 (PR)

Olypic Squats

Prowler Sprint
30ish yards low handles
30ish yards high handles

Squat session went very well. The power squat x5's were good. I'm not used to doing reps anymore so the weight was a little tough towards the end. I think they will be better next week. It's good to have my training partners because they threw cues at me to help me throughout the lift. For example my left knee kept coming in after the third and fourth rep. I'm going to have to make a consious effort to remember that point.

The olypic squats almost made me puke. The weight wasn't heavy at all, but the reps almost killed me. Today everything on me is sore. My hamstrings, my glutes, my quads, and my calves all sore as hell.

So I had no intention of pushing a prowler on squat day. But my partner asked if I wanted to, and I never had before, and I said what the hell. Three major things I learned from this experience.

a. I'm really out of shape.
b. I should eat something prior to training, specially if I'm going to push a prowler. I wanted to faint.
c. I really can't do this on squat day. I wanted to throw up.

I think I'm going to get myself one one of these and keep it in the car. On my non leg days, and maybe an off day I'll bring it out and get in shape.

02-18-2009, 08:45 PM

Military Press

10 minutes recumbent bike
10 minutes treadmill

02-22-2009, 08:00 PM

Deadlifts 250x5, 270x5, 285x7 (PR)
Bench Press 160x3, 170x3, 180x8 (PR)
Bench Press 135x10,x10, x7

Crazy weekend. I was out of town and I could only train one day so I tried to get both days in. I decided to just do the minimal work and get out. Still hit two PR's so I'm happy.

02-22-2009, 08:22 PM
Good work in here!!

02-25-2009, 08:52 PM
Good work in here!!

Thank You!

02-25-2009, 08:52 PM

Squats - 205x3, 220x3, 230x5(PR)
Olympic Squats - 140x10x2, 140x8
GHR- BWx4x2, BWx3
Ab Wheel -2x12
Nautilus Machine - 2 sets whatever pin it was on when I got there.

Didn't feel too strong today, but that it typical of me on the weekdays. I have much more energy on the weekends. So I'm happy with the PR. The first two sets felt explosive, which I am very happy about. However the inside of my right knee seems to be a little tender. I think that is from the higher reps and going wide. I didn't have my training partners today, but from what I remember him saying last squat session was that I was about two inches too deep. I think the over deepness (phrase?) is causing some sheering on my knees. I'll have to address that somehow.

And I still suck at GHR's!


02-26-2009, 08:48 PM

Military Press -110x3, 115x3, 120x7(PR Rep)
Military Press - 95x10, 95x6
Pulldowns - 3 sets

If I were to rank my lifts it would be in this order

Military Press

But the Military would be nowhere near the other three. It is abysmal. I not sure if it lack of shoulder strength, or tricep strength, or what. Whatever it is I hope this 5/3/1 helps.

I also need to order some new wrist straps. The ones I have aren't long enough. A belt would be nice too.

02-28-2009, 01:07 PM

Deadlift 275x3, 285x3, 305x8(PR)
GHR 1x3,1x2,1x1 (awful)

BenchPress- 150x5, 170x3, 190x5 (PR)
BenchPress - 135x10x3

Another crazy weekend so I had to shove two training sessions into one. PR'd in both so I'm happy. I'm stoked about the 305x8/ First 6 reps were pretty easy. I paused at the bottom for the last two, just so I could muster up the energy.

03-04-2009, 02:24 PM

Do you still want to go to this meet this weekend?

Also, Elitefts has free shipping until tomorrow morning. Get yourself a dam belt!

03-04-2009, 09:04 PM

Do you still want to go to this meet this weekend?

Also, Elitefts has free shipping until tomorrow morning. Get yourself a dam belt!

Can you Fing believe that I may have to work again this weekend. I just found out today that its 90% that we all have to go in for another system migration. I'll let you know by Friday.

And yeah yeah yeah, I know a belt. I'll see if I can swing one.

03-04-2009, 09:04 PM

Squat 200x5, 220x3, 240x5 (PR)
Good Morning- 135x8, 135x5
GHR -BWx4, BWx2, BWx1 = Total 7
Leg Curl - 100x8x3
Ab Wheel- 1 very long set until almost failure
Lying Ab Medley
Roman Chair Situp - 2x10

As you can see I did a whole bunch of **** today. Usually I do my Squat 5/3/1, then 3-5 sets of 10. But that sounded real boring today so I skimped on the 3-5x10. I needed some lower back work so I did good mornings. The bar I used sucked ass as the middle part was smooth as hell and kept slipping off my back. So I got annoyed and stopped. Again my GHR suck but I got one more than last time so I'm content with that. Don't ask why I did leg curls, I just felt like I should. Then a bunch of ab crap and that is.

Two things I feel like I must get a grip on is my conditioning and my moblity/flexibility. I suck at both, so I'm going to have to research some stuff.

I hate training during the week. Feel tired. Real tired.

03-05-2009, 06:22 AM
Can you Fing believe that I may have to work again this weekend. I just found out today that its 90% that we all have to go in for another system migration. I'll let you know by Friday.

And yeah yeah yeah, I know a belt. I'll see if I can swing one.

I have three pairs of knee wraps that I got from Coliseum, 20 bucks a pair. Get the belt.

03-08-2009, 08:33 AM
3/0709 training
Military press 100x5, 110x3, 125x5
Military Press- 95x8x3, 95x8
DB Tri Extensions
Face Pulls
Hammer Curls

Stil suck at the military presses. I know these will be the first of the four lifts to crap out on me. I think I'm going to move the main accessory lift to DB Presses. I may have an inbalance. I wanted to do pulldowns but some dude bogarted the machine for like half an hour. So they're skipped til next time

03-08-2009, 08:41 AM
3/0709 training
Military press 100x5, 110x3, 125x5
Military Press- 95x8x3, 95x8
DB Tri Extensions
Face Pulls
Hammer Curls

Stil suck at the military presses. I know these will be the first of the four lifts to crap out on me. I think I'm going to move the main accessory lift to DB Presses. I may have an inbalance. I wanted to do pulldowns but some dude bogarted the machine for like half an hour. So they're skipped til next time

03-11-2009, 08:40 PM

Deadlift - 250x5,280x3, 320x5(PR)
45 degree back raises- BWx10x2
Roman Chair Situp - 3x10

So I have completed my first wave of the 5.3.1. These are the PR's attained.

Bench Press

240x3 & 240x5

130x3 & 130x5

320x3 & 320x5

Today I got in the book Starting Strength. I have a cousin who is 16 who wants to start training with me. Since he's a typical teenager, and basically a spaz, I thought the best way to start him off with my with the Starting Strength progression. Then, after he got stronger, and stopped progressing he'd move onto a standard 5x5. Eventually when that stalls (and it always does) then it's onto WSFSB. After that he's on his own because he'll be 22 and a grown ass man by then.

Me? I'm onto wave two of the Wendler 5.3.1. I'm going to just keep going until October when I will do my first meet. My only concern will be about 12 weeks out when I start working with gear. Since I don't have gear, I'm going to have to get some and then get used to it. I know its going to take at least the 12 weeks. I just dont know how I'm going to incorporate my 5.3.1 programming and my gear work.

This powerlifting **** can get a little confusing can't it?

03-12-2009, 07:02 AM
We can talk about how to add in the gear when you are ready.

03-13-2009, 07:18 AM
nice work luigi, keep it up

03-15-2009, 06:47 PM
nice work luigi, keep it up

Thank you!


Bench Press - 160x5, 170x5, 180x8(PR)
DB Bench - 55x3x10

Another crazy weekend where I was out of town. I knew I couldn't train yesterday, but I got home too late today to do two sessions at once. So I decided just to do the Bench work. Something a little bit different today was for every set of bench I did (including warmups) I did a set of 10 on the pulldown. I read someone doing this with their athletes on Elite and I thought it was a good idea. So I got about 6 sets in on that.

I've noticed that life, in general, doesn't allow you to keep to a schedule real well. I haven't been able to lift on my scheduled days for the past month. I like how flexible this 5.3.1. thing is. I think anyone who plans out specific days to do specific lifts (Ie monday=bench, tuesday=squat, etc) is just making life difficult on themselves. Nobody can stick to that kind of schedule, and if they can, it won't be for long.

03-17-2009, 08:33 PM

Squat - 190x5,210x4,225x8(PR)
GHR - BWx4,BWx3,BWx2 Total=9
Roman Chair Situp - BWx8x3
Incline situp - 2 sets til whatever.

Not much to say today. GHR still suck, but again one more than last time . . .so whoooopieeeee.

No IPOD today and I had to listen to people around me. Some dude with a ponytail and a slovakian accent was doing sets of 8 with 315. I guess that's impressive. However he looks up at the record board and starts saying to some other oaf that he can easily break the records on the board. Now sven wants to do a meet. I wanted to go over there and slap him silly. #1. Doing 3 sets of 8 with 315 doesn't mean you can squat 600. All it means is you can squat 315 eight times. Now don't get me wrong. I'll bet he can get 405, but 600? Not a chance.

Whatever, just ranting. . .

03-23-2009, 07:43 AM
03/22/09 training.

Deadlift - 260x5, 275x5, 295x8
GHR - BWx2, BWx1, BWx1 = total 4 = SUCK!!!
Romanian Chair Situps - BWx12x3
20 minutes treadmill walk level 4.

Later on that night.
1 mile walk at the track.

Not sure why I had zero hamstring strength. Whatever. I'm taking this as an off day. Back at it tonight.

03-23-2009, 09:21 AM
03/22/09 training.

Not sure why I had zero hamstring strength. Whatever. I'm taking this as an off day. Back at it tonight.

Jack Daniels > hammies

Nice pulls yesterday though.

03-23-2009, 10:30 AM
Jack Daniels > hammies

Nice pulls yesterday though.

Yeah I figure that was the problem. Although my GHR seems to suck big time on my deadlift days. go figure.

I felt good on the pulls, thank you. I blasted through the first 5. I'm happy as all hell because a year ago I couln't get 300 for a single.

03-25-2009, 08:12 PM

Bench Press 175x3,185x3,190x6 (PR)

5 min walk warmup
1 min run
14 min walk level 2

Volume 1, Chapter 20 the great Wendler hath written "I aint doing **** today" and it was good.

03-29-2009, 08:07 PM
3.28.09 training

Squat - 210x3, 225x3, 245x3 (PR)
45 degree back extensions- BWx10x3
Roman Chair Situps - BWx15x3

03-30-2009, 06:30 AM
You coming in this weekend?

03-30-2009, 10:04 AM
I'll be there saturday. Found out last night I have to go to Philly again sunday morning.

04-02-2009, 08:28 PM

Deadlift 275x3, 295x3, 315x3, 365x1, 405x1(PR)
Press- 115x3, 120x3, 125x3

I know I wasn't supposed to pull for singles today, but I did anyway. I so felt it when I got into the gym. I'm so un****ingbelieavably stoked about this pr. I've been gunning for 405 for a long time. I'm going to be stoked for 3 days over this.

04-03-2009, 06:07 AM

Deadlift 275x3, 295x3, 315x3, 365x1, 405x1(PR)
Press- 115x3, 120x3, 125x3

I know I wasn't supposed to pull for singles today, but I did anyway. I so felt it when I got into the gym. I'm so un****ingbelieavably stoked about this pr. I've been gunning for 405 for a long time. I'm going to be stoked for 3 days over this.


Unfortunately I dont think I will be in tomorrow. I may have to go in either tonight or sometime later in the day on Saturday.

04-04-2009, 12:37 PM

Unfortunately I dont think I will be in tomorrow. I may have to go in either tonight or sometime later in the day on Saturday.

I didn't see this until now. If I did I may have been able to meet you last night. I'll have to check this more often.

04-04-2009, 01:01 PM

Bench- 160x5,180x3,200x3
Neutral grip pullups - 6 sets - 7 total reps (ugly)
Power Clean technique work

I've been reading a lot of starting strength recently. He expounds on the benefits of the power clean a lot in the book. So I figure, why not? I'll start power cleans on my upper body days. Even if its once a week I think it will be beneficial. And even if I keep it light and for high reps I should get some good conditioning/cardio work out of it.

04-05-2009, 05:04 PM
Squats -195x5, 225x3, 250x3 (PR)
Incline Situps- Bunch of sets, bunch of reps

04-11-2009, 12:37 PM

Squat 215x5, 225x2, 240x8 (PR)
Bench Press 160x5, 170x5, 185x8 (PR)
Pendlay Rows - 135x5x3
Power Cleans - 135x1x5

Started Wave 3 of the 5/3/1 and here are my current PRS




Military Press

04-18-2009, 05:01 PM

Squat- 225x3,240x3,255x5 (PR)
Bench Press - 175x3, 185x3, 195x6(PR)
Power Cleans - 145x1,145x1,145x1

Due to an insane work schedule recently I decided to start afresh this week. However I'm working this slightly different. I'm going to incorporate Rippetoes Practical Programing and the Wendler 5.3.1. together.

What I'm going to do is follow the whole body routine outlined in practical programming and starting strength, but follow the percentages from the 5.3.1.

Week one
Saturday - Squat, Bench, Power Cleans (5 rep)
Monday - Deadlifts,Military, BB Row (5 rep)
Wednesday - Squat, Bench, Power Clean (3 rep)

Week two
Saturday - Dead, Military, BB row (3 Rep)
Monday - Squat, Bench, PC - (5.3.1)
Wednesday - Dead, Military, BB Row (5.3.1)

I know you purists out there will crucify me for this but I have my reasons. They are as follows -

a. The SS and Practical programing protocols are for beginners who can easily make progress day to day and add weight at the same time. I am not at that level anymore. If I tried to add even 5 lbs every time I trained I'd kill myself. And my hips would be destroyed from squatting each time.

b. The 5.3.1. is good, but its for a level that I'm not at yet. This protocol focuses on the one lift for that day, instead of multiple lifts for a whole body effect. Also, following the 3 day protocol you can sometimes go 10 days between completing a certain lift, which to me is a little too far apart. This is good for higher intermediary to advanced lifter.

For me, I believe I'm somewhere in the middle. I'm too advanced to add weight to a full body training day, and going a month without fully adding weight isn't enough for me to make progress. Here i complete the 5.3.1 in two weeks. I can add a recovery week if needed.

In my opinion a progression of programming can and should look somewhat like this. The stimulus to move to the next level would be when you can not add weight to the bar any longer. That is the impetus to move to the next level.

From beginner to advanced to elite

Starting Strength
Madcow Intermediary 5x5
Wendler 5.3.1
Madcow Advanced Dual Factor
Westside or Sheiko

I personally think that you can move up and down from this list. In my opinion I believe that you can only train for one type of training at a time. For example right now I'm building my strength base. My training partner is training for absolute strength (one rep max strength). But I believe that one type of strength builds off each other. If, for example your max lifts stagnate, you may have to back off and do rep work for a while. If you rep work stalls, you may have to work on your absolute strength. I believe moving from one to another once you stall will help greatly. I think this is the beauty of the Westside program. It incorporates both at one time. However, you should already have a good base strength for Westide. I don't think and intermediate will get anything from it. I didn't.

I hope this made sense, it did to me. Whatever, lets see how it goes.

04-20-2009, 07:43 PM
4/20/09 Training

Deadlift 285x3, 300x3, 320x4
Press 115x3, 125x3, 130x3

I hurt my shoulder squatting on Sunday and its still killing me. So I decided not to push it on the last set of the press. I'm going to take two days off for school work. Hopefully the shoulder will feel better by Thursday.

04-23-2009, 11:38 AM

40 minutes elyptical machine - Kept heart rate at around 140

This, by far, is one of the most boring things ever. . .

So I joined this cheap gym by my house just to do my "GPP" work. The only reason I joined was because my regular gym is 30 minutes away and I didn't want to have to drive so far just to do cardio work. So for 20 bucks a month, and the relative closeness, I joined this place. I am not going to divulge the name because I am embarrassed. I'm just going to say this . . . It's adorned in purple and yellow, it comes with unlimited tanning, and its a judgement free zone. . .

04-26-2009, 07:15 PM

Squat 215x5, 240x3, 265x5(PR)
Bench 160x5, 185x3, 205x3(PR)

Afternoon . . .

Softball Double Header
0-5, reached on base twice, once on error, once on fielders choice.

Shoulder finally started to feel better. Although I still have some residual pain its not as bad as it was a week ago. Happy about the PR's. I could have possibly gotten another rep or two on the Bench but because of the shoulder and not having any spotters I decided to just take the 3 rep.

Softball/GPP was awful. I couldn't hit for ****. I grounded out to the third baseman 4 times. I think I'm too far forward in the box and, due to the arc of the pitch, my normally level swing is forced upwards. Thus putting me in a bad swinging position. I'm going to try to hit the cage this week to get it worked out. I have my company softball team game on Thursday to test some stuff out.

04-27-2009, 08:44 PM

Deadlift - 275x5, 310x3, 345x3 (PR)

Not a good day today.

a. Couldn't find my chucks. So I had to lift in my sneakers. Hated it. Felt like I was pulling on a mattress. Probably lost about 3-4 reps this way.

b. Gym was full of jobbers today. Normally I would pull in front of one of the squat racks. Not one inch of room available. So I had to pull at the deadlift platform and use the KG bumperplates. It took me half an hour to determine which colored plates to use. Not fun.

c. Shoulder is absolutely killing me, so no Presses tonight. Pain starts at the shoulder, goes down my bicep into my elbow, then travels through my forearm into my wrist. I'm going to have to take my work weight and pull back some until this thing heals itself.

d. Think I'm getting sick. I may not be. Who knows. I think all this talk about the swine flu has gotten my body all nervous. Worst part is that I live in the part of queens where 20 kids got sick AND I'm taking a trip to mexico in June. I have half my family, friends, and coworkers telling me not to go. Too bad the trip is paid for already. This sucks.

e Bumper plates, even though they are covered in rubber still hurt as hell when you drop one on your foot.

f. Bumper plates bounce, a lot. Lesson learned the hard way.

So, yes a PR but everything else sucked.

04-28-2009, 09:27 AM
d. Think I'm getting sick. I may not be. Who knows. I think all this talk about the swine flu has gotten my body all nervous. Worst part is that I live in the part of queens where 20 kids got sick AND I'm taking a trip to mexico in June. I have half my family, friends, and coworkers telling me not to go. Too bad the trip is paid for already. This sucks.

Congrats on the PR! As for being sick, I felt the same way, and realized that it's just allergies acting up with the heat wave and trees all blooming.

04-28-2009, 09:44 AM
Congrats on the PR! As for being sick, I felt the same way, and realized that it's just allergies acting up with the heat wave and trees all blooming.

Thank you. I'm a little bit pissed off I couldn't get more. I know I can. Stupid sneakers + kilograms + weight being dropped on my toe!!

I'm starting to think so too. Plus I spent about 15 hours in the sun over the weekend and I think it had an affect on me.

05-01-2009, 08:35 AM

GPP Softball
1-1 double
3 innings pitched - 5 runs

This is my work team that I captain, so I have to give everyone a chance to play. I was happy with the at bat. The pitch was low but I got the bat on it and drove one over third base. Easy double.

05-01-2009, 10:58 AM

Squat - 185x5, 210x5, 240x5

Ok so today not so good. I was all set to do my squat and bench today. However that was cut short when I looked down and noticed I have a gigantic hole in my shorts. So, not wanting my willy to be in full view of everyone, I decided to cut it short.

05-25-2009, 07:09 PM

Squats - 195x5x3
Bench - 135x5x3
Pendlay Rows - 135x5x3

After a month off due to shoulder pain I am finally pain free and back in the gym. I tried going back a week and a half ago but I felt a twinge and didn't want to hurt it again so I gave it another week off. I'm happy to say that I am pain free and feeling good. I decided to come back on a rippetoe 3x5 program and move on from there. Today I basically worked up in weight until the weight started to feel a bit heavy. Then I did sets of three across. The 195 on the squats wasn't heavy at all, but I wanted to play it safe. Needless to say I'm still going to be sore tomorrow. In the next several months I plan on the following progression.

Rippetoe 3x5
Rippetoe 5x5 intermediate program
Madcow2 5x5 single factor program
Pre contest - Madcow2 5x5 dual factor program
Post Contest- Wendler 5.3.1.

I'm still hoping to do a meet in september/october. This little injury set me back a bit, but I think I'll get my strength back in a few weeks. One of the things I'm going to make sure I do is take a week deload every 5 weeks. No matter what. I think taking scheduled deloads would have stopped this injury from happening.

05-28-2009, 08:59 PM

Squat - 205x5x3
Overhead Press - 105x5x3
Deadlift - 130kg x5, 230kgx5 or for the Americans - 155x5, 265x5 ( I could be wrong here. I probably am)

1 hour later
30 minutes recumbent bike
Some Tricep Work

Feeling good today. Nothing too heavy. Although I don't see me staying on the Rippetoe program more than 3 weeks. Then I'm gonna jump on the intermediate program for while. I had 15 minutes to kill while my girlfriend was on the treadmill so I did some tricep stuff. Mostly cable work. Tate said to work the tris. So I worked the tris. Probably not the best idea but I figured it wouldn't kill me.

06-01-2009, 02:53 PM
05/31/2009 Softball

Game One - Loss 14-0 - 0-2. Pop fly to the pitcher. Groundout to third.
Game two - Loss 16-1 - 0-2 - Two groundouts to third.
After game - 3 games of beer pong 2 wins 1 loss
Today - Hangover

As you can see, softball sucked.

I buried one of my best friends last week and I may have imbibed a little too much on the sauce because of it. This situation also put going to the gym out of my mind as all I've wanted to do is sit home and sulk. So this weekend I took off because I was depressed.

I'm in a bit of a situation because in three weeks I'm off to mexico. So I don't want to start any programs yet. I may do three weeks of the madcow2 intermediary, take a deload, then start up again. I know I need a deload every 4th week. I'm going to do this religiously. I don't care what anyone says.

My training week will be as follows.

Today- Off - Hangover
Tuesday - GPP
Wednesday - Squat/Bench/Clean - Ramp up sets to get used to the weights again. Nothing crazy
Thursday - Softball
Friday - GPP
Saturday- Day one of the Madcow2 intermediate program
Sunday - GPP

06-02-2009, 06:12 AM
Sorry to hear about your best friend.

07-02-2009, 12:22 PM

Bench Press - Worked up to 195x3
DB Bench Press
DB Row
Rear Delt Flye
DB Shrug
BB Curl

Box Squat - Worked up to 320x1
Calf Raise
Sit Ups

Guess who's back!!!!!!!

07-02-2009, 01:21 PM
Welcome back Luigi! Whats your schedule like on teh weekends?

07-02-2009, 02:34 PM
Thank you sir. I am glad to be back.

This weekend I am unfortunately away, however. . . . I will be in on most Saturdays and Sundays!

I've now, basically, tried every single major training program. From 5x5, to Westside, to a BB program. All of them work, however most of them bored the **** out of me. And thusly, I stopped training. So I thought about it for a while. Which of the above programs were most fun for me. And I can undoubtedly state its the Westside program. So I'm on that again. I like pushing myself to the max twice a week. I've substituted DE days for a repetition style day as I feel I need more mass. I'll have everything here on my log. It should work. . . If not, try again.

07-07-2009, 02:11 PM

Bench Press - 135x5x3
DB Bench Press
DB Row
Rear Delt Flyes
DB Shrug
BB Curl

07-11-2009, 01:04 PM
DB Bench
DB Rows
Rear Delt Flyes
DB Shrugs
BB Curls
Sled Dragging - 5x80 yardss (40 each way)

07-14-2009, 10:41 AM
No training yesterday. Got engaged. Drank 2 22 oz MGD's in celebration.

07-14-2009, 03:59 PM
Congratulations! Only 2 22's!?

07-15-2009, 10:41 AM
Congratulations! Only 2 22's!?

Thank you sir. Yes only 2. It was still a work night so I had to keep myself in check. I'm not really sure what I signed myself up for, but I guess it can't be that bad.

07-15-2009, 10:47 AM
So no training again yesterday. My parents ended up making/buying a feast for my girlfriend, i mean fiance. Seafood platter for an appetizer, and pasta with scallops. Good ****. I'm hoping I can get to the gym tonight, but her brother has called us for tonight. If he doesn't want to celebrate I'm hitting upper body tonight.

Now that I'm engaged I think I'm going to shift my priorities a little. I still want to get as strong as possible, and do a meet eventually, but I want to lose this horrendous gut I have. I want to buy myself a slick Armani suit for the wedding and would like to look fit in it. So a diet here I come. More cardio too. and lots and lots of GPP work. Can't wait.

07-29-2009, 08:07 PM
Bench Press 145x3,155x3,165x8
Incline DB Press
Rear Delt Flyes
Preacher DB Curls.

I really like the Wendler and Rhodes logs on Elite. I don't really pay attention to their actual training though. I enjoy the rest of the banter. So in tribute to their logs, here are three hots chicks posing. Enjoy. (BTW I'm spaztic with computers, so you'll just have to ****ing click on the link. Deal with it)


Oh and by the way. . . this whole wedding thing can get pretty hectic. So guys, if you plan on going through with it, be prepared to fight over everything. Because basically its whatever she wants. There is no compromise. I don't care how many times she say it. NO COMPROMISE.

08-04-2009, 12:22 PM
Everybody (if anyone is reading this) is probably wondering where my lower body (squat and deadlift) work is. Well, the reason I haven't posted is because I haven't really done any weight training for it. What I have been doing is BW work getting everything primed. I do sets of free hand squats, wall squats, and lunges. I'm going to do this for a few more weeks until my legs are nice and ready. Then I'm jumping back into squats. I will start deadlifting again this week though as I feel my lower back isn't getting enough work.

08-06-2009, 10:17 AM
08/05/09 training

Deadlifts - Worked up to 365x1
Glute Ham Raise - BWx1 GOD AWFUL
Leg Extensions
Calf Raises
Negative Chins 3 sets of 2

Worked deads for the first time in forever. I'm glad my strength didn't dissapate too much from my PR of 405. I'm going to use this number as my starting point in the 5/3/1. My glute ham raise absolutely blows so I'm going to work those a couple days a week now. And I'm doing negatives on chins to help get my back strength up.

I'm going to try to follow this schedule. Of course it is subject to change as my daily priorities change with the wind.

Saturdays - Squat Day - 5/3/1 protocol - Strongman GPP work
Sundays - Bench/Uppper Body - 5/3/1 - Strongman GPP work
Mondays - GPP/Cardio/Nothing depending how my body feels
Tuesdays - Nothing
Wednesdays - Deadlift - 5/3/1
Thursdays - Bench - Deciding if I should do a second 5/3/1 or a repetition style ala defranco. I'm figuring I'll try 2 days of 5/3/1 for a bit. If it is too much, I'll switch it up.
Friday -GPP/Cardio/Nothing depending how my body feels

08-06-2009, 11:50 AM
Oh, and another thing worth mentioning. In relation to deadlifts, my experience has been that doing multiple reps can be bad. The reason I say this is when you start to get tired, your form goes to ****. When your form goes to ****, you are going to get hurt. So when I do the 5.3.1, I'm going to only do 5, 3, and 1 on the last rep. No, as many as you can, on the last set. I know this is counter intuitive to what the plan says, but I know I'll get hurt if I do it the right way.

08-08-2009, 12:19 PM
8/8/09 training

Bench -140x5,150x5,160x9
Alternating Incline Press
Shoulder Shocker
DB Preacher Curls

Sprints = 6x40ish yards

08-09-2009, 01:51 PM
8/9/09 Training

Squat- 170x5,180x5,190x9 (PR)
Leg Extensions
Calf Raises
Reverse (negatives) Chin

4 sprints 40ish yards

After the sprints, booooooom, car behind me blasts my car from behind. No damage, but I wanted the accident report anyway. SOOOOOO 3 hours later and here I am. I had to miss my last softball game of the season. Abosolutely sucks ass. . . .

08-11-2009, 06:57 PM

Sprints - 40ish yards x7

****ing brutally hot out!

Although I warmed up sufficiently using 3 or defranco's elite 8, my right quad is a little tender. I'll have to stretch it some the next day or so.

08-12-2009, 02:32 PM
Knees today are very achy. I'm thinking this is my joints and tendons versions of being sore. I hope this doesn't continue.

08-12-2009, 07:53 PM
8/12/09 Training

Bench Press - 145x3, 155x3, 165x9 (PR)

No energy today, so I ended this after the PR. Plus my ipod didn't work and if I would have listened to those meatheads another minute longer I would have killed myself.

08-13-2009, 08:46 PM
Deadlift - 240x5,255x5,270x5
Leg Extensions
Reverse Chins
Keg Carry -50lbs 35-40 yards & 100lbs 35-40 yards

I want to throw up.

08-14-2009, 07:19 PM
8/14/09 training

Active Recovery/GPP - 20 minutes treadmill 3.3 mph

Nothing crazy. Just wanted to keep the body moving.

I've been thinking about setting up days throughout the year where I test my overall strength, speed, and body composition. They would be set to take place at the end of every calendar quarter end. So the first test day would be the week of September 30th. I figure this would give me 11-12 weeks between test weeks for training. And since the modified Wendler 5/3/1 is a 4 week cycle, I would have 3 cycles between test days.

For the strength portion I would use the three powerlifting lifts as indicators. I would test my one rep max on the squat, bench, and deadlift. I would go into these days as if it was a sanctioned meet. 3 attempts at each. The best lift is my current max.

For the speed portion I will utilize the NFL combine tests for speed and agility. Not sure which ones they are but I'll figure it out.

Lastly, for body composition. I will have my BF% taken, weight, and body part measurements.

I learned about indicators recently, and I believe these test weeks will help me keep an accurate track of my progression.

08-15-2009, 11:40 AM
8/15/09 Training

Bench - 135x5 ,155x3, 170x8
Incline Alternating DB Press
DB Row
DB Clean
DB Preacher Curl

Speed Training
General warmup
Ground Based Mobility Drills
5 10 yard sprints

I ended up pulling a muscle in my right quad. Not really injured but it made me stop.

I don't think its best I do this speed training alone. I need a professional. I'm going to call Defranco's.

08-16-2009, 03:43 PM
8/16/09 training

Squat - 180x3,190x3,205x8
Stiff Deadlifts
Leg extensions
Reverse Chins

08-19-2009, 07:59 PM

Bench Deload (weights were so low it's not worth posting)
DB Press
DB Row
DB Cleans
DB Preacher Curl
Farmers walks - 90lbs 25ish yardsx4

08-22-2009, 02:52 PM
8/22/2009 - Squat Training at Defrancos

Jump Rope
Foam Roll
Back Lunges
Side Lunges

Box Squat - worked up to 295x2 (PR), also set a PR working up with 225x3
One leg squats, back foot elevated
Kettlebell Swings
Grappler Rainbows.

Ok . . .here's what went down. Worked with John Impalomeni the "Jersey Jackall". He's an accomplished powerlifter, and knows his ****.

a. Taught me a new grip when squatting that really helped me keep my upper back tight. I wrapped my thumb and pinky under the bar, and the remaining 3 fingers over the bar. Try it. I'm serious!
b. Gave me mobility work (see above) that he said would really help me open up my groin, lower back and hamstrings. Also highly recommended foam rolling.
c. GHR -It's official, the GHR at my gym is a peice of ****. I can't do one on that stupid ****ing thing. I banged out 4 on the first set with the Elite version. So, I'm cutting the GHR out of my non-defranco training. I knew that red POS sucked!!! It almost killed me the other week too.
d. We talked conditioning too. He detailed that I should do something each time out to the gym. The KB swings were more for conditioning than anything else. The prowler would be the best, but even dragging a sled with one plate on it around the block a few times would be good too. And he said that for sprints, tempos would be the best. So, if my hamstrings are up to it, I'll start tomorrow.

So, that's it. Joe D's place. I'll be going there every other week. Kick ass

08-23-2009, 07:33 AM
Hamstrings in pain I never felt before. Sprints will be out today. Tomorrow instead.

08-23-2009, 10:14 AM
8/23/2009 Training.

Bench Press 140x5,150x5,160x12 (PR)
DB Bench Press
DB Rows
Negative Chins (felt a twinge in my neck so I stopped)
DB Cleans
DB Preacher Curls.

I am happy with the 160x12. The last 5 day I did this weight for 9 reps. So getting 3 more reps a couple weeks later is pretty good.

08-27-2009, 07:56 PM

Bench Press - 150x3, 160x3, 170x9 (PR)
DB Bench Press

Absolutely no energy today. This PR was based on pure will and determination. Everything felt heavy today.
I got one more rep with 170 than I did the last time, so I'm kinda happy.

08-29-2009, 01:29 PM

Squat - 170x5,195x3,205x5
One leg squat back foot elevated - AKA Speed Skater Squats, Bulgarian Split Squat, One leg lunges with a foot on a ****ing bench
Band good mornings
Grappler Rainbows.

There is going to be a strongman competition on October 10th at my gym. I was thinking of signing up for the amateur division. I'm not sure if I have the strength for it. I'll think it over.

08-30-2009, 06:45 PM

Bench Press - 140x5,160x3,175x10(PR)
DB Press
DB Rows
Face Pulls
DB Hammer Curls

As you can see, I like using DB's. I think the direct DB work is starting to add into my strength gains, because I've hit yet another PR today.

09-09-2009, 07:23 PM

Deadlift - 190x5, 200x5, 215x5

I wanted to go back and build up my deadlift. Since I've been a lazy **** and haven't done them. So I went REAL light. Its ok. A step back for a step forward.

02-06-2010, 05:02 PM
Oh the joys of returning to the log. It's been so long. . .

For those of you who followed my exploits here (and there were extremely few of you. Hi Eric) you may have noticed that I have not posted in a while. The reason for that is that I didn't train. Just stopped. Life situations and laziness that bordered on cataclysmic set in and I didn't get to the gym. I'm about to rectify that.

As you can imagine I've gotten myself woefully out of shape and I couldn't squat myself out of a wet paper bag. So I've decided to rededicate myself to the cause. Get myself strong as hell and for the first time in kick as shape.

Since I ballooned myself to a pathetic and weak 249 by 12/31 I needed to go on a diet. So I joined weight watchers. That right. I said weight watchers. Hey call me a pussy all you want but that program stresses portion control. And that, my friends, is exactly what my fat ass needed. I'll worry about carb loading, and protein intake, and all that other advanced **** when I get myself to about 15% body fat. Until then I'll keep it simple. So In about 6 weeks I've gone down to 241. Not too bad.

Onto my training. Since I was incredibly un-conditioned to lift, and generally unfit overall, I couldn't go balls out into a full training program. At my age (30 now) it would be foolish and suicidal. So I used january just to condition my body (joints mostly) and my mind to train again. I lifted (squats mostly) 2 times a week, and hit the treadmill twice a week as well. I didn't even keep track of what I did. It didn't matter. I just wanted to get the body ready to train. Consider it the training prequel.

I also decided to keep myself accountable. So I took about 4 hours a week and a half ago and set up my training days from the other day all the way to the end of september. All my training was laid out. Weight lifting, cardio, conditioning, off days, etc. Was set on a day by day basis. I know it's not feasible for me to stick to this exactly, however I figure if I can stay close to 85-90% I'm golden.

So to start my real training I'm going with Mark Rippetoes Starting Strength protocol. I know it's a beginner strength training regimen but I truly feel that it will quickly get me back to the strength level's I had months ago. After 4-6 weeks I will change it up. I'll ensure that I keep the readers (who are dying to know!) what my plans are as they approach.

So, without further adieu, here is my last week's training

Tuesday February 2nd
40 mins treadmill walk
Wednesday February 3rd - Off
Thursday February 4th
Squat - 155x5x3
Bench - 135x5x3
Deadlift - Worked up to 185x5
Friday February 4th - off
Saturday February 5th - Treadmill 45 minutes

02-07-2010, 01:31 PM
Sunday February 7th - Starting Strength Session 2
Squat - 160x5x3
Press - 85x5x3
BB Rows - 95x5x3

02-07-2010, 03:09 PM
Welcome back!

02-08-2010, 05:59 AM
Welcome back!

Thank you sir. It feels good to be back.

02-11-2010, 02:53 PM
Sooooo training . . . .

02/08 - Scheduled off day. No training
02/09 - Worked late - Missed training
02/10 - Snow day. Worked all day then shoveled snow for hours. Missed Traning.
02/11 - Tonight will be Aerobic Conditioning which is a fancy term for walking on the treadmill for an hour. Not going to post what I do exactly because, really, I'll be walking on a treadmill for an hour.

02-15-2010, 11:43 AM

40 minutes moderate/intense walk on treadmill. . . boring

02-17-2010, 06:54 PM
Training this week so far.

02/16/2010 - Off day
02/17/2010 - 40 minutes treadmill - Aerobic/Physical Conditioning - Basically I warm up, then I set the treadmill up to 3.3 mph. Then I ramp up the treadmill 1 degree every minute until I hit 10 levels. Then I drop it down to 0 and walk the rest of the way. Again, I know this sounds extremely pussy, but the point here is to get my lungs, heart, and body ready for the training ahead. And try this one time. My ****ing Achilles tendons, calves, and hamstrings burn like a mother.

Baby steps . . .

Man thank god nobody reads this. Just read the last 3 posts, and god is it boring. Please feel free to read about the latest guy to do the 5.3.1. It's gotta be a lot better than this ****.

02-21-2010, 02:55 PM
Weekend training

Friday 2/19/2010- Scheduled off day
Saturday 02/20/2010- 35 minutes aerobic conditioning. 2 sets DB complexes.
Sunday - 02/21/2010- 15 minute recovery walk on treadmill. Lower back and ab work.

02-27-2010, 06:59 AM
Training this week.

Monday - Scheduled off day
Tuesday - Worked late - unscheduled off day
Wednesday - Worked late - unscheduled off day
Thursday - Snow - Sucks balls
Friday - more snow - more sucking balls

The weather has completely ****ed me. It just keeps snowing. I cant get my car out (the low profs would kill me) and therefore haven't been able to get to my gym. I am able to get to the fitness club where I do my cardio, so I'll just do that. They have DB's (no BB's) so maybe I'll work those intoday in lieu of what I would have done. I dunno. This sucks.

02-27-2010, 09:17 AM
02/27/2010 training

So I couldn't get to my gym because I can't get my car out of the snow. I'll probably will tomorrow. So today I decided to do the best I could at the crap gym I go to do my cardio at with my fiance. Figuring today was going to by my repetition upper day I decided to make do with what I had. . .

DB Presses - Did a set of 8 with every set of dumbells in the house. I started at 5's and worked up to 60's. Not surprisingly this became difficult towards the end
Lat Pulldowns
DB Shrugs
Face pulls.

Whatever, it worked out. . . I'll be sore tomorrow.

03-08-2010, 08:17 PM
03/08/2010 training - Max effort lower body
Box Squat - 135x3,135x3,185x3,205x3,225x1,245x1,275x1,315x0
Split Squat
45 degree hyper extensions

Missed the 315 by just a little bit. I may have gotten it on my own, but I'm not sure. My spotter touched me a few inches off the box. So its a not a lift. I'll get it eventually. I'm happy I got to 275.

03-09-2010, 07:03 PM
03/09/10 training
Bench Press - 135x8,145x6,155x8
Flat DB Press max reps -25x25, 25x12
Cable Pushdowns
DB Shrug + DB Lateral Raise
BB Complex - 2x

My new man crush right now is Joe Defranco. As I am writing this I am sporting the black Defranco's T-shirt. Everything about what he's doing is spot on, and the training I'm doing is based off his stuff. I know this will work.

Oh, and the complexes are killer. I couldn't even add weight. I couldn't even finish both sets!! Completely burned me out.

I feel like **** right now. But it's a good thing. It will make me stronger, both physically and mentally.

03-13-2010, 09:32 AM
03/13/2010 Training -make up for missing thursday's training

DB Jump Squats with 10lb dbs - 4x6
Box Squats - 200x8 (PR), 215x6(PR), and 225x4(PR)
Superset: 45 degree back raise (3x15) + Medicine Ball Twists (3x20)
One mile run - 14:20 (PR)

Never did reps on Box Squats before so all the PR's are cheap PR's. But now I have something to shoot for.
The one mile run is also a PR because I never did it before. Now I know the time absolutely blows. If I remember from my high school gym classes 12 minutes is the time I should be at or better. However usually when you try to hit a PR in the one mile it isn't after hitting 3 PR's in the squat. Needless to say my legs were fried. Lesson learned here is I need to stretch the low back and hips prior to the run. Next week I try to break this. I think I can get it under 14 mins.

I also saw something absolutely wonderful today. As I was finishing up I saw an actual "Crew" on the mono training. Ok, so it was two guys and two ladies, and their form sucked, but more than 3 people at a mono is a crew.IAnd they were decked out in the proper power lifting garb (all had chucks, one guy westside shirt, and chalk everywhere)I think the power lifters (maybe the weaker ones at first) are making a comeback to Coliseum. I wanna give those strongman guys a run for their money. . .

03-14-2010, 02:51 PM
03/14/2010 training.

1.Chins- 2 total - Awful*

2a Front pulldowns x max reps
2b DB Military press x max reps

3a Rolling Triceps extensions 4x10
3b Hammer Curls 4x10

Core Circuit x 2*
a. Toe Touches - x30, x15
b. Bicycles - x20, x 8
c. Side Planks - x30 seconds, x 15 seconds

Barbell Push ups* - Total 20 reps

Chins - Awful. Since I can only do one (1) chin up, my goal today was to do my rep max (1) + 50% in as many sets as possible. This is 1 1/2 reps. I did 2 in two sets. Again, awful.

Core Circuit - This was very difficult for my underdeveloped abs. I know with time this will get better, so I'm not too discouraged.

BB Push ups - The program calls for me to time how long it takes to do 100 push-ups. Since my wrist injury doesn't allow me to do push-ups I opted for the BB version instead. Much less stressful on the wrist. And since I'm highly out of shape I'm not going to get anywhere near 100 of them. So I managed to get 20 in three sets. Next time I'll try to break this. Eventually I'll get to 100 reps. Baby steps.

03-16-2010, 09:05 PM
03/16/2010 training

Bench Press* - 140x7,150x5,160x9
Flat DB Press
Seated Overhand Cable Rows
Cable Tri-pushdowns
DB Shrugs + DB Lateral Raises
BB Complex*

The bench is feeling good. I'm hitting my rep goals for today on the last set (today was 3), and getting much more. I'm definitely a shoulder presser because I definitely feel it there. I'm positive my form is awful, but I don't have anyone telling me otherwise so I don't have the cues.

The gassers at the end of the workouts are killing me. I was able to finish a whole set today, however had to cut the second short because I had nothing left. I was supposed to do three, but that wasn't possible. But this is ok. The point of these things are to help condition me, so if I go until I'm totally gassed it did it's job. Next week I try to get them all.

03-17-2010, 06:16 PM
03/17/2010 training

30 minutes exercise bike - BPM around 110

Nothing crazy. Just wanted to keep my body in motion.

Living in NY one of the things I remembered vividly growing up are gays in the St. Pats parade. I always wondered why, of all the parades that happen in NYC (and there is one like every ****ing weekend) did they choose this one. And they are adamant about being in this parade. I just don't get it. I mean if I was going to parade I'd want my own. Why the **** not? Every other ethnicity gets one, why not the gays? And I'll tell you right now I'd totally go too. What? **** you if you don't think that won't be entertaining. It will be a lot better than the regular boring parades that come down 5th avenue on a weekly basis. I'm all for them doing what they want, but I don't get why they just don't get there own. . . just saying. . .

03-19-2010, 10:36 AM
03/19/2010 training

1. Jump squats with 15lbs dbs
2.Box Squat * - 205x7 (PR), 220x5(PR), 235x3(PR)
3a. 45 degree back extension
3b. Seated MB Twists
4.One Mile Run* - 13:01 (PR)

Box Squat - These all felt easy today. I could have easily did 5-6 more reps with the 235
One Mile Run - Hardest part of the day. but I pushed on and persevered. PR by 1:19!!!

03-19-2010, 12:24 PM
03/19/2010 training

1. Jump squats with 15lbs dbs
2.Box Squat * - 205x7 (PR), 220x5(PR), 235x3(PR)
3a. 45 degree back extension
3b. Seated MB Twists
4.One Mile Run* - 13:01 (PR)

Box Squat - These all felt easy today. I could have easily did 5-6 more reps with the 235
One Mile Run - Hardest part of the day. but I pushed on and persevered. PR by 1:19!!!

You wanna race? You have no shot if there is food involved at the end.

03-21-2010, 05:47 PM
03/20/2010 training - Yesterday training

1.Chins* - I don't want to even mention it
2a. Rolling tri extensions - 5x8
2b. Hammer Curls - 5x5
3a. Wide grip pulldowns - max reps x 2
3b. DB Military press - max reps x 2
BB Pushups - DND

Chins - I am pathetic. I am obviously not strong enough to do conventional chins so I'm changing these to band assisted until I'm strong enough to do them on my own.
BB Pushups - Had to train at a foreign gym where they don't have a rack. Couldn't do these.

03-24-2010, 08:53 PM
03/24/2010 training - make up for missing yesterday

1.Bench Press- 145x6,155x4,165x10(PR*)
2. Incline DB press 2xmax reps
3a. DB Row 4x10
3b. Rope Pushdown
4a. BB Shrug with 2 second hold
4b. Incline rear delt flye
5. Barbell Complex* - BB x10x2 (PR)

Bench Press- I'm not sure if the 165x10 is a PR or not. Lost me old PR spreadsheet. So its a PR with a *.
BB Complex - WOOT got two complete sets in. I'm so happy. Was gassed but I got it. Still not anywhere near the 4 sets I was supposed to do today, but a PR is a PR.

So I read one of Dave Tates e-books - I think memoirs of a hungry, horny, something or other. The book is really entertaining. It is also very thought provoking (in a training sense of course). Two major things I learned was a. Do what you suck at ,and b) do what you have to do. . . They are simple concepts yet make the most sense of anything I've ever read. If you only do the things you are good at you can never get strong. And if you don't go to the gym and do the things you need to do you won't get strong . . . simple . . .

03-25-2010, 10:34 AM
Feel like complete ass today. I'm sore. I have no energy. I didn't sleep right. I know these are signs of overtraining but I just do not believe that is the answer. I'm supposed to squat tonight but I don't see how that will be possible. But again I go back to one of my two driving points . . .Do what you have to do . . so I'm gonna suck it up and get er done. . . .

more later. . .still feel like **** though.

03-25-2010, 11:29 AM
Feel like complete ass today. I'm sore. I have no energy. I didn't sleep right. I know these are signs of overtraining but I just do not believe that is the answer. I'm supposed to squat tonight but I don't see how that will be possible. But again I go back to one of my two driving points . . .Do what you have to do . . so I'm gonna suck it up and get er done. . . .

more later. . .still feel like **** though.

Whiskey can have that affect Luigi. LOL.

Try and get on the treadmill/ eliptical / whatever to warm up before hand. It should help.

03-25-2010, 02:39 PM
Whiskey can have that affect Luigi. LOL.

Try and get on the treadmill/ eliptical / whatever to warm up before hand. It should help.

For once I can say it wasn't Jack Daniels that did this to me. I actually feel better now. I didn't eat any solid meals when I wrote the above(2 shakes). I'm well fed now so I'm good to go. Gotta get my mile under 13 minutes!!!

No, there isn't food at the end of this!! lol

03-29-2010, 09:01 PM
Weekend training

03/27/2010 Saturday
1. Box Squat - 215x6(PR), 225x4(PR), 250x2(PR) *
2. Bulgarian Split Squat Jump*
3a. Stability Ball Hamstring Curl*
3b. Weighted Spread Eagle Sit Up
4. One Mile Run - 11:41 (PR)*

1. Box Squats felt great . 3 PR's. The 250 wasn't a problem at all.
2. Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps - These feel like they sound. Real difficult. Made me real sore, and in weird places.
3. Stability Ball Hamstring Curls - If you think these are ghey, or pussyish, I dare you to try it. . . go ahead. . . .
4. One mile Run - WOOOO HOOOO under 12 mins . . . love it.

03/28/2010 Sunday
Foam roll*
30 minute Circuit training*

a. Foam roll- Did this for about 20 minutes. Felt great. Have some serious tender area on the outside of my thighs (IT band?), and around my knees where the muscles connect. ****ing hurt like hell for 3-4 minutes at a time, but feel ****ing awesome afterward. I "trained" at our other gym. My fiance was embarrassed that I was carrying that thing around. You should see the looks I got. **** em. . .******s. . .

b. 30 minute circuit- This "gym" has a 30 minute circuit . I didn't want to do any conventional cardio because my legs felt like ****. So I decided maybe flushing some blood into the muscles would feel better. Actually helped a lot.

03/29/2010 training (Today)

Band assisted Chins (light band) - BWx2*
Front Lat Pulldowns Neutral Grip x max reps x 2
Standing DB Military Press x max reps x 2
One arm cable rear delt flyes 4x10
"Run the Rack" curls x8
Core Circuitx2*
Barbell Pushups - BWx15,x8x6 - Total=29(PR)*

1. Chins - I suck. Even with the band I suck.
2. Core Circuit- Holy **** do I have no core strength. These were ****ing tough.
3. BB Push ups - Got a PR today but over all still suck
- Felt like I was going to throw up after all this. I am definitely spent, which is a good thing.

Things I learned:
a. My conditioning still sucks.
b. My relative strength (core, chins) are woeful.

So, two days of rest. . .then back to the grind.

04-01-2010, 05:24 AM
04/01/2010 Morning Training

30 minutes elliptical machine- heart beat around 125 bpm

Boring. Did what I had to do . . .

04-08-2010, 02:42 PM
Decided to start fresh and start a new log. Please see it in my signature block.