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02-02-2009, 08:27 PM
I started a log on another site... and it's honestly one of the better decisions I've made so far. I've gotten some good advice, and tracking all my workouts has helped me with measuring progress.

Also, for some reason, I find I'm trying harder just because I know I'm going to log it later that night. It might sound ghey or whatever... but it helps... so I'm going to keep doing it, and hopefully some good stuff will come from posting it on here as well.

My best competition lifts so far are a 700 pound squat, 396 bench, and a 575 pull.

I tried to post a link to my squat, but I'm not allowed to yet.

I'm training for a meet in May where I want to go 650-425-600 single ply OR 800-500- 600ish double ply. Since I have no double ply gear... it might be a little hard.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read through this, and always feel free to let me know your thoughts and opinions.

02-02-2009, 08:29 PM
Monday - upper stuff

Push press - should still bugging me, so I'm just trying to train the movement. I'm trying to break into strongman this summer, and my overhead is way way behind. I did these with bumpers.
40 kgx3x2

floor press off of pin 3
385x3 PR
395x3 PR

had to do some marketing work, so I took off,,, went back to the gym parking lot afterwards to do my assistance... but decided against it.

02-03-2009, 11:11 PM
Tuesday - lower
I was going to start pushing my triple on the back squat again... but I'm still not feeling it quite yet. What I'm doing right now is good though, so I'm not too worried.

455x1 - this was embarrassingly kinda hard

conventional pulls off a bumper plate
495x2 stopped there, my plan to train my deadlift is to never ever go to failure.

worked up to 315, wasn't feeling these today

rack pulls
I already had 3 plates on the 4th pin in the rack, so instead of moving the bar down, I just stood on 2 bumper plates. This put it about knee height.
585x3 this could be a PR... I'm not sure, never really kept track.

back squat
20 reps with 225 - this wasn't too bad, and I'll be trying to rep out with either 245 or 275 next, eventually trying to work up to 315 for 20.

Going to start posting vids along with these whenever I get to 10 posts... before that you aren't allowed to post a link.

02-05-2009, 10:49 PM
Wednesday - upper

Push press - this really aggravated my left shoulder
135x ? x 2sets
-shoulder felt pretty trashed

Pin press - medium height
worked up to 375x2 PR
everything hurt like crazy, had a friend who's an MT take a look, she just said I'm tight all over etc etc.

Thursday - lower body
fronts squats
felt trashed, hips and knees all beat up, definately not recovered. Left... got a coffee... but then got kinda pissed at myself.
If you've ever watched "The Secret" then you'll know what I'm talking about, but I was walking around the mall, and saw a girl I hadn't seen in 5 years or so, but I was thinking about her the other day. I realized I had beat myself before I ever got in the gym today... then I headed back upstairs.

Front squats
365xf stapled
had to take everything off the bar... started all over agian, I was losing the bar forward and couldn't recover... so I focused on that and worked back up.
405xf stapled.... just didn't have it in the tank today. hit 390 last week.

Hack squats
worked up to 3 plates for 8 reps, liked these, never done them before.

Hung around and shot the **** with some guys for a while, took off and ate a double whopper on my drive home.

Weight is closing in on 240, I'm usually 235 and up when I wake up... up from 230 usually in the morning.

02-06-2009, 10:32 PM
Went in today after work, just wanted to do a bodybuilder kind of workout for a pump... not really what happened. Started stretching a lot and started working on my bench set up, in the past I always kept my feet flat, but I'm starting to compete in feds where they don't care about that, so I'm working the new form, straining really hard to get my arch an inch higher.... that can be a lot of extra pounds in a bench.

barx a lot
135xa bunchx a few
265x1 - at this point, nothing was hurting at all... things felt real smooth, so I knew I was going to try something.
335x1 - pretty easy, PR... mostly cause I would just stop at 315 and put my shirt on
345xf - stalled 3/4 of the way up, lowered it a little wonky and it threw everything off

I'll get 345 real soon, and I'm sure I've got another 20lbs in me, especially if my elbows keep not hurting... I'm going to keep laying off benching though, and if I do it, I'll stay light and keep working the new set up.

side laterals
15lbs x15x3
rear machine laterals
3 sets
2 sets

Happy about today, staying away from barbell benching has helped my elbows a lot, this is the first time they've felt ok in what feels like a couple years.

02-12-2009, 09:35 PM
Got pretty sick for a while there... took some time off that I was overdue for... I'm happy I didn't lose any weight. Scale at the gym says I'm right at 240... even after lying in bed for 5 days.

went in and did what anyone would do if they took almost a week off...

Bench- still stretching a lot, hips and lower back, and pushing my form a lot, straining to get an extra inch or two out of my set up.
stopped there... last one felt sort of hard... and didn't want to push it too much

225x5 - i was surprised that the 135 gassed me that much

side laterals
machine shrugs
machine flyes
bicep curls - I'm going to stop hammer curling... I think this is what's been hurting my elbows...

I'm happy I managed to take some time off... feeling kinda drained and think it might take me a couple days to get back into the swing of things.

02-14-2009, 03:06 PM
Saturday events

All in all a pretty solid day, tired as hell and my neck is killing me... but had a lot of fun today.

135 for a few sets to warm up with
185 for 1 or two sets of 3.... these felt really good... good leg drive
205 for 3 still feeling good
225 x3... 2nd one wasn't great... lost a lot of my leg drive when it got heavy...might have tried a 2nd set... but not sure
245 for an ugly as hell single.... lost all form here... but I still matched my best log... I'll break this soon.

Farmers - went well... I still suck at the actual walking part... but my grip is doing alright.
200 for 80
250 for 80
300 for 30 ... then took it for 2 trips of 20 feet or so... that's really good for me and I'm happy. Strained the back of my neck pretty good and had a really brutal headache from it... even my face hurt... all in good fun. I took 300 for 10ish feet last time... so this is finally coming along.

Stones - kinda **** the bed here... Shane was throwing around the 320 like it was nothing... so I tried to grab it.... I like to try this as there doesn't seem to be a warm up stone at comps... it didn't budge and I knew it would be a rough day.
255 to low?
290 x3 to medium-ish platform
320xfx2 held onto it for a while... but just didn't have it in me to roll it up my chest to get it on the platform... not real discouraged.

timed hold
270 for 39 seconds.... happy with this... strained my neck all over again... but everyone was struggling with grip at the end, pretty gassed so i think it was fine.

Good event day, great atmosphere, lots of joking around but still scary intense when we had to be. About to have a nap... then take the gf out for vday.

02-16-2009, 05:09 AM
Monday - upper

family day today, so the gym opens late and closes early, so I can't get in there at all... so instead ...

band push ups - band looped around shoulders
100 total... this was pretty hard

band front raises
band hammer curls
pull aparts

Nothing too serious... but at least I did something

Traps, upper back and shoulders are just mangled from events on saturday

02-18-2009, 07:24 PM
Feb 17th lower

headed into the gym feeling like crap, stretched my groin out... then started to feel really good.

sumo relearning
475x3... this wasn't too too hard, and I think right around my best sumo pulling ever... I did notice I'm not locking them out very well.

conventional off a fat plate
405x1 warm up
495x3 couldn't get the 4th rep... stalled at the knees. Pretty annoyed at myself actually... I'm not supposed to miss reps on pulls... but whatever. Felt like taking a nap after this... but pushed through it

box squats... working on hip muscles... fairly light

rack pulls off 2nd pin
315x3 - this was waay too hard, and I knew this would be rough.
585xf... I felt pretty ghey for a bit, then realized the other time I pulled 585 from the rack it was off pin 3... it's still homo as hell that I can't do it... but I did a lot of work before this so I wasn't too mad.

Video of the session : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjZ95...e=channel_page

Feb 18th
push press - just using this as a warm up, and training the movement... feels better every time I do it.
185x3 - good leg drive

295x5... wanted 6 but couldn't quite get it.

3 board
335 - screwed up set... misses the first rep, hit the 2d rep, missed the 3rd... haven't done boards in a while and I was all over the place.
335x3 felt fine

no board

Sat around with my mouth hanging open for a good 15 minutes... spaced right out... wanted to do assistance... but when I start creeping random gym people out with the dumb look on my face i figure it's a good time to call it a day. Brutal headache again, every time I strain at anything, my traps or whatever get all cramped up and my head wants to blow up.

Weight today was 241... I'd like to congratulate myself on officially being a fatass now... this was done while neglecting my diet for almost 2 weeks... I think I even ate salad the other day... whenever something like that happens I just feel ashamed.

Gonna switch things up next week training wise, want to hit a 400 front squat to finish this week off.

02-19-2009, 08:23 PM
Thursday lower

not feeling the best prior to this workout... I've been trying to avoid stimulants pre training lately... but I think it's time to hit up some ephedra again. I've been away from it for a while now, so I should get a nice little kick.

Front squats
405xstapled... lost my grove and pretty much collapsed
405xf... lost my groove again... but got pissed in the hole... i was really close to getting out of the hole... i was real deep... but the whole rep was a **** show.
I knew i was gassing at this point... and I knew I wasn't going to be front squating real heavy for a bit... so...

reverse band front squat
405x1x2 - had blue minis attached... i have no idea as to their strength or whatever... I didn't feel like they helped a whole lot... but they helped me get outta the hole... then i locked it out on my own... camera died on the first set... so I had to do a second.

back squat
was going to take off here... but then this guy came over and started chatting... he's got a pile of badass tatoo's and his training has been going really well the last few weeks... his arms are up an inch to 18 inches, and he's looking good. The thing about this guy is, he lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident in 2007. He was telling me and another guy about it, and joking how he was getting hot nurses to give him sponge baths at the hospital and **** like that. Then he says he's going to get his bike back on the road this summer... it's his love and passion... the only thing that's changing is that his daughters aren't riding on it with him anymore... he told us how he's also already paid for his funeral, and wants everyone to have a big party... Seriously cool dude, and such a nice guy.

After hearing him tell his story about slamming into a car at 100km/hr.... I sorta got my **** together... you don't listen to someting like that and say to yourself "I'll take it easy tonite, and maybe try harder next time"

back squat

taught myself how to breathe again for a good 10 minutes... this was actually kinda easy, i never had to take more than 3 breaths to get a rep even in the high teens.

I got some videos of the training, and I'll put them together tomorrow night probably.

02-20-2009, 06:37 PM
friday - ghey stuff
nothing serious today as it's shaping up to be a pretty big weekend.

225x16,18,16 - moved my grip out a little after the first set... I'm thinking i might have been good for 20 if I would have had a wider grip right off the bat.

barbell curls
these hurt my forearms like crazy and then I remember why i stopped doing them

reverse curls

hammer curls - drop sets
started with 40's went down to 20's.. no idea of reps

got invited to Montreal for a big training session, it's looking like it's going to happen, but I let it get a little last minute... either way it should be a pretty fun time.

02-22-2009, 12:07 PM

headed down to Montreal Barbell to train with the Metal Milittia guys, I love going here as Ross Saldan is a very sincere guy who just loves the sport and would literally give you the shirt off his back.

warmed up with a whole buncha bands... adding a mini each set... at 3 minis the bar was shaky as hell, and at 4, it was really tough. made straight weight feel pretty light actually.

315x1 ... this wasn't fast or anything... but was one of the smoothest reps I've ever done with 315... the bar they have is great... and the extra wide benches make the press so much more stable than the benches at my home gym.
shirt on - custom made double denim that Ross gave me
315- no touch but real close... the whole relaxing shoulders thing really works.
365x1... i think I touched.. but can't really remember
405x1 - this is sorta a PR
455xf... i think it might have been close... but after this point it was sorta a blur... my right wrist was starting to get messed up pretty good, and I let my wrist handcuff a couple times... this trashed my forearms... good bye flat bench for a week or so...
405x bunch.. all missed... still good to work the form and learn the shirt

started to warm up with overhead 1 arm presses, but then we had to move stuff around to do stones, and I sorta forgot about them.

250x a couple
mystery stonexf... then my buddy put it up with no training... so I had to get serious.. I almost put it up twice after that.
we used no tacky, and I don't know if it's worth it to take some time and do stones without tacky to learn... or just keep practicing regularily... I can say for sure I suck without tacky.

rolling thunder
got up to 3 plates, couldn't get 4 to go...ghey

The bench shirt seriously marked up my shoulders and armpits... my triceps right above the eblows have some pretty deep bruising... nothing too serious... my gf got some nice pictures...

I feel a little cheated... you hear guys saying all the time how every guy who benches big in double ply is all shirt... but I only matched my single ply PR... and didn't do any real damage at all... I even lost a bet to my buddy who beat me wearing a beat up titan fury with a run... wtf?

first strongman show is at the end of April... I'm not going to say I'm getting nervous... I generally try to have fun with all this... none of us make any money doing this and we do it because we want to... but after getting flat out embarassed at my first comp... well... this isn't fun at this point, this is why i sit around at night with ice packs on my knees and elbows, it's why i haven't gone out drinking on a friday night in 6 months, it's why i can barely get out of bed on sundays and I feel like a truck hit me all week week at work... I'm feeling the pressure and I want to win.

If winning means coming first great... if it means doing my best and someone beating me good for them, they're going to really deserve it

It's 6 or 7 weeks away... and it's just about time to start tailoring my training specifically for the show... I'm going to have to learn to run with the farmers, one motion the stones, and rep out with the overhead... it's hard to know what the tire is going to be like... but with a little math I'm sure I can figure out how many flips it will take to get it down a 75ft course... the car deadlift is going to be another tricky one... but I think rep outs with the 300 farmers a hand should do the trick

02-23-2009, 11:36 PM
Bad day training

- rough day, not getting into it on the internet, but I was basically having a meltdown and so angry I wanted to shake babies.


Squat worked up to:
580x2 - straps down on my good suit, pretty big PR for me, and I'm track for 600x3 straps down... if I hit that, I figure I'm good for something pretty big at the meet in May

45 degree back raises

And then all was right in the world. Missed Terminator tonite cause I went out for a rye after the gym with a buddy. Got a pretty good video that I'll post up tomorrow I'm hoping... I'm getting behind on posting these.

02-24-2009, 11:31 AM

These were both high.. but I'm not really going for ipf depth these days... 2nd rep sorta sucked, but I managed to bring it back.

02-24-2009, 11:40 AM
wow, some crazy strong stuff in here dude

02-25-2009, 10:55 AM
Tuesday - recovery
elbows are still a mess. I see now I've never actually had elbow pain, but bicep pain.... I thought they were the same thing... but now, I that the actual hinge joint, or ball and socket or whatever, is sore to touch, I realize what the deal is. JM presses also make 10x more sense to me.

100 band press downs

bench to neck, feet straight out
4x25 @135 - this was pretty tough

side laterals

went and ate a teen burger combo AND a sirloin burger combo at A&W.. I went from 241 to 230-232 in 2 days or letting myself slip up a bit... so I've gotta put that **** back on... I've been getting pictures, and want to chronicle my journey back.

02-28-2009, 04:43 PM
Wed - lower

Sumo relearning
worked up to 495x2

conventional barefoot
495x3 - was pretty gassed from the sumo's as this is a pretty piss poor performance outta me

445x3 - sumo
445x3 - sum
445x3- conventional

then warmed up my squat quickly
back squat
275x20 - laid on the floor trying not to have a heart attack... probably a good 5-10 mins before I could comfortably breathe again... still pretty good, and didn't have to take more than 3 breaths to get a rep... except for the last one where I was a little worried I might black out... good times.

Got come coaching on my pulling form by my buddy Sam Dube'. Sams literally been all over the place in this game, he's on the board for the Fortisimuss coming up, used to train and coach Hugo Girard... I actually wear his old belt and never knew... has credentials coming out of his butt, it's pretty ridiculous as I've known him from more than a year, and only just found out about the Hugo thing, just sorta mentioned to me about the belt too... friggin guy.

The jist of his coaching is that my pulling form has gone downhill... I sometimes take sams coaching advice with a grain of salt as he wants to always keep us healthy... but I agree I've been rounding ******edly... got a few good tips on fixing it... I'll see how it comes along.

Got my weight back up to 241 as I left the gym... happy about this. Would really like to get to 250 for the end of April.

02-28-2009, 04:44 PM
Thursday - pressing stuff

Warmed up my arch for a while, rolling around on the ball, stretching out my hips... Didn't really help.. my new setup feels about the exact same as my old one...

275x4 - ghey
this was basically a waste of time... elbows are mangled... but I got some work in and they should be fine pretty soon.

band press downs
like 8-10 sets of 25 reps

band upright rows
band pull aparts
side laterals
chest fly

02-28-2009, 04:44 PM
Saturday events

135 for a few sets
185 for a buncha sets - forms coming along
205 for a triple... kinda ghey, let the log roll down my chest a little... if this happens on heavier weights I'm sorta screwed.

Chain yoke
315 for 80 ft
405 for 80 ft
495 for 60ish feet... went down too many times and couldn't get it moving again
585 for 20ish feet
635 for 8 feet or so - the last few were just a nightmare... getting pretty heavy, and the weights just threw you around... I'm happy I did it as the actual walking part is really hard for me... but it's coming along.

warmed up
3 stone runs of 255, 270 and 290 just to get into the rhythm of it
did the first one in around 25 secs and the second one in 19 and change.

washed up
farmers holds with 340 a hand for 30 seconds... this was pretty hard and my left shoulder is pretty banged up now

All in all a pretty fun day, got a lot done and had some good times.

03-02-2009, 10:20 PM
Monday - upper stuff

Warmed up my arch a lot which consisted of rolling on the swiss ball, and then rolling on a smaller plyo bar on the actual bench for a while.

worked up to 275x3 - I knew at this point my elbow was still trashed and didn't want to really push it.

Dumbell bench
one set of 100's for 6 reps - this didn't work either.

very light x a whole bunch

lat pulldowns
5 sets x 15 reps or so

side laterals
20'sx 3 sets 20 reps

Had Dr Sam Dube take a look at my arm tonite... he thinks I pinched a nerve and recomended time and ice... so the usual stuff. At this point I'm putting flat bench into my axis of evil.. as well as most extensions, and very heavy back work... they all go directly into my axis of evil. Also hammer curls... these aggravate my bicep right by the elbow too much... thought I forgot about you? but I didn't. well what do u think of them apples hammer curls?

On a side note... I think not being able to really push it on upper body stuff is driving me a little crazy. I really love the feeling of making progress and getting better... when I'm just going through the motions at the gym I just don't feel right. I know I have to do it so I can get healthy faster... but I still just feel like a dweeb.

So time off... ice... advil... all the good stuff and I should be ready to rock and roll fairly soon.

03-03-2009, 11:04 PM
Tuesday - lower body lunchbox workout

Worked up to a 440 raw squat - wanted to get to 500 in a belt just to make sure I could... but knees were killing me, didn't get a whole lotta sleep.. little dehydrated... please pay no attention to this... I'm mostly putting it in for my personal feedback...

Then I don't know if it was my 180 pound training partner squatting 20 pounds over the RUM record in his weight class... or a seriously hot blond that came in... but I got my **** together. Joints were trashed... so I decided to put my gear on and wrap up whatever was hurting.

Also... when my partner went for 35 pounds over the record he bailed in the hole before I could even grab him and almost dumped 545 on my leg... the knurling only marked me up a bit... could have been a lot worse.

405x1 in bottoms and belt
495x1 straps down, knee wraps
600x1 - pretty ugly.. probably high... form went right to hell... wanted a double... but it was not going to happen today. Upper back is rounding whenever I get squatting heavy lately.. I think it might be that I'd slowed down my back work... or just a mental thing.. either way I'm about to do a lot more back... and get my form more on track so heavier weights don't break me.

45 degree back raises

hamstring curls
3x10 - no idea on weights

back extension machine thingey...
-worked up to the stack for 10

limped out of the gym... ate spaghetti... looking forward to watching Watchmen this Friday.

03-04-2009, 11:01 PM
Walked into the gym to a deadlift off between two of my buddies... Willie an 82.5 wound up pulling 680x3 in a belt...pretty wild... the 2nd and 3rd rep were touch and go... but surprisingly he didn't slam them down. My Buddy Kade... an 19 year old 220 pulled 660... 50 pounds over the provincial record... and 10kgs off the National junior record... he did this in a belt.

I now feel uber ghey for not being able to pull over 600 yet.

warmed up with band pressdowns

worked up to 295x3... this felt so so... but didn't want to push it too far.

supersetted with:

I did a whole bunch with different grips

I did some machine flyes... I typically think this is ghey, but sheiko makes his guys do them... so that makes it alright. Well they do dumbell flyes but whatever.

This workout was mostly just me running around trying to get a pump.

Learned a few good IT band stretches that made a big difference as soon as I was done stretching... I stretched out my forearms and biceps too.

03-06-2009, 11:42 AM
thursday - lower stuff

reverse band dead
-Had a few form things to fix up... but I'm going to stop pulling during the week... maybe still do some doubles with 405 though.

machine shrug

dumbell curls

that was it... took off and met my buddy so we could watch a midnight showing of Watchmen. ate as much popcorn as i could... but with the concession stand closed I quickly ran out of root beer... so I couldn't eat all my popcorn. this made me sad. The sex scene in the movie made me happy.

03-07-2009, 04:30 PM
Saturday Events

170x a bunch - was worried about a reg clean on this... but I was still good for it
190x3? - reg clean
220x3 - tried to clean it a few times.. have the height, but didn't commit... something I'm going to work on, swicthed to Carlson.
220x5 PR
240x3 PR
260x1 PR - had an olympic lifter look at my form a while back, and today everything he shows me really came together. I think I've got a bit more in me too.

200x 130-150 feet?
250 x 90-100 feet -
200x150- had a couple drops, I was pretty surprised by this. The walking was awkward as all hell today... but we got to go outside, so I'm pretty sure I'll adjust soon.

Stones- one motion and runs work
255 to whatever heght - took me a couple tries but I figured it out.
270 to low - got it in 2 tries, one motion is rough
run of:
235 to high
255 to medium
270 to lower medium
290 to low
then the last stone was accidently 350 and I was too gassed to get it to my lap.

I felt like I did more work on the stones today... but when I write it down, I guess I didn't do that much. Either way it was good.

Tire- got to take our big tire outside and we went in teams for time on the length of the driveway. I was picked last... Dave Droeske had his chance to get me.. but passed on me... therefore Dave Droeske is now in my axis of evil.
-Couldn't get it on the first flip, then I moved my hands in and I was ok.. actually today was one of my better times on the tire... and me and Paul smashed Dave.
-Did one more set of up the driveway and back... just about puked at the very end... good times.

Sat around and ate Vaillancourts cereal bars... shot the ****... now I'm at home, thinking about a bath then I'm off to the big city again to watch the fights tonite... last time there I paid like 20 bucks for all the pop I drank and thought it was free refills... tonite I'm sticking with water...

03-10-2009, 10:01 PM
Couldn't train on Monday cause my gf and I got tickets to the sens game, plus it was our anniversary. Sat in front on a handicapped girl who every 5 minutes would say very loudly "what happened," this got very irritating after 2 periods. 3rd period we went up to the Molson booth and hung out with my gf's cousin, got a free beer and a new gym bag.

Woke up feeling like hammered dog**** and decided to take the day off work... it's nice to be the boss sometimes. The customer wasnt exactly thrilled, but I'll finish everything up tomorrow. Slept all day and afternoon, decided to go to the gym just to get some blood flowing, I've actually beat off several colds by doing this and feel a lot better.

Met up with Sam Dube' there, and decided to take advantage of it and work on some split jerks, my back foot is all screwey but I'll get it sooner or later.

Overhead stuff
40kg x 3 front squatsx3 push jerk
40 x 3 frontsx1 push jerk x 3 split jerk
60 x 3 frontsx 2 push jerk x split jerks x2-3
90x 3 front squats
120x1 front
130x1 front

Did a circuit of band pressdowns, face pulls, chest flyes, side laterals and some other stuff. Elbows still feeling off and on... I think if I really want to train upper body stuff I'll have to take some advil and A535 or I'm toast.

03-12-2009, 10:14 PM
Olympic lifting stuff
- I got to break out my camera before it broke today... as someone completely unqualified to give this statement... I think my form looked pretty good.

Front squats

clean complexes - this would include a clean caught high, then a hang clean caught low once or twice depending how the form felt, then a push jerk then split jerk
worked up to 80 kg

full cleans caught these high, which is actually a lot harder for me than dropping into a full squat.
100kgs - this felt really hard, but the video looked really easy.

Took a breather,
back squat
worked up to 292x15... wanted to get to 20... but my first 8 reps weren't really smooth, so I was already taking deep breaths by the low teens, last 3 were actually grinders... I'll get this soon.

Dumbell stiff legs
worked up to 85's x3 sets of 8

hack squat
3 plates 3x6

45 degree back raises

side bends
60 x15x12

leg raises

hamstring curls

Stretched IT bands for a while

Saw my hot blond new girlfriend tonite, also known as some smoking hot blond chick who came out of nowhere and wears really tight little pants... so far my smooth moves of looking at my feet and not meeting her eyes or starting any conversation at all has really been paying off. I can totally tell she's into me... she likes the way I sweat and always smell like a gym bag and tiger balm... totally manly. I figure if I keep this up and stalk her from a distance for a few months she'll eventually fall hard for me.
Thursday upper
Warmed up with a couple split jerks... not too heavy.

285x3 - felt like a good spot to shut it down
265x1 - elbows gave out so I cut the benches off

135 x30x28

dumbell extensions
25's x3setsx12 reps

rowing machine
shoulder press machine
side laterals
forearm curls - I used a 40lb barbell and I actually got a pretty good pump in there... going to keep training this and see if I can get my forearms to stop hurting.
hammer curls

Saw another one of my girlfriends when I went to Tailgators after training for nachos. I'm a sucker for tiny black haired blue eyed chicks. My regular moves aren't working on her very well, she actually comes and talks to me even when she's not serving me. She has a boyfriend... but I'm pretty sure I can get around that.