View Full Version : Needing some help on diet!

02-03-2009, 06:11 PM
Hey everyone!

I'm trying to find a diet that will help me lose some body fat percentage so that I can lose my love handles. If anyone is Vietnamese on these forums, I hope you guys can help me with my diet mostly because I'm Vietnamese as well. My mom makes a lot of food that Americans usually don't eat. I don't even know how much calories is in the food my mom makes but it's just so delicious.

Anyways, today I'm having white rice, meat, soup (carrots and this other vegetable that's kind of like a big seed with spikes), maybe there will be some ham too. Usually, that's the everyday meal.

Last night, when I was checking my body fat percent, @ 16yearsold, 185lbs, 69inches tall, 15inches around the neck, and 34inches on the waist line, the calculation came out to 17.25% body fat, 33.21 lbs of body fat, and 151.79lbs of lean body weight. Now to get my body fat down to where an average guy at my age would have, I'd have to drop my body fat percentage to at least 12% (that's the target for guys right? I heard 20% was when girls get their love handles but correct me if I'm wrong).

I just really want to lose these love handles and have a very good diet at the same time. If anybody can help me, your advice will be greatly appreciated!