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04-09-2002, 01:02 PM
Hi everyone.. I've been reading threads here for awhile, but this is my first contribution..

This is something I've always wondered, and it may also be the reason why I am having so many problems achieving any type of bodybuilding goals..

In magazines or any type of written guideline kinda article that determines total calorie needs .. for example, a 200lb bodybuilder or a 150lb bodybuilder... is that including fat lbs too?

I'm 172lbs... and around 5'10" .. I've been lifting for a year and a half, but probably just started "bodybuilding" maybe a month ago (I realized that I was lifting with too much ego and too much weight by going along with what my lifting partner uses.. which is why, personally, I don't look like someone who has been lifting for a year)

I probably can cut down to 155-160lbs or so if I lost all the fat on my body..

Now, am I a 172lb bodybuilder? Or am I a 155lb bodybuilder who is just 20 lbs or so overweight... ?

Alot of the magazines offer "cutting diet" guidelines and use 200lbs and 150lbs as the weight examples.. That is a big jump in calories..


Joe Black
04-12-2002, 04:08 PM
Hey xzioptix, welcome to the forums!!

When they suggest a weight I would assume they mean the total weight including fat. If they don't specifically say per lb of lbm (lean body mass) then its the total weight.

I also find that this kinda way of coming to a total calorie conclusion is not very effective. I mean I know people who are lighter than me that have to eat FAR more to gain weight. They have much higher metabolisms than me.

So a good way of measuring it is IF you are not gaining weight right now, measure your food intake for 7 days and divide by 7. There you have a good estimation that is far more accurate. Then just add or take a way some to gain or lose.

check out www.wannabebig.com diet sections there are a few articles that deal with this directly aswell as the types of foods you should be consuming.

good luck!

04-12-2002, 04:48 PM
thanks for the reply... :) I really enjoy the personalities as well as the information here..

I agree with you when you say that using a magazine's or any other type of "universal" determinant for consumption may not be as accurrate as using my own body.

For the last 2 weeks, I've been TRYING to cut-up by using fitday.com (which in itself can lead you wrong with it's daily caloric expenditure calculator) to calculate how much I eat, and pretty much following alot of advice I picked up from the forums.

I figured that my BMR is 1875 being that I am 23 years old, 171 lbs and 5"10'. On days that I don't do any lifting or cardio, I eat around 1900-2000 calories. I figured that put me in a calorie deficit because of calories used while I went about my day and worked (I work for a roofing company, so I do burn some calories at work...).

On days that I do lift, I add my PW cocktail of Cell-tech and protein, which comes up to about 500 calories. But still, I figure that I am still in a deficit due to my cardio (30 min on the tread after I lift) and working that day (unless it's the weekend, of course).

Using this method WITHOUT CARDIO, I noticed that my weight fluctuated daily from 170.5 to 174 lbs.. depending on the time of day. As of this moment, I'm probably 172. Tomorrow I may be 173.. tonight I can be 171.. who knows..

Because of the lack of consistant gain or loss for the last 2 weeks (on the third now).. I figured that I may have a slower metabolism and that I needed to add some cardio to the mix to allow fat/weight loss.

So that's where I am at as of currently.. I just am hoping I am on the right track.. which is the reason I started this thread ... because I AM on track.. for an 150lb bodybuilder.. haha, but for a 170lb person, especially one who is lifting hard 4 times a week and does labor.. I am buying a one-way ticket to being as thin as a marathon runner.

I have never been cut, nor really thin. I have always had a bit of chunk on me, even when I got my weight down to around 140 through running like a madman and taking lots of ECA's a few years back... I really don't want to end up like that again, I was SMALL and a bit flabby.. even though I was lifting. I figure it was due to a high amount of cortisol (I was totally on edge at this time cuz of lots of coffee and the ECA's) and not enough food, not to mention running twice a day.

That is why I am being as cautious as possible now.. I've lifting really hard for the last year and want to hold on to the little bit that I did gain (our lifting form and method was not very efficient in terms of gaining muscle, it seems as I look back).

Sorry for the long-winded reply.. I just take all of this so seriously due to my huge desire to one day look awesome as well as my even bigger desire to not waste all that was gained from a year of soreness, blood, sweat and nausua (not to mention thousands of dollars on useless supplements). :(


Joe Black
04-12-2002, 05:01 PM

well if you are gonna just dive in there and work from a calorie amount from another resource I would suggest the main thing is to stay consistent. If you know you have eaten x amount of calories for 2 weeks and you see no drop in weight drop another 200.

Do some cardio. every little bit helps. 3 or 4 times a week. If your goal is to be cut just do it!

i say drop a few hundred and run a couple of times a week maybe.

Just keep reducing, obviously the lower you get, by smaller degrees.

good luck

04-12-2002, 05:26 PM
yeah.. I guess that is my plan.

The main thing, now that I have a basic daily calorie range to toy with, is the cardio I added yesterday. I have good feelings about it. I'll see by next Thursday if I measure any thinner on my calipers or if I weigh a pound or two less than I did yesterday morning. If not, I'll take your advice and drop 200 calories or so (but at this point.. from what? I am taking so little as it is.anyone can see what I am currently eating here at this fitday thing. (http://www.fitday.com/WebFit/PublicJournals.html?Owner=xzioptix))

I guess I'll pull em from fat or carbs, but I worry about going any lower than 150 grams of carbs a day.

Thanks for helping out bro..