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02-25-2009, 07:13 AM
Had one of those bad dream type of days at the gym yesterday. Nothing seemed to work for me.

I know everyone has an "off" day but this was more of a twilight zone episode. As soon as I got to the gym I jumped on the treadmill for my warmup and immediately felt weird. By time I hit 4 mph I was just not feeling it. I wasn't tired just not able to move my legs. I tried to just focus through it but even dropping the speed didn't help. Oh well I thought it was just cardio and I would put more effort into lifting.

Yesterday was my ME bench day and I wanted to work to some heavy 3's on a 3 board press. My warm up went fine but as the weight started to go up I felt weird. I was unstable on the bench, not able to hold my arch, and feeling like crap. When I got to about 80% of my full ROM max (something I easily hit for 3s on my full rom press), I stumbled and barely made the 2nd rep on the 3 board. To add injury to insult literally my form was sloppy and I hurt my right shoulder.

After a bit of shoulder rehab work I did some assistance work and sloppily worked through it. I was actually embarrassed and left the gym without even saying good bye to anyone.

The odd part is the day before I had one of the best workouts of my life and blasted through a PR on 1 pin rack pull. The only thing I can figure out, and mind you this will sound bizarre but it is serious. Yesterday during the day my wife and I went to OSU campus to eat and shop around. Great time at first but for some reason we decided to goto the goodwill on N. High. Lets just say there is a reason why people donate that stuff to goodwill its all godawful. Anyways as we are looking around a woman with long hair and high heels walks behind us. Now immediately my spider senses go off, because at 6'3 I am a fairly tall man. This women dwarfed me, atleast 6'6. And one look at her face told me why. Now I had heard about these things on tv, but never seen one in person. And I could care less about someone's sexually preference but there was just something wrong with this. My wife turned to me and was like "is that a man?" and all I could say was "we are getting the F--- out of here." I was afraid she might laugh or something and all I needed was to have to throw down with a giant tranny in Clintonville.

Suffice to say my mustang peeled out as fast as those horses could go. It completely threw me off for the rest of the day. I know this post went from one direction to another but that is the only way to describe how jacked up I was in the gym.

02-25-2009, 07:34 AM
1. Your CNS was probably shot from the PR the day before.
2. Everyone has bad training days sometimes
3. Trannys are awesome