View Full Version : When/What Suppliments to take between lifting and cardio?

02-27-2009, 12:45 PM
Hey all. Good to be a part of the fold.

I’ve been following a more than afew threads and am a new member, but can’t find a comprehensive answer to my question:

If doing resistance/weight training before cardio [I do an hour weights, followed by 1 hr of stair climbing (10 accents over an hour of 23 stories w 60% climbing & 40% cooling by taking elevator down to bottom)] then what supplements/nutrition should I be taking and when, if I have a ½ hour window in between the two?

-I'll also ask if this cardio is HITT because my heart is racing to 170-180 bpm by the time I get to the top level of the 23 flights and I am essentially “lunging” the steps as I take 2 stair steps with every leg stride [my knees at 90*].

I do a 4 day/week split [Mon= Chest, Tues= Back, Thurs= Delts, Fri= Arms] with Wed off for weights and 5 day/week [Mon to Fri] cardio.

I’m 33, 5’10” @ 190 lbs would like to shed roughly 25lbs fat and put on some lean muscle mass. I used to be in better shape a few years ago and have hidden the muscle away under the flab. At my best I was 168lbs and pretty cut.

I take a 30 g protein + 5g creatine + 20g Nitric Oxide + 1 banana + 1/3 cup frozen blueberry shake ½ hour before weight training.

Drink plenty of water while working out.

Drink a cup of water with 8g of powdered fruits and veggies mix + 5g glutamine + 5-10g BCAA’s immediately after work out.

--Now, here’s the tricky part: At the ½ hour point after workout [when my body is starving for protein, carbs, etc…] should:

-I consume the required amount of post workout nutrition protein and carb powders with additional chemical support [please advise]? Or should;

-I not take anything but water as my glycogen stores will be depleted and any cardio I perform will instantly pull fat from my system [std.20-30 min delay is now n/a?] to use as fuel?

If I do the former: Will my cardio just be burning fresh fuel from my gut? Thereby not taking it from the stored fat and subsequently robbing me of the nutrients I need to restore my spent muscles from the work out?

If I do the latter: Will my muscles not receive any nutrition w/in the optimum pre-post workout window to restore themselves because I don’t want to waste it to the cardio?
And if so, should I take the metered amount I should have taken after the weight training POST 1 hr of cardio, or is the nutrient window now closed?

As a side note:

There seems to be tons of confusion between Glutamine [I take tri-glutamine] and Creatine conflicting by using the same sodium transport to the muscles. The literature and threads seem to contradict one another with regards to time of ingestion. When should each be taken?

Thx in advance.