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03-03-2009, 05:43 PM
hey from Ireland, I've been going to the gym now for three years, I started out fairly fat, but lost a lot of it quite rapidly. I'm now 18 and just cannot get as ripped as i would like to be. In November I was 15.3% body fat, I had it done again in january and was down to 12.8% but didn't notice a huge difference in physical appearance. at the end of January I started a strength programme which consisted of; Day 1: Chest+Triceps
Day2: Legs+Core
Day3: Back+Biceps
Day4: Shoulders+Core
each muscle group consisted of 3/4 different exercises doing 3 sets at a heavy weight and for the 4th set jus adding a bit more weight. During this strength programme which is in it's last week I was taking creatine monohydrate capsules, 4 of them about a half hour before my workout. I also take a scoop of syntha-6 straight after my workout.

after weights i will usually do 15 minutes interval training on treadmill, then 15 minutes incline training. I also do this on non-weight training days. I have also been swimming quite a lot.

My diet is basically;
7.30-2 weetabix with low-fat milk +glass of tropicana

10.40-ham roll

13.00-chicken fillet baguette+banana

16.00- banana

19.00-gym +protein shake

21.00-dinner(usually spaghetti bolognese/jerk chicken/swordfish/pork chops+potatoes)

23.00-biscuits and milk


i find my diet fairly good, and i cant imagine that the biscuits are holding me back from losing the flab on my belly, any help would be greatly appreciated!

btw im going back to an instructor in my gym for a new programme, i'm gonna tell him I wanna get ripped for summer and see what he gives me, so I can compare with you guys. Cheers!

03-03-2009, 05:56 PM
Post macros for the diet. Routine is inefficient. You only work each muscle group once a week.