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03-05-2009, 08:26 AM
Early life I played all sports. I was skinny and ate like a pig when I did eat. I played mostly hockey, be it ice hockey in the winter on ponds or frozen over basketball courts in the winter. And everything else, including street hockey, in the summer.

Then I got to college and beer became my sport. Kept eating, started to get big. I moved to Japan, all hopes in getting thin because of the "Japanese diet" but that turned out to be "Beer with breakfast lunch and dinner." Japan is a wonderful country, but if you think people live healthy here...damn you're in for a surprise. 500ml can of beer in a vending machine for 2 bucks...what's a guy to do.

Got into lifting at 23 after finding WBB and was doing WBB1. I did that for a year and then moved to an upper/lower split that another WBB was doing. Then spent 2 years on Bill Starr's 5x5 and gained some good size and strength although I should've been focusing on weight.

A small tumor in my neck took me out of the gym. The tumor was not cancerous but it caused a host of problems and had me thinking (Before I knew what it was) that I had all kinds of ailments. During a blood test I found out I had below normal levels of testosterone...why did they test my testosterone levels, cuz I asked. Was just curious.

The HRT was messing with my head, the lack of diet after leaving the gym, the lack of exercise period and the infinite amount of stress all took it's toll.

So I grew a new pair of balls, picked myself up, got back on the HRT with a new, much better doctor, my diet is in order, my training just started this week (Had to wait 2 weeks for my membership to start) and I already feel better. The tumor is still in my neck, but hasn't caused any issues. If it does, it's pain management...but I can deal with that. Unfortunately I do have to take other medication because of the stress I was under (I'm pretty much addicted to it, but hope that with training I can cut it out like I had done before). Taking 1 SSRI, valium and a sleep med. To drop them right away would cause seizures...I found that out the hard way.

So here are my stats as of Feb. 19th

Weight: 158kgs
BF% (Approx) 35%
Height: 180cm (6ft)

Diet: (3000 calories) 200 grams+ Fat 150grams+ carbs 150 grams-

I keep my carbs low because they make me sleepy. I get most of my carbs (Half) from Results. The rest are in veggie form. While I try to stay below 150 grams, it doesn't always work out that way but my calories remain the same regardless. Nitrean is my friend.

Routine (Bill Starr's):
Squats Body weight
Rows: Top set 35kgs
Bench: Top set 40kgs

Squats Body weight
Shoulder Press: Top set 20kgs
Deadlift: Top set 50kgs

That's tomorrow...

Being back at the gym felt good. Squats were a problem, but I'll get past that. Deadlifts I could've gone higher (2 years ago I was at 110kgs at the top set.) Didn't want to overdo it the first time back. Bench was harder than I expected, I lost a lot of power there.

Wednesday's are definitely my favorite days. Deadlifts are my favorite.

Unlike the first 4 years of lifting, I haven't incorporated a 'cheat day' as for my diet. I think cheat days will happen when they happen. It won't be a weekly thing but more a monthly thing. No problems so far.

Hope to keep this journal going. Comments and critiques are always welcome.

GOALS: (DAMN...almost forgot). To shed as much of this fat as I can whilst holding onto the muscle I have. According to my doctor my "Goal" weight should be around 110kgs. I'd like to hit that marker and see what I feel like (And look like).

I should add that while going to the doctors, my blood tests have always been 'normal'. I don't have high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. In fact, the only problem I have is with my testosterone. Doctor said "Fat people can be healthy just like skinny people can be unhealthy...but drop some weight or you'll regret it later in life."

Time to rest...

03-06-2009, 08:19 AM
Squats Body weight for the first set, got my balance under control, put 10kgs on the bar and went 1x4 without a problem. Hope the small (barely noticeable) burn in the lower back isn't bad form.
Rows: 1x3 (Added weight set) 37.5kgs
Bench: 1x3 (Added weight set) 45kgs

Feeling good about squats. Found myself going through the routine a bit fast today. Had the power rack to myself, bench to myself so it took about 30 minutes total.

04-03-2009, 10:15 AM

So, I've finally got my squat form down. I've dropped 8kgs in the last month and a bit. I've still got a huge gut in front of me, but I can feel the muscle coming through in my legs and chest. While I'm not sure how much of that 8kgs is fat and muscle I can say that my strength has continued to go up, my energy is up, I'm sleeping better with fewer hours and my concentration seems to be getting better (Probably due to better sleep).

ALN Results is a great drink in the morning. Wakes you up for sure.

Nitrean is what I eat for breakfast and is what I carry around (2 scoops in 2 different shakers) just in case.

Just order Novus Bars to get rid of the crap bars I've been eating at night (Due to medicine I take there's some reason my body craves sugar. It doesn't matter what, so long as it's sweet. It's not that I'm hungry, it's odd. The bars I have now are as healthy as they get but not 'real' protein bars)

ALN Fish oil is also on it's way. I needed to add something to make the package heavy for delivery. I still have 3 tubs of Nitrean and Results so I'm good there.

Diet has been great with only a few occasions of cheat meals. It would be great to have an exercise buddy but doing things alone isn't bad.

More than the scales I feel the difference in my waist and around my chest. My wife has commented that it looks as though I've lost weight and co-workers have said the same.