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03-12-2009, 09:14 PM
Watup WBB.. Been a while (A LONG ****ING WHILE AT THAT). Some updates since the last time I was round these parts:
I started smoking (Yes, I am ******ed. Done with that now though)
My shoulder, which I had previously had surgery on, started dislocating again. This resulted in missing my 2nd season of college soccer, which was made even more disappointing by how well the team did this year.
Some rehab... but that didn't work either. When it started dislocating while I was asleep, we knew it was time for emergency surgery. I got this on February 5th, just about 6 weeks ago. Things are going well so far.
Oh, and I put on like 15 lbs due to the extreme change in amount of activity without accounting for it with my eating habits.

So yeah. This won't be some super log where I break PRs every week. But looking at like 6 more months of rehab, I figure it would just keep me sane.

My goals by the time my shoulder is better are:
Full range of motion (95% wouldn't be terrible though based on all the specifics of it)
Drop the rehab weight (shouldn't be hard at all) and maybe a little extra.
Get my mile time back to pre-injury/pre-smoking levels of 5:30

That's a nice little intro considering how hard it is for me to type with one hand at the moment, so I'll leave it at that and be back to update a bit later.

Cheers guys.

Oh and good to see all the old timers that are still here. Sorry for bitching out and ruining the hard work and progress I had previously put in. Won't happen again.

03-13-2009, 02:16 AM
alright now on to the good stuff
(This is going to somewhat chronicle my progress through rehab)

I'll be getting back on the anabolic diet. I've tried a few different ones, and this is the only one that I had no trouble sticking to/had the best results. For those of you that don't know it basically entails eating nothing but protein and fat for 5 days, then 36 hours of carbs carbs carbs. Rinse and repeat. Get ripped.
Some staple foods for this are:
american cheese
random veggies (this is where your only carbs during the week will come from. you NEED the fiber - I can't stress that enough)

and on the 36 hour weekend carbup:
wheat pasta
skim milk

To catch up to date with my rehabbing so far, it has looked a little something like this.
Day 0-10: Pain pain pain. Lots of icing and painmeds. Stayed in my sling the entire time.
Week 1: the first week of rehab following that involved nothing but having the PT do 100% passive range of motion stretching. Some shoulder shrugs and stress ball work was also introduced for me to do at home.
Week 2-3: still lots of stretching. Did a VERY small amount of resistance applied by the PT. Massaging scar tissue is more painful than the first 10 days out of surgery, by the way.
Week 4: First real breakthroughs in physical therapy. I managed to lift my arm in a shoulder-raise motion to 90 degress, which was pretty huge for me. Getting surgery is a semi-depressing experience, as I always feel so helpless. Nothing worse than needing to have help putting on a shirt. I also got to 90 degrees lifting it straight ahead of my body, as well as external rotation to 30 degrees. Unfortunately, I have 0 ROM past neutral when doing internal rotation.

So thats where we stand now. I am finally out of my sling for the majority of the day (except for sleeping), and am managing to get some good range of motion with random movements. Todays PT involved some serious stretching (painful, as usual) as well as some "wall-walks". I also got to start doing isometrics, which are a pretty huge part of the recovery process.

Cheers and peace easy.