View Full Version : HELP! How Quickly to Increase Calories in Transition from Cutting to Bulking???

04-10-2002, 05:53 PM
I am going to finish my first cutting diet/routine within the next month. I feel as though I would like to increase my calories first to a maintenance level (activity-adjusted BMR calorie intake) to give my body time to adjust and then move on to a bulking intake (between 18-20 calories per pound bodyweight - unless others here have suggestions). I have three questions:

1) How quickly should I be increasing my calorie intake as I make these transitions (# cals per day per week)? I am currently at 2100 calories having gone from 205# to what will be nearly 180# after 10-11 weeks of cutting.

2) How long should I spend at the maintenance calorie intake level to allow my body to adjust to the new eating routine?

3) What kind of macronutrient splits should I be aiming for at maintenance and bulking levels? Currently on my cutting diet I am hitting something around 50% protein / 33% carb / 17% fat.

Thanks for the help. :) I have to get my plan together now.

the doc
04-10-2002, 08:31 PM
i have recently done the same over about 1 months time. I dont think it matter though as in the end i am feeling all bloated from the carbs- just as i remember from before

04-11-2002, 02:49 AM
Thats easy.

Eat more...of everything. More fat, more carbs, more protein.

When you start bulking, eat even more, if you can handle it, zombie bait.