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03-17-2009, 12:53 AM

Okay so this is my first post for project 100. This is my 100 day challenge of where I am in the next 100 days get to my leanest possible. This is my workout journal where I am trying to keep my self accountable and as well keep a support network, so that this will help me to be better and committed to my goal.

The reason I am doing this is because i want to look fantastic in July when the beach season comes, and hey I can't lie have a ripped bod on the beach can help with the ladies lol. But I am also doing this for other reasons as well. I love Olympic weightlifting but I am alright with it but I think I can do better though once I have a better core and have more cardio vascular strength as well.

Day 1 starts on Tuesday March 17th and it will continue for the next 100 day.

Tomorrow I will give my current weight and that routine as well as a pic all set up for you and as well as a diet.

Just to let you know every week the routine and diet gets adjusted every week mainly to speed the weight loss. The diet espically, every week I will be cycling carbs out, to the point where one week I will be having no carbs at all, but that won't be in another month or so.

So stay tune in tomorrow for a progress pic and my routine and diet! In the meantime i do have a you tube channel you guys can check out, i would post them on the channel but apparently i have to have 10 posts before i do but in the mean time take a look at my channel instead