View Full Version : need help on taking my diet/body to next level

03-21-2009, 01:03 PM
ok guys looking for some help on my diet, so ill lay it all out for you as well as i can; here is outline of my day-to-day diet

meal one: one cup oatmeal, 40g. 100% whey, 2 tsp pb

meal 2: 12 almonds

meal 3: serving of yogurt with protein shake


meal 4: 6 egg white 1 tsp pb

meal 5: 2 chicken breasts

meal 6: 12 ounce steak with 2 cup veggies

then usually have shake later in the evening

Im sitting at 224 and 9.7% down from 14.5% and have now hit a brick wall, i would like to drop another 2-3% body fat but maintain my current weight. if anybody knows of a good supplement i could take for this let me i would appreciate it.

bench 355
squat 595
rdl 625

Kal el
03-29-2009, 06:26 AM
what are your protein shakes like mate? When i first started training i couldnt shift my last bit of body fat, my training was good and diet was spot on. I changed my shake from one with carbs to just pure protein and in a matter of weeks the last be of fat melted away, it was my protein drink that was making me fat.

20minutes of interval high intensity training before breakfast 3 days a week helkpped my shift fat aswell