View Full Version : 15 pounds in 1 month.

03-24-2009, 01:39 AM
Or ~7kg in a month, as we Aussies prefer.

Hey guys thought I'd keep a record of my progress, at least for this month, just so others can see how it works, and for a bit of motivation.

I'm 23 years old, male and am an extreme ectomorph! I'm 6'0" tall, and fluctuate between 120-125lb.

I'm planning on trying Chris's "Gain 15lb in One Month" routine; which can be viewed here;


In the past I've tried gaining weight before, but it's my diet that always lets me down. So instead of trying some fancy, difficult or complex diet, I'm going to follow these rules instead;

1. I will increase the portion size of every normal meal I eat by at least 30%.
2. I will consume a sizable protein shake after breakfast every morning, after every workout and before bed every night.
3. I will never say no when offered food.

I also plan on taking creatine. Now I may not reach 15lb in a month, and my diet won't be the healthiest, but my energy intake will be substantially higher than what it was when maintaining a 125lb male, so I do expect to see some gains.

Anyway, wish me luck.

- Kieran.

03-26-2009, 01:41 AM
Weekly update. (All weights in kg)

I actually had done two of the workouts before I posted my intro, just didn't bother adding those details.


Squats 20x10/8/6/8 and 30x1

Calf Raises 60x10 80x20/20 <-- very tough!

Leg curls: can't remember weight, I did these instead of SLD because I'm very inflexible and wanted to check up on the form beforehand. Will try them next week.


I did bench because the routine doesn't have any chest workouts (is this normal or missed section?).

Flat Bench: 30 x 8/8/6/6 32.5x4/3

Standing Military Press: 17.5 8/8/6/6/4/4

Didn't do weight dips as I can't in my home gym, did a variation as best I could though. Body weight x 10/15/15

Chins: BW x 3/3/2 - Again need the gym machines to remove some of my weight and up the reps.


Deadlift: 30x10 40x6 50x3 60x4 60x3

Again I was forced to use my home gym, so no leg press. I did front squats instead. Is this an okay substitute?

Front Squat: 20x10/8 22.5x10 25x6/6

All in all, I thought it was a very good week. I know I reached most of the rep numbers required, but it was f***ing hard! Some of the toughest workouts I've ever done.

Diet wise I was okay too, could've probably eaten more, but I still managed to get a lot more down than I usually do.

Bako Lifter
03-26-2009, 02:42 AM
15 lbs in a month.. You need to drink Bako Shakes.

I've gained 17 and 15 lbs in a month and I can honestly say, it would not have happened without the shakes.