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03-25-2009, 02:07 PM
Back in October/early November I was feeling pretty strong on bench. I was doing some periodized training and on my last wave I did 345 for six singles with about 2 minutes rest in between sets. Unfortunately, then I ran into some overtraining issues. In December some friends and I had a mock meet just to get used to commands and things and I couldn't get 335. Since that time I was pretty much stuck making no improvements in bench (deadlift and squat went ok). Then in the beginning of Feb. I got sick with the worst sinus infection/cold that I have ever had. After 3 weeks of misery all of my lifts were in the tank and by the beginning of March I was having serious doubts about competing as I had planned in April. I bought some Results back in Feb. along with some creapure. I started taking the creapure right away with very little to show for it (I have never responded well to creatine in any form and I have tried several). I was saving my Results so that I could take it leading up to my competition. Around March 12th I started taking Results and I immediately noticed a difference in the amount of energy I had during my workout. That Thursday was my ME squat/deadlift night. I started with deadlifts working up to sets of 3 at 495 (pretty heavy for me), After deads I started to do squats. I felt pretty tired at first, but after warmups I got a huge second wind. I ended up squatting 485 for a 10 lb PR followed by 505 for another PR and I still had energy in the tank (usually after workouts I can barely get out to my car). The next Saturday was ME Bench. I finally got a paused 335 and I followed it up with a paused 345. Both paused PRs, and my first PRs on bench since October. Last week I had great ME workouts as well getting PRs in every lift, including a 355 bench press which I had been chasing for months. I have to say that dispite what everyone has said on this forum about how good Results is, I wasn't expecting to get much out of it. I was very wrong. Things are probably coming together for lots of reasons, but one of the biggest reasons has to be adding Results in to my mix of suppliments. It sounds kind of corny, but Thanks ALN.

chris mason
03-25-2009, 07:35 PM
That's AWESOME!!!

Thank you!