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03-25-2009, 08:31 PM
This is my first posts of many to come. I train in ct and train with poundstone and the ct strongman crew. here is my workout from the AM.


Back squat warm ups 135 5x, 225 5x, 315 3x, work sets rehband belt 375 5x, rehband and inzer belt 425 3x. these felt like crap. My boy was saying my knees were knockin in. knee wraps 475 3x rep pr. This set felt good. good depth, knees weren't knockin in.

super set supine body rows 10x, with elevated dumbell lounges 1x8 each side.

Vertical leg press and 90lb dumbell swings. 2x10 and 2x5 respectively.

boots crunches 10x.

out. Big event day coming up. doing overhead medley, frame, yoke, stones, and conditioning. Trying to drop 19lbs by may to be back in the lightweight category.

03-26-2009, 03:34 PM

Fit in a workout between classes today.

Decline bench
warm ups bar 10x, 135 5x, 225 5x, 315 10x got it in two breaths, 365 5x, 365 2x.

hang clean 135 10x, 185 8x. did 5x on the last set from the floor.

pullups 12x,

dips 15ish lost track

out. events saturday...

03-28-2009, 08:59 PM

axle press 160 5x strict
log 180 3x.

Set up the medley 100lb kettlebell, 150lb keg, 210 axle, 225 log.

Did two sets of this. First set was slow. 2nd set was solid. I flew thru everything fast and all pressing was done well. I had no trouble with the kb and the keg. was able to one time the log at the end.

I am gradually going to increase the axle and log to 250, 260 respectively. The medley at the badass is a stone but I am doing a keg press because we have no stones to press.

480 50ft, 680 50ft.

WSM yoke 880

First set got about 20 ft.
2nd set got it 30ft in three pickups. Had a good rhythm for about 20ft. This was a big lift for me. More progress to come in the future.

Frame 650lb 1 set of 50ft.

out. Felt like crap got a sinuse thing and I cant hear out of my right ear. I got the job done though...

03-30-2009, 07:26 PM

Good turnout today for overhead. Even bfj joined us for some overhead fun.

log press
clean and press each rep 180 5x, 225 6x. Good speed. viper pressed most of them.
clean and press away 245 4x. Was able to one time viper press the first rep. Thats a pr on that aspect.

log press from the rack seated
140 10x, 160 8x, 180 6x.

one arm dumbell 100 3x each hand.

one arm kettlebell
2 with left side, 3x with right hand

empty frame shrugs 550lb 10-12 reps one set lost count.

out. Last week of dead this wednesday.