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Carol Ann
03-30-2009, 08:34 AM
2009 APA Raw National Benchpress and Powerlifting Championships
CLASSIC Powerlifting at its best!

Only two weeks to go!

April 11, 2009 at No Holds Barred Gym, 427 Weathersby Rd, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Weigh-ins: Friday 9:00am until 12:00 noon - or 3:00pm until 9:00pm No weigh-ins the morning of the meet! Walk in entries will be excepted until the end of weigh ins on Friday April 10, 2009..NO WALK INS THE MORNING OF THE MEET!!!
Meet will start at 9:00 am Sharp!
The reason for No Saturday morning entries: We want to have everyone checked in and the flights made the night before the meet. So when we say we will start at 9:00am we will!!! This is going to be one of the most efficiently ran meets you'll ever attend!!!)

Here is the weight classes that will be contested:
Mens Wt. Class: 114___123___132___148___165___181___198___220___242___275___308___

Super Heavy___
Womens Wt. Class: 97___105___114___123___132___148___165___181___198___Unlimited___

Teen & Masters will be light weight & heavy weight by co-efficiency (age will be factored in) this will make for a very competitive masters division!
This is and Old school, Classic powerlifting meet, and about competition!
(You WILL still be able to set National and Worlds records in any age and weight class that the APA recognizes!!!)

Contact info:
John Micka (meet director, and APA State Chairman) jgmicka@aol.com
Bobby Myers (co-meet director) alaqua-pits@netzero.com
For Entry form go the http://www.apa-wpa.com/2009APARawNationalChampionships.htm

Sponsored by:

No Holds Barred Gym! 427 Weathersby Rd, Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39402. This is a new, million dollar facility, that caters to MMA fighters, Strongman competitors, and powerlifters. It's a awesome facility!!!

BMF SPORTS! http://www.bmfsports.com or www.bmfnutrition.com

TITAN SUPPORT SYSTEMS! 800-627-3145 or http://www.titansupport.com Wow, how many of you have ever seen this, A gear manufacture, supporting and sponsoring a Raw meet? Well TITAN is not your average gear manufacture. They truly CARE about you the lifter. So please remember in the future when you need a belt, shoes, chalk, knee, wrist wraps or if you want to try a squat suit, give TITAN a call!

Foxs Pizza! Foxs Pizza is Great tasting and will be there to help you keep your strength up through out the day! Fox's will be feeding all the lifters at this meet!!!!! How many times have you been to a meet and was starving? Well not this time!!! Eat well and lift heavy, and hit Pr's!!!

MAX MUSCLE! Ft. Walton Bch./Pensacola FL. http://www.maxmusclefl.com I personally want to Thank Russ & his wife for all their support!

APT - Pro Wrist Wraps.

Hammer Strength

Tiffany's Photography - http://www.fitnessphotography.net For great photos of your lifts!!!