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04-11-2002, 11:32 PM
Alright guys, I just spent I dunno how long reading up on the CKD stuff, but I have a couple of questions that I hope you guys can answer.

Alright, I'll say I start on Monday for convenience's sake. I either do my full-body workout on Monday or split it between Monday and Tuesday. For Wed-Fri., I do cardio, or just two of those days, or whatever. Alright, these days, my low carb days, I'm supposed to be eating in a 75/25 ratio between fat and protein with little to no carbs. I'm pretty well-versed on my low carb stuff...I did the Atkins thing for a while and had great results. Sound right so far?

Ok, this is my first point of confusion: Do I do my depletion workout on Friday, assuming it's my last day of the low carb part, or do I do it like Saturday morning? I know I have to take myself out of ketosis before (or after?) this workout (hello SweetTarts), but I am confused as to when this workout takes place.

On my carb loading days, I'm supposed to eat roughly twice as many carbs on the first day as the second day (maybe more than twice as much, but you get the picture...the example I read was 700g first day, 300g second). I should keep my fats down and boost the protein a little (?). The first day's carbs should be primarily High GI, and the second's primarily Low GI. This is another bit of confusion: I know of maltodextrin and dextrose for the High GIs, but what are some more? I think I remember most children's cereals being rather high in GI rating. Other than that (and SweetTarts), can you recommend any others? Maybe white bread and white rice? Potatoes? For the Low GI, same thing...I thought I saw many dairy products (well, milk) being low, as well as oats, brown rice (?) and a few others. Can any of you recommend some more besides these?

That's about all the questions I have. Sorry about the length here (damned if I haven't said that quite a few times...oh, wait, nevermind). I'm using this as a cutting diet...well, mainly to get the rest of the lovehandles off and stuff. I'm maybe at 13-14% BF, wanting to get down to about 8 or 9%. It'll take a bit, but I know I can do it. I feel like a CKD will be what I need to get there (or any low carb diet, but this one really makes sense).

Thanks a lot guys!

04-12-2002, 08:17 AM
Go here:

This info is fairly old, and McDonald's changed a number of his recommendations which subsequently went into a book "The Ketogenic Diet." Then he changed his opinions more. You can find a mish-mash from various years if you search misc.fitness.weights with terms like CKD and Lyle McDonald, which I was nice enough to do for you:

But if you just want quick answers:
Eat a couple of pieces of fruit an hour or so before the depletion workout(No other carbs.) Most people do the depletion workout Friday morning and spend what remains of Friday and Saturday carbing up.

The numbers for a carb-up are pretty individual. ALA helps some with preventing "fat spillover" from an excess of carbs. Some high GI carbs are rice, white potatoes, and yes, kids' cereal. Really, the qualitative aspect of your carbup isn't going to make that much difference in my experience(If you want however to pay attention just search google for 'GI rating' or somethign like that.) You do, however, want to keep fat as low as possible and protein at 1g/lb bodyweight.

The workout schedule you are using looks pretty standard. Many use a further cardio session on Sunday to speed descent into ketosis.

04-12-2002, 03:09 PM
Good thread bro, i am going to be starting a ckd and have many of the same questions.

04-12-2002, 03:24 PM
Another Alabamian? Damn.....