View Full Version : Squat question

04-02-2009, 01:36 PM
What is the difference between a powerlifting squat and olympic squat? The only thing I can find is low bar vs. high bar and maybe foot width. I'm fairly tall (6'4") and was told I would probably be better off with the low bar squat.
Any truth to that or what do you guys think?

I guess thats more than 1 question but oh well.

04-02-2009, 02:19 PM
There's a lot of differences. I'll list what I can think of olympic vs. powerlifting:

1. narrower stance (shoulder width or narrow) vs. wider stance
2. maximum possible depth vs. breaking parallel (top of leg at hip below top of leg at knee)
3. more quad dominant vs. more hamstring dominant
4. higher bar position vs. lower bar position (as you mentioned)

The real question is why do you squat? Are you looking to gain size, get stronger, compete??? That'll give you a good idea of which squat suits your needs.

04-02-2009, 02:28 PM
I squat for strength,size and because it is the best lift there is. I have no plans to compete at this time (probably never). As far as depth I go as deep as I can, it is definitly below parallel. I have moved my stance out a little wider recently, I feel more stabile in my lift.