View Full Version : Starting Bulk advice needed please

04-08-2009, 12:45 PM

I have just started my 'bulk' cycle today and have a lot of questions which I seem unclear of and can't really find any answers to...

Although I've made the decision to start the bulk, I keep thinking I should have done a cut first, as I have no definition on my stomach area (it is the typical pouch of fat)

If I continue with the bulk will it become impossible to lose this fat, as I may put more fat on and hence take double the time to cut?

Or should the stomach area firm up, as a result of the clean carbs etc I will be having and as long as I train good, it should be ok?

So far, I have worked out my maintence calories to be approx 1800 over the last few weeks

I should be looking at around 2100-2200 calories a day for the bulk to be effective?

I have worked out that I require around 350g of protein (Weight in Lbs x 1.5) is this correct ?

As long as I can meet the 350g of protein, I am free to choose my carb sources (as long as there from the guide 'what a bodybuilder eats)??

I am unsure of the Fat amount/percentage or limit in a bulk cycle?

Apologise in advance if the questions asked sound very stupid, if I can get the answers or at least some guide, this will help motivate me in a big way.

Some info that may be useful:

Height: 5ft 11
Weight (Lbs): 173.6 lbs
Weight (Kgs): 79