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04-09-2009, 09:13 PM
For those that havent seen him lift or heard of Scott Smith, he is one of the strongest powerlifters in the world, period. In the raw and single ply ranks he is at or near top of most top 100 lists. I trained with him for 18 months straight and his workouts were much like training with Ed, as he and Ed trained together, also, for a very long time. The speed he moves the weights are something to behold. He is VERY reserved, keeps to himself but don't ever get him pissed enough to see that temper of his! He is very intense in the gym but out of it he can make you laugh for hours! One of the best partners I ever had. In particular his benching programs were so basic but worked, I learned alot from Scotty. To my knowledge, he is the ONLY lifter EVER to win the OPEN division in WABDL in the BENCH AND DEADLIFT SAME DAY! How is that for balance?! He is near 40 but shows no signs of slowing down, he trains SMART. His off seasons are to build up that huge base he has, and then standard periodization to peak, he goes against most of the standard westside templates ala Coan, but it sure does work!

This link is to POWERWATCH showing his latest training vids:


Semper Fi

Brian Hopper
04-09-2009, 09:40 PM
Good Luck Scott Smith!!!

Travis Bell
04-09-2009, 09:47 PM
Actually all those vids I sent to Jon from Scotts own log here on WBB.

Scott and I met at the Raw Unity Meet this past year. We had a great time goofing around after the meet. Scott is a top notch guy and crazy strong. He's got a video in his log of him hitting 550lb bench for 2 easy reps!

Travis Bell
04-09-2009, 09:56 PM
Here's a link to Scott's Log (http://www.wannabebig.com/forums/showthread.php?t=121153&page=3)

What a crazy strong dude

chris mason
04-09-2009, 11:23 PM
Lol, what an idiot I am that I did not even know he has a log here...

The man is CRAZY strong to be sure!

04-10-2009, 06:36 AM
I totally forgot he had a log here as well! Take a look at how he trains, it goes against many of the new trends but goes to show that OLD SCHOOL training ie periodization, is practiced my many of the champs of yesteryear as well as today. Scotty is strong in ALL three lifts, which is rare nowadays. I remember in the past getting emails on how he trains, well the log is on here so you can now see it for yourself.

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