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04-17-2009, 05:55 PM
Just realize that this weekend is packed with powerlifting events! and wanted to wish good luck to all the ones here that are doing one of this. I believe Celli and Rowe are gonna have fun outdoing each other at one of this events so good luck to both.

18 Wisconsin States
15-18 Masters BP Worlds
18-19 Iron House Classic
18-19 British Championships
18 Arizona Push/Pull
18 Victoria Open Iron Barbarians
18 Europa Bench Classic
18-19 IN State Power
18 Metal Militia Bench Wars
18 Elite Nats & Powerfest 2K9
18 Power Day Classic
18-19 PowerPalooza
18 Europa Show of Champions
18-19 RAW Nationals & Internats
18 Pl & Single Event Comp
18 Florida States
18 Brother Bennett Memorial
18 PowerPromotions Sports & Fitness Expo
18 Alaska States
18-19 British Raw Championship
18 Clash of the Titans & Kings of the Bench
18 MEET and EAT
19 NY States
19 New Jersey HS BP

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