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04-14-2002, 08:38 PM
I just got done putting on about 20lbs (I wanted to do this) My stats are 6'2 250lbs at 16%BF (I belive) Now summer is coming and I am tight all over but have some stomach fat (Most of my BF has to be here) My question is I am about to start a strict cardio regiment and I need to know calorie intake, diet consist of?, how much cardio? ETC....Now remember I want to stay as muscular as possible
1) My calorie intake is around 4,000 a day, Where should my calories, carb, protien, fat intake be around to make my goals realalistic?
2) My diet should consist of Chicken Breast, Tuna, Oatmeal, what else?
3) How much Cardio should I do? 4 times a week about 30min a day?
4)Should I worry about muscle loss because I am going on a pretty heavy cycle come June?
5)What is best for fat-burning cardio? bike, stepper, or just plain old running.
All help is greatly appreciated this will be my first attempt to really burn fat so help me out bro's

PS. I used one of those BF analizers the kind u program your hight,Weight, age etc...then hod it in your hnds and it gives u a read out, it said I was around 19% but my buddy who had it says it weighing off because he is no more then 10%(He's ripped up) and it said 13% for him. Has anybody ever used these before? are they accurate?

04-15-2002, 03:26 AM
1) I'll go with a 1.2/1/0.3 gram per lb bodyweight of pro/carb/fat respectively. The Fats I'm refering to comes from healthy Fats, as you should try limiting Saturated fats AMAP.

2) Uh...brown rice, egg whites, sweet potatoes, brocolli, turkey breast, flax, salmon, etc. Basically food that doesn't taste good ;)

3) 3-4 times a week, 20-30 minutes. High intensity.

4) It is common to have muscle loss when cutting, so you shouldn't worry too much. Just try losing 1-2 lbs every week to ensure you won't burn too much muscles.

5) As said earlier, intensity is the key. Do whatever cardio you like with great intensity, as long as they make you suffer and swear. Personally I'll go with running and kickboxing.

I tried that before and at that time, it stated my BF to be 13% while I'm obviously more on 15-20. I'll go with a caliper for a safer option.