View Full Version : Anyone else like Chobani? Best yogurt, protein/cal ratio of a protein sup

05-04-2009, 09:25 AM
Hey guys, noob here just starting. Just wondering if anyone else likes Chobani as much as i do and what they do with it. Its a Greek yogurt that has about 2-4x the protein of a typical yogurt and a lot less sugar and calories. The no fat kind has 23G of protein to 140 calories.

Its not really cheap but its not too pricey and its really filling, a great breakfast. I take the plain or vanilla kinda mix in walnuts and sugar free vanilla or pistachio Jello to thicken it up and i love it for breakfast. I have set routines that i like to get into and have a hard time breaking so its been my breakfast for about a month or two now. I either go thte walnut jello route or the blue/strawberries route.

Some other ideas would be to take some low fat cream cheese heat it up and whip that in for a really nice fruit dip.