View Full Version : Skinny guy newby bulking

05-11-2009, 07:13 AM
Hey everyone, I've been snooping around the forum for a little while and think I've got enough info gathered to begin my journey. I'm going to post everything here and hope I can give some encouragement to others like me and also get some help and advice along the way.

I'll post a 'before' photo as soon as I can. For now -
- I am 26 years old.
- 60 kgs
- 168 cms tall.

I've made attempts to begin body builing in the past but never managed to stay on track. THIS time is different.

Im starting on Rippletoes Starting strength routine TOMorrow. Im unsure of what weights to begin with but I guess I'll have to play it by ear.

I thought I had diet worked out but now I'm not so sure. My maintainence is around 1800. I've got my diet figured out for 3500 cals all fairly clean sources. (everyone on here tells me to eat big) But I've just got some more advice saying this is TOO big! Is it?

Also Im not sure if its best to stuff myself at a couple of big meals or eat small meals over the day (or both).