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05-12-2009, 01:18 PM
The Experiment.

I am calling this thread the experiment because its very much going to be an on going trial and error of various techniques and aproachs. I've been lifting for a few years now, with lackluster results following various programs, Since none of them have really given me any consistent progress its time to take things into my own hands and through trial and error hope to find out what actually works for someone like me, who has pretty terrible genetics and is all natural.

I recently out of frustration decided fcuk it, lets see what happens if I train a bodyart 3x a week, and have to say for the first time in a long time I was noticeing results in the mirror after just 1 week of

hitting a bodypart M W F. I decided to carry on an extra day and went sunday aswell and then fell ill with a sore throat and flu type symtoms which set me back plenty. This may have just been a coincidence and Id
caught an illness from else where, but I'm leaning more towards it haveing been too much for my body.

My last 2 workouts were sunday, and monday. I used rest pause techniques to up the intensity on both workouts and last night I had one of the worst nights sleeps ever. It was like i was asleep but my mind wasnt completely shut off at all, like half asleep? I woke up during the middle of the night, had a quick shake and went back to sleep, but again it didnt actually feel like propper sleep, very sureal. I'm guessing his is insomnia from overtraining, So Im going to use rest pause techniques sparingly from now and up the useage of them graduely (because i feel they can be very benificial).... I'm contmplating maybe just using them on fridays workout then that gives me 2 full days of rest for CNS to recover. And maybe with
just 1 excercise the other 2 workouts.

I feel like I was really onto something with the hitting a bodypart every 48 hours deal, from that weeks worth of gains I noticed. Also recently doing some research on the internet, turns out there are programs
and even science to support this way of training. Most popular of which being HST. My reps, volume, intensity are all yet to be decided and will most likely evolve over the next few months. I may even play
around with a 6 day a week thing, so I can focus on some other bodyparts.

In my desperation to put on more muscle size, I have been eating too much and have gotten fat. Not massively fat but its at a point where if i was to put on much more its gonna get UGLY (it aint too pretty right now), So my calories I am dropping down and have been somewhat lower as of yesterday. Actually, I wonder if that may have contributed to my bad sleeplast night? something to consider... a brutal workout followed by less food than my bodys been usually getting...hmm?

I'm gonna update this thing every workout day I think, and perhaps every sunday too, where I will weigh in take some measurements and such.

The Routine will start of like this


Incline BB bench
Pull ups
Standing military BB
DB rows & Yates row
DB shrugs
seated Dip machine

You will notice that theres no squats and deadlifts in here! ZOMG you can't grow withough squats and deads alot of people will cry! Are they right? I'm no so sure anymore, if i'm brutally honest. It's a hotley
debated subject and theres good arguements from both sides. I will say though that I've seen some guys work their way up to some pretty impressive numbers on both those lifts and you know what, apart from great leg development they didnt have alot else going for them. I've also heard very experienced lifters that have been in the game for a couple decades + and deadlifted themselves speak about deadlifts as not being
essential for that asthetically pleasing and big look , which lets be honest is what most of us are in this for. So why not put this to the test while i'm at it eh? I think I will however just squat 1x a week so that I don't LOSE any quad size and strength, so purely for maintenece right now. I probably will at some point try incorperate squats back in full time... But untill I figure out how to get the rest of me growing they are taking a back seat.

My Focus right now really is to bring up my upper body becuase well...it sucks. Especially my back, I have no width and pathtic thickness from the side view. My chest needs alot of work also, unfortunately im
restricted to using the smith machine for my incline barbell, which Im not too pleased about, but it beats decapitating my self on a free weight bench because I have no spotters or a power rack. There is a couple of other local gyms that I am considering switching to, if they have a power rack and some other decent stuff like a dipping station with a varied grip (the one at the gym im at now the bars are too wide to hit my triceps well.) Perhaps Ill rest-pause the machine work and straight set the free weight stuff to bridge
the effectiveness gap somewhat..

Edit: I just phoned up a different gym thats twice as far away, but it has a power rack and varied grip dip station and other good stuff, I'm thinking Im going to see out the rest of this months gym membership where I'm at then make the switch to the other one. Will also allow me to do rack deadlifts which ive heard nothing but good things about, should I reintroduce them.

One other thing I just remebered, I may experiment with wakeing up mid sleep to down another shake, i know a few people that sware by it in terms of reducing muscle loss at night and all of them were people with natuarally elevated metabolisms such as mine...which makes me think perhaps its more of an issue if your burning nutriets at an accelerted rate over 8 hours, While i don'tthink I could do that everynight, I may experiment with doing it a few nights a week. I definately feel like some mornings i wake up smalled and
somewhat weaker.

05-13-2009, 09:50 AM
So I'm back from my second workout on this routine and it was certainly and intresting one. I went into the workout clothes fitting differently feeling fuller and stronger. However, a couple of lifts in I felt somewhat smaller? I'm not sure if it was just working up a sweat and clothes fitting differently or what.... sure didnt feel that way. I have read that if your don't have nutrients in your bloodstream when you start working out it breaks down muscle to get them. I have been taking a shake when workout begins, perhaps I should time that so that its ~20mins before I start and its digested and ready to be used immediately.

So the actual workout itself went rather well. I started out beating incline press by several reps with the same weight as last session, then moved onto pull ups and got an extra rep with more weight. I think I may have used a slightly narrower grip though, need to make sure im consistent with that.

Next came T-bar rows, had to wait around to do them for a bit because some other guy was doing them, alot differently than I do them I might add. Did them nearly standing upright pulling the bar inbetween his nuts lol? Anyways, when he was done I loaded up some extra poundage and out repped last workouts weight. These seem to be giving me some lower back issues though, I was in serious pain a few hours after last workout and I can feel a bit of soreness in that area again now. Ive done them before with no problems so not sure whats up. My form was a bit sloppy last session but i kept the arch in my lower back this time and still haveing problems. Maybe I'll invest in a belt, or just do some lower back work to strengthen that area. I really don't want to drop them cos they hit my back so good.

Next up it was standing militarys, which didnt go so well. I added a very small increment of weight and lost 2 reps, I'm not sure what hapened here. I think I may have used a little bit to much delt when pressing and pre exausted them? Need to make sure my shoulders are pinned right back when pressing next workout.

Moved onto seated dip machine next, which seems to hit my tris pretty good. Determined to max this machine out before I move onto a different gym. I was a little too ambitions though and incremented up a little too much. I still got decent reps, but my tempo was a little bit faster I think. I might stay with that weight next session and make sure form is decent.

Finished off with dumbell shrugs. Using clustered reps for these. - 1 rep wait 5 seconds 1 rep wait 5 seconds etc etc till i get around 8-15.

So overall a pretty decent workout, I progressed on mostly everything, made a few mistakes, which Is fine aslong as I learn from them. I dropped 2 lifts from last sessions workout and straight setted one movement instead of rest pausing it, lets see how my CNS copes with that and if I can actually sleep tonight.

05-13-2009, 01:23 PM
Making changes to my workout nutrition, Don't know if I'm getting enough of what i need when I need it, so plan now looks like....

20 mins prior to w/o
2 scoop maltodextrin
1 scoop whey


2 scoop malto
sugary fruit juice
2.5 scoop whey

45mins-1 hour later meal.

05-14-2009, 07:31 AM
Since the end of yesterdays workout I've felt pretty ****ty, depleted, flat, small, sore, weak....I'm convinced its due to not getting enough in me post/pre workout, lets see how tomorows workout goes, with increased carb and protein intake pre/post/during. - I may try some fats PWO aswell, because I think i struggle to hit a calorie surplus with just carbs and pro.....

Edit: forgot to add, going to be doing this carb cut off lark, so no carbs in my last 2 meals of each day - to try keep the muscle to fat ratio gained better.

05-16-2009, 09:26 AM
3rd and final workout of the week yesterday. Was a decent workout but had to drop weights back to mondays numbers, I kinda expected that though, think I went bckwards on wednesday with insufficient nutrition. I'm a big believer in listening to your body and yesterday I didnt have that depleted almost like I was 'shrinking' feeling post workout which was very much evident on wednesday, those extra calories were what was needed me thinks. I did however nearly throw up taking down many calories in such a short space of time. I have dropped tbars for barbel rows (yates style) and reintroduced dumbell rows. The rest of the workout remained the same. 2 Days off now, then its back to it monday, curious to see how things go next week with these diet changes.

05-16-2009, 06:56 PM
Damn, I feel great right now. Bigger stronger and if I could hit the gym right now confident I could increment a chunk of weight on all my lifts and progress....intresting. There is some routines that have you working a muscle every 36 hours, so you do a AM workout monday, PM workout tuesday for example. Something to maybe try in the future...

05-19-2009, 02:42 PM
Have been real busy last few days not had time to update, don't have much time right now either so going to keep this update short and sweet. Beat last workouts numbers by reps and/or weight. I think post/pre workout changes have made a significant difference, reducing catabolic-ness and allowing me to keep pushing forward.

Today I went to check out my new gym......and it's absolutely badass. Has everything I need and it seems like a really serious/hardcore but at the same time friendly atmosphere to workout in. Going there tomorrow for my first workout. Can't wait to do weighted dips, incline free weight barbell, rack deads etc etc...I'm pumped!

05-20-2009, 03:09 PM
So today was my first workout in my new gym. Was great, hitting free weights for everything, I did however nearly throw up with squats and rack deadlifts plus everything else all in the same workout. Went light on a few things to kinda get a feel for them and make sure my form was good. Also met a a sexy blonde girl down there who it turns out works there...which I'm gonna have to take some time out from my workout to talk to. :P

Feel pretty pumped in my traps from the rack deads I did. I went really light because I was a little concerned about my lower back that had beeen giving me some issues recently. I definately find my libido goes absolutely mental after squats and deads, so I do believe there is some truth behind the extra testosterone release that people rave about. I've been experiencing alot of pain in that region to lately, tight knotted stress perhaps...rack deads seems to really lossen things up good.

Its going to cost me a **** load to get to and from my new gym though, so I'm going to have to look at ways to bulk on a budget....perhaps I should rename this thread 'get big, or have a heart attack trying.' - because its loooking like im going to have to ****load the saturated fats to hit my calorie requirements. Its much further away than my other gym, I think this will add alot more seriousness 'clutch performence' to my workouts when you can only be there 3x a week and your investing more money into it.

I did bench and dips today, I'm wondering though if I'm really built for benching, its never really felt like a good lift for me. I may just go all out on the dips and try get as strong as i can on those instead.

I still believe I'm losing muscle during sleep.... and that I may have to goto the extreme of shake during the night a few nights a week...

Right now my workouts are looking like.....

Military press
DB row
Pull ups
Rack deadlift
BB Wrist curls


05-24-2009, 06:02 AM
god damn it.... ive ****ed up AGAIN and gotten too fat. This is what happens when you dont monitor food intake properly and scale weight, tape measuremenst etc... And dont make enough of an effort with diet. I think I have an eating disorder to, I get paranoid I'm not eating enough and over eat.

Time to switch to fatloss mode for a while, lets see if I cant actually shift some fat withought losing loads of muscle like i have in the past. Its kind of a shame cos I have been progressing with strength and some muscle, but fat has been pileing on too fast... [I] have downloaded a fatloass program that sounds promising, so hopefully i can retain most of my muscle and shift this fat.

When I bulk up again I'm monitoring food intake daily and need to be consistent with weigh ins measuremnets etc. Infact I'm going to start monitoring intake/diet as of tomorrow when I switch to fatloss.