View Full Version : Back to semi - normal training.... BITCHASS STYLE

04-15-2002, 10:09 PM
Doc said my back injury was likely just a strain of fascia in the lowerback, and to keep training. So I am, with low weights on posterior chain exercises.

1st day:
High rep/20 rep breathing squats - if 20 rep breathing, fail at 12-15, then pull out other reps slowly, if high rep, fail at 5-15 and do 2 sets.
Wrestler bridges - 1 set, weight as needed
DB shoulder press - 2 sets of 3-8
Weighted crunches - Plate behind head, 2 sets of 1-12, 1st rep hold top position for 1 second, 2nd for 2 seconds, 3rd for 3, etc...

2nd day:
Weighted dips - 3 sets of 3-8, 1 set of bodyweight x however many reps I can do
Possible calves

3rd day:
Weighted chins - 3 sets of 3-8, 1 sets of bodyweight x however many reps I can do
Grip work
Anything else.

Simple, focusing on squats, dips, and chins, which are the 3 exercises I determined best for hitting as many muscle groups as possible efficiently. Will update tomorrow.