View Full Version : question on cardio..

04-16-2002, 08:53 AM
with weights, it takes a month or so before you start seeing results in your apperance.. does cardio work the same way?
eg. you do a 1hr cardio session in one day, are the results going to be better than doing three 20 minute cario sessions in one week?

04-16-2002, 08:55 AM
I do not believe so. Cardio works better if you have shorter intervals, but higher intensity, more times per week...it's like working out. Don't just blast yourself one day per week...it's better if you spread it out..at least in my opinion. Also, for cardio, you want to spread it out, because you don't want to be in caloric deficit only one day out of the week...majorly, because of all the cardio you did, but instead, you want to be slightly in deficit more often, which helps more with the weight loss.