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05-17-2009, 04:44 PM

I am brand new to this forum. I just signed up yesterday. I started a small powerlifting gym here in Colorado Springs called SoCoBarbell. I have only lifted in NASA meets. My best #s are #440 squat #336 bench and #556 deadlift at #206 unequipped. I have tried to use the Westside template with I feel great success. The previously mentioned lifts were done in March '09. In June of '07 I started lifting with a #315 squat #275 bench and a #405 deadlift at #190. I have been told over and over that Westside wont work for a raw drug-free lifter. I intend to let my #s do the talking. My first trip to Westside is scheduled for June 12th my two year aniversary as a lifter. I keep a video log of my training and would like to post my training on here also. I tried to post videos of today but this forum wouldn't allow it. If you search SoCoBarbell on youtube it will get you to my page. Hopefully it will intrest some of you. Here's my workout from today.

Speed Bench

3 grips closex3 mediumx3 compx3

#205+miniband 8x3 final set I did 10

D.B. Bench

#110s x 6
#115s x 6
#120s x 6
#125s x 6

Military rack press set at collar bones

#95 x 10
#135 x 6
#185 x 4

4 Board Press


Dips bodyweight only


There are alot of great lifters on this forum! I hope to get some feedback

05-26-2009, 12:01 PM
I see this never got a response. Good luck with your training and your gym. I have been to CO Springs, it is a beautiful place. I think we have a few regulars here from CO.