View Full Version : deadlift increase squat?

05-18-2009, 09:22 PM
right now im going to a place to train for football that i have a lot of faith in cuz they made my squat go up 40 lbs and my bench 30 in just 8 weeks. but now were doing a russian deadlift program with deadlift three times a week. will not doing squats hurt my squats if im doing deadlifts three times a week?

Tom Mutaffis
05-19-2009, 03:51 PM
Not squatting for an extended period of time (you mentioned 8 weeks) may cause a decrease in ability on that lift. If you are an experienced lifter, which I would assume that you are based on the numbers - then you probably know the movement very well and a short layoff will not have a large impact. As long as you are doing accessory work for your lower body then your squats should be fine.

On another note, deadlifting 3X per week is an easy way to overtrain. I would assume that the volume is relatively low and you are doing workouts at varied intensity to allow for recovery?

Are you planning on doing a PL meet or just training for football?

Overall I have generally found that as long as I am getting stronger and building muscle then all of my lifts will go up, although sometimes I need a couple of weeks to re-learn technique if I haven't done something in a while.