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05-19-2009, 08:04 AM
Here is a link to my old log I had on here,

I am a 28 year old college freshman majoring in exercise science. I have been training for powerlifting since January 2008. I did my first meet in March 09 where I totaled a whopping 909. I went 6 for 9, missing every third attempt.
347 squat, 209 bench, 352 deadlift. I was competing raw 220. Some current PRs are
Free squat 395
13" Box Squat (close stance) 385
Flat Bench 240
Close Grip Bench Press 230
2 Board Press 250
Conv deadlift 380
Sumo deadlift 395

Im lucky enough to be able to get bench advice from Travis Bell which is awesome cause my bench sucks bad enough Im looking for a fed that only squats and deadlifts!

My goals are 410 squat, 265 bench, 430 deadlift by July 5th. For 2009 my goals are 455 squat, 300 bench, 485 deadlift. Also do 2 powerlifting meets, spend 6-8 weeks with a training template other than the Westside template, and better conditioning. The last is judged by lunges, I want to be able to do sets of lunges and have my legs hit harder than my cardio.

05-19-2009, 08:06 AM
DE Upper
9x3 DE Bench 95+mini bands
2xAMRAP DB Bench Press 70
4x10 DB Rollbacks 20
5QS* Tricep Pushdown
warmup-shoulder dislocates
45, 95, 45+minis warmup. On Travis's advice I touched the bar at the bottom of my sternum/top of my abs. Grips were thumb from the smooth, pinky on the ring, index finger on the ring. 3 sets with one grip, then switch grips. DB bench I did 10 reps then either 6 or 7. Rollbacks were good. Tricep pushdowns were done 3 sets elbows in, 2 elbows out.

*quality set-not quite to failure

05-19-2009, 08:07 AM
ME Lower
Saftey Squat Bar Squats
3x5 Seated Good Mornings 315/315/325 (barbell)
A1 3x15 Pulldown Abs 90
A2 3x15 Reverse Hypers 50
Warmups-5 min foward sled dragging 90, x15 side pulldown abs 50, x10 reverse hypers 50, x15 side pulldown abs 40, x10 reverse hypers 50

Im dropping the magnificent mobility style warmups. I cant stand these movements and dont feel its neccesary.
245x1 w/belt
i really feel using this bar will help with my chest caving in at the bottom. Im going to use this for a DE squat cycle. I seemed to have trouble comming out of the hole, like I was pausing at the bottom. GM warmup of 95, 135x3 225x5. This is the first time Ive done GMs seated. I was a bit dissappointed cause I couldnt seem to get much of a ROM with these. I will do them again just to get video. I was really feeling them in my glutes. Abs and RHs were good.

05-22-2009, 06:45 AM

ME Upper
Flat Bench + 2 pr chains (1/2) x3
A1 5x5 Incline DB Press 55/55/60/65/65
A2 5x8 Chest Supported Row 90
B1 3x1 min Tricep Pushdowns mini band
B2 3x15 Face Pulls light band
Warmup- 1x20 Tricep Pushdowns 30 1x20 Face Pulls 1x20 Low Rows 50

45+chains x5
The chains were , not the 5/8 I have been using before. I was making an effort to touch where I was supposed to. From the video I see with moderate weights the first rep looked ok, then I would over tuck and get my elbows in front of the bar to touch near my sternum. With heavy weights it all sucked. If I focus on keeping the bar over my elbows and getting my elbows out some more the bar is going to end up where it needs to be. I feel I should be focusing on my elbows. Grip was pinky on the ring. 30 and 45 warmup on incline DB press. The bench was about 45 degrees. CSRs were good. Mini band pushdowns really sucked at the second set.

Mini Workout
1x50 Bench Press 45
4x20 Reverse Hyper 50
The bench was more for form than any kind of recovery. This was done later on it the day.

05-23-2009, 07:20 AM
DE Lower
12x2 DE SSB Box Squats 13" 175 55%
2x10 Ultra Wide Stiff Leg Deadlifts 225
A1 3x12 Reverse Hyper 100
A2 3x15 DB Side Bends 90
Warmups- x15 Side Pulldown Abs 40, x10 Reverse Hypers 50, 2 circuits

65, 115, 155 warmu. This went pretty good. Most sets the second rep felt better than the first. Ultra wide stiff leg deadlifts were something new. These sucked a lot. I didnt think I could be so humbled by 225 deadlifts.

Super mini workout 1x50 bench press 45

05-28-2009, 07:20 PM
This week has been pretty crappy with school. Its an impromptu deload week, which means I aint getting any real work done.

DE Upper
9x3 DE Bench 95+ mini bands
2xAMRAP DB Bench Press 70
2x10 KB Rollbacks 20
2x1 min Tricep Pushdowns mini band
Warmup- x30 Pushdowns mini band, x20 Military Press 45, x15 Shoulder dislocates

45, 95x10, 45+bands x3. Thumb to smooth, ring finger on ring, index finger on ring. My main focus was my elbows. Everything actually felt pretty good. One warmup set of DB bench, 50 pounds x8. 11 and 9 reps, compared to last week's 10 and 6 or 7. KB rollbacks was done one arm at a time. I cracked my self real good in the head. That sucked. I prefer DBs for this movement. One set of pushdowns elbows out, one set elbows in.

Now to just stop making repeat mistakes and stay on stop of studying.

05-31-2009, 01:31 PM
DE Upper
9x3 DE Bench 95+mini monsters
4x12 Tate Press 35
2x20 DB Bench 45
1x10 DB Bench 45
4x12 Tricep Rope Pressdowns 30
2x25 Bench Press 45
Warmup-shoulder dislocates
This tension took some getting used to. Tate presses havent been done for close to a year. The third set of DB bench was cut short, I knew there was no way I was going to do another 10 reps. Benching with 45 was done to focus on bar path.

06-02-2009, 07:10 AM
ME Lower
Sumo Deadlift+ 1 pr chains
A1 4x15 Pulldown Abs 90
A2 4x15 Reverse Hyper 100
warmup- 2x20 Reverse Hypers 50

275x2 no shoes
315x1 mixed grip
365x1 belt
Today was a no energy day. Usually when this happens it goes away as I work up, but not today. I gave shoeless deadlifts a try and I still felt stable. I was wondering if my feet would move while spreading the floor, but no issues. On reverse hypers I was making a point of trying to reverse the swing midway.

June 20 I am doing a semi-local bench meet. This would only be my second meet. I am defianetly looking foward to smashing my meet bench PR of 209.

06-04-2009, 07:19 AM
ME Upper
Flat Bench +2 pr chains (1/2") x3
A1 5x5 Incline DB Press 60/60/65/65/70
A2 5x8 Chest Supported Row 90/90/90/115/115
B1 4x15 Tricep Rope Pushdowns 40
B2 4x12 Low Pulley Face Pulls 40
Warmup- none

45+chains x3 pinky on the ring
Before each set I would do a set with just a broomstick for form. The video looked a lot better than last time, but still needs a lot of work. I think benching with the elbows not tucked as much puts me in a better position to strain through the lift. My old videos, hard PR attempts went up pretty fast, failed reps failed pretty fast. It could just be the mental aspect of not having a spotter though. Incline press went good. Pushdowns and face pulls went quickly.

ME upper and lower vids will hopefully be posted in a few days.

06-04-2009, 08:08 AM
It's all about progression and you are doing it. So good on you and good on you for going to meets too! The place to educated yourself and soak up some awesome knowledge.

06-21-2009, 08:48 AM
Thanks for the encouragement Goodwinm!

2009 Iron Chamber Gym Summer Bench Bash
1st Attempt 195
2nd Attempt 215 6 pound meet PR
3rd Attempt 245 5 pound all time PR
3 whites on every lift

I was in the 242s this meet. I weighed about 223-225ish, dont remember exactly. Warmups went surprisingly well with timing. 45, 95, 115 for reps. Then 2 singles at 135 with commmands, 155 and 175 one time with commands. 195 I had someone there to hand off to me and still unracked it myself. Just not used to getting handoffs. For my second attempt as I was walking out there I noticed the audiance which really motivated the **** out of me. It was a bright stage with the seating area dimmed so I hadnt even noticed them the first attempt. 215 went up pretty easily. Beating my first meet PR of 209 really wasnt much of an accomplishment since I had left so much on the platform before. I wanted 245 since I had never benched 245 with a full ROM before. I was pretty damn pumped for this attempt. Seeing the audiance watching me only added to that. I had the bar in my hands and remember thinking it felt real heavy and then it seemed like I just stopped thinking. I heard press, then rack and then was looking at the judges to see if I got at least 2 whites, and got three. This was a really great meet. The whole meet took about 2 hours 20 minutes for 40 some lifters so that was nice. I defianetly plan on doing any meet hosted by Iron Chamber Gym in the future. If it matters, I placed 2nd in the 242 raw class. Of course, there was only two of us in that class though! Overall, a great meet and not too shabby of a PR.

06-21-2009, 08:49 AM
Temporary Change of Direction

After a screwed my back up a few weeks ago from having to run about 2.5 miles I have been taking time off from the gym. Ive been doing a lot of thinking and decided its time to drop a lot of fat. The fact that I injured my back from running, even a minor injury, tells me I am really out of shape. While I have no want to be a cardio machine, I want to have decent enough conditioning so every day tasks are not having my heart rate shoot up. My lifts are nothing impressive for powerlifting, and even moreso as I am now in the 242 class. At the beggining of the year I made it a goal to spend 6-8 weeks with some training system other than the Westside system and I think now is the perfect time to do it. I am going to try out the 5/3/1 program with light to medium conditioning thrown in also.
No more 3 McDoubles and a milk shake as a meal. Packed lunches, more fruits and veggies, not much highly processed food. This week I will try to get my bodyfat measured through water testing and set goals off of that. I am not going to be counting calories, weighing portions or logging what I eat, I am just going to make a point of not eating crap. I am not a bodybuilder and refuse to eat like one.
Just a rough idea, I could easily end up in the 198s, so that is a basic rough goal. I generally weight 218-224 in the mornings over the past few weeks.

07-07-2009, 03:52 PM
Military Press Week 3
1x5 75% 90
1x3 85% 100
1x1 95% 110 12 reps
Warmup- x15 shoulder dislocates
45, 65 x5 warmup. Last week was 12 reps with 105, now 12 reps with 110. This was a late night work out and sleep seemed like a better idea than accessory work.

07-09-2009, 08:44 AM
Sumo Deadlifts Week 3
1x5 75% 275
1x3 85% 315
1x1 98% 350 5 reps
2x14 DB Lunges 65
8x40yd Prowler Sprints 180
2x10 Tire Flips
Warmup- 5 min foward sled dragging 90
135, 185, 225 x1 warmup. Belt and mixed grip for all work sets. Lunges were 7 reps per leg, walk. I noticed this wasnt as hard on the lungs as last time. Prowler sprints were alternating between high posts and low handles. Tire flips were a total gasser