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04-16-2002, 12:13 PM

Im about to start dieting/working out after about 3 years of not doing shiet! Im 20 and i blew a shoulder out about 4 years ago and pretty much stoped all heavy activity(i didnt even go to therapy). Ive gained weight like a mad man im almost at 300 (270-290?) you cant tell much as im a big guy 6'1 but stand broad (and my woman sais im squishy :D ). I wanna drop the fat and slap on muscle... I dont mind gaining muscle slowly but i do need to drop weight fast because if i dont i will loose motivation (i know myself). Im looking to develop new eating habits based on being healthy and being big. I have not found anything well documented so i ask you to point in the direction of some diets based on low fat high protien and just plain good stuff... Also any supplements,vitamins, (anything!) i may be interested in taking... Im also looking to do a cleansing to clear my body of impurities ive stocked up on over time i do smoke (quitting process) and i do drink anything you guys recomend? I WANNA FLUSH!

thanks in advance!

ps: please help!!

- Labios

04-16-2002, 02:07 PM
well sh*tlips...welcome to the board. ;)

i think the easiest thing you can do at this point, is make sure you get 5-6 meals a day, at the very least 3000 cals a day, and make sure that your carb choises are wholgrains and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, your fat choices are either naturally occuring fats in fish and poultry or efas like flax seed, as well as olive oil and that your protein choices are lean fresh fish, poultry and red meat.

drink plenty of water, skip the booze, that should help you flush out rather quickly. also watch your salt, sugar, and processed food intake.

04-17-2002, 03:33 PM
I hear you. I was in the same boat as you. I belonged to a gym for 4 years but never really used it. I actually started working out and dieting in May of last year. I'm 5' 10" and at that time I weighed 210 lbs. of flab.

One day I was watching the news and they had a blurb about the book titled "Body for Life". They said enough stuff to peak my curiosity so I went out and bought it. I followed the program about as close as I could and in three months I weighed a lean 175 lbs. I hate cardio. (I mean I really hate cardio.) but the cardio they recommend isn't that bad.

I don't follow the program anymore as I have tailored it more to what I need now (I gained 10 lbs. of muscle since then). But I believe it is a great place to start. Their web site even has countless tasty receipes.

This site has been a tremendous help, also. Every time I'm in a rut or need some advice I just log on and ask. So in case I never said it before...thanks everyone.

By the way...I also smoke. Like to quite though but as some of you might know, it's not that easy. Any help on that subject would be nice.